"Danny! Time to wake up!" Danny heard his mother yelling at him from downstairs. He groaned and looked at his alarm clock 7:30.

"Oh man." Danny groaned getting out of bed. He was going to be late to school. The events of the previous night came flooding back to his mind. Danny facepalmed himself remembering he couldn't fly to school, he was definitely missing first period. Sam... Danny remembered she had crashed here. He went to go look for her when he heard his phone beep. He grabbed it seeing he had a voicemail.

"One new voicemail: Hey Danny it's me, Sam. I'm at school, I mastered flying faster than I thought, call me if you need a lift. I'll see you at school." Danny couldn't help feeling a tad jealous, it took him months to perfect flying, it took Sam two days. He couldn't worry about that at the moment though he needed to get dressed and go to school. He went in his closet and grabbed his white tee shirt and blue jeans, and then he hesitated. He isn't Danny Phantom anymore, and he isn't dating Sam, maybe a new look is what he needs to help him feel somewhat better.

He ransacked through his closest looking for any item of clothing not white. He found a black tee shirt crumpled into a ball in the back of his closest. It was a tee shirt from some goth concert Sam dragged him to. He knew it was probably the only thing in there that didn't closely resemble his usual outfit so he turned the tee shirt inside out hiding the band name and cut the tag off. He spiked his hair up as always and grabbed some black sneakers and ran out the door and off to school.

He did end up missing first period, but Lancer hated him anyway so whatever. As he was running to math he banged into someone.

"Hey watch it!" He heard the