"What the hell are we going to do with a pick Sam?" Danny asked on their way back to Fenton Works.

"We're going to analyze it. Maybe it still has some of her ghost power in it. I bet this is how she powers the guitar anyway. You can't play guitar with out a pick." Sam smiled pleased with herself.

"Uh Sam? Yes you can." She rolled her eyes.

"You couldn't let me have that moment could you." Danny rolled his eyes and they entered Fenton Works. It was near three in the morning at this point. Danny was definitely going to fail his Algebra test. It took a full two hours to analyze the pick. The results were shocking.

"Wait... Ember's powers are the same as yours Danny. The pick is just a filter. It filters her powers into the guitar." Sam was eager.

"Which means if I teach you to use my powers..."

"We can defeat Ember." They said together. Danny's smile fell though.

"What is it?" Sam asked worried.

"We still have to take care of all those ghosts on the loose." Danny slumped into a chair. "I guess I'll deal with it in the morning." Danny yawned.

"I better get home, my parents are probably worried sick about me." Sam went to walk up the stairs. When it hit Danny. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the lab.

"Don't you think it's going to be a little odd for you to go home with silver hair and green eyes and when you wear the same thing everyday?" Sam looked down, then she screamed.

"This is bullshit! I hate ghosts! I hate Ember. She's a punk rocking bitch who meddles in other peoples lives where she shouldn't." Danny put a hand on Sam's shoulder and spun her around.

"Sam it's going to be okay. We'll fix this." She jerked away.

"No it's not Danny. I'm fucking dead. Do you understand that dead. Sure we know how Ember's magic works, but how the hell are we going to get that guitar away from her. And it took you years before your ghost powers were second nature to you. I don't have years Danny. I don't want to be seventeen for years." Sam was in hysteria. Danny grabbed her arms and pulled her to him, holding her close. She needed to calm down before she woke up the entire house.

Being a light sleeper Jazz had woken up when the two entered the home. She followed them into the lab and listened on the staircase. She couldn't believe what she had heard, Danny a ghost? Sam a ghost? What was going on? She couldn't take it anymore and walked into the lab. Danny and Sam pulled apart and stared at Jazz, who had her arms crossed.

"Care to tell me what's going on?" Danny rolled his eyes.

"No, we don't. Just go away Jazz." Danny started pushing her out of the lab. She wrenched away from him.

"How long have you been a ghost?" She asked both Danny and Sam. Danny looked down.

"You heard?"

"Oh yeah." Sam groaned and walked upstairs.

"I'll let you two deal with this I'm going to get something to eat." Danny nodded and waited for an interrogation from Jazz.

"How long?" She pressed.

"Three years, but I don't have my powers anymore." Danny told her.


"How what? How did I get them or lose them?"


"Well when Dad first built the ghost portal... which actually works by the way, I went inside and I think I hit a button or something and got blasted. Earlier I was fighting Ember McLain and she has my powers trapped inside her guitar. To answer your next question, Sam and I went out to get them back. I blasted Ember's guitar with an ecto blaster and it malfunctioned switching Ember's powers into Sam. To sum up, Sam's dead, Ember's alive, and I don't have the slightest idea on how to separate Ember from that guitar." Danny sat down and huffed while Jazz processed the information.

"Wait are you invisobill?" Jazz asked. Danny glared at her.

"It's Danny Phantom... well it was." Jazz sat down next to Danny.

"Look I know I'm always acting like mom and dad should but maybe you need a big sister right now. I'm going to help you and Sam Danny. But can I ask you one thing?" Jazz asked. Danny nodded.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" She asked.

"Because I didn't know how you'd react, and I didn't want to deal with you going all parent on me." Jazz was hurt, but she understood.

"What can I do to help?" She asked.

"Cover for me, Sam and I need to go capture a shit load of ghosts that got away and I need to train her. I also need you to track down Ember tomorrow. Go all girly on her and try to befriend her, we need to get that guitar." Danny said firmly. Jazz nodded and went upstairs. Sam came down shortly after.

"Hey Danny why can't I take off this damn hoody?" Sam asked. Danny chuckled.

"Your clothes are like your second skin. Haven't you noticed ghosts basically wear the same thing all the time." Sam rolled her eyes.

"Joy." Danny chuckled.

"We should start your ghost training."

"Now? It's like three in the morning." Danny shrugged.

"You gotta learn sometime. But first I need to go deal with all those ghosts that got lose. Think you could practice going intangible while I'm dealing with this? I'm going to go get Tuck." Sam nodded and Danny ran out of the lab. He dialed Tuck's cell number.

"Hey man, what's going on?" Tuck answered.

"I need your help. Long story short I have no ghost powers and every ghost we've caught in the past two weeks is on the loose." Danny told Tucker running to the park, he figured some ghosts would have stuck around there.

"Man I told you not to put putting those ghosts back in the ghost zone off." Danny rolled his eyes.

"Just meet me at the park in twenty minutes." Without his ghost powers Danny had to walk and run everywhere.

-Twenty minutes later-

"Duck Tucker!" Tucker turned around to see a ghost cobra lunging at him. He jumped out of the way right as it snapped it's mouth shut.

"That's enough." Tucker aimed his thermos at the snake and sucked it in, right as Danny sucked frozen skulker in.

"How many are left?" Tucker asked out of breath. Teenagers should be sleeping at 4:30 not fighting ghosts.


"Any idea where they are?"

"Nope." Tucker slumped against a tree.

"Dude this sucks, how'd you lose you're ghost powers anyway?" Tucker asked.

"Ember took them. They're trapped inside her guitar. Come on let's go to the school it's like a freaking ghost hotspot." Tucker groaned the school was a good half hour from the park.

"So how are you holding up?" Tucker asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Sam." Danny's waited for his heart to drop into his stomach, but it didn't. He just felt numb.

"I'm fine. Oh and speaking of Sam there's something you should know." He explained what had happened between Ember and Sam to Tucker.

"Wow, I wish I could stick around and help." Tucker sighed.

"Don't worry about it, we'll take care of it. All Sam needs to learn is how to use her ghost powers... and play the guitar." Danny sighed, it could be a very long time before things were back to normal. When they reached the school it was 5:00 in the morning, the last two ghosts were fairly easy and they were done by 5:30. Tucker's house was fifteen minutes from the school and Danny's was twenty from Tuckers. They walked to Tucker's house in silence.

"I guess this is it man." Tucker said.

"Guess so, hey it's been fun ya know?" Danny lightly punched Tucker's arm.

"Screw it come here dude." They hugged. Danny smiled at his best friend as he handed him the thermos.

"Good luck with everything, keep me updated. And hey I'm still your research guy." Tuck winked and walked into his house. Danny trudged home. He was utterly exhausted, and sad. When he got home his parents still weren't awake and he figured Jazz went to sleep. Danny went down to the lab to see a sleeping Sam resting her head on the computer keyboard. He touched her shoulder, it was ice cold.

"Sam wake up." She moaned and lifted her head.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"6:15." Danny answered plugging the thermos into the computer and running an extension cord to the ghost portal. He downloaded all the ghosts into them. "How'd the training go?" Sam answered by going intangible. And popping back into view.

"Great job Sam. If you keep learning at that pace you should master your powers in a couple of weeks. Also you need to get guitar lessons, and fast too." Sam shook her head.

"Nah I already know how to play." Danny raised his eyebrows. "After Ember showed up the last time I thought I'd learn and study how she played and what not so that if she ever did show back up again maybe we'd be able to figure out which cords went with which buttons and how we could defend ourselves against them." Sam yawned. Danny nodded, there was no denying how smart Sam was.

"Okay well school starts in two hours and I desperately need sleep, you can crash where ever just pay attention so you can go intangible if my parents see you. Good night Sam."

"Night Danny." Sam went upstairs and curled up on the couch, while Danny went up to his room.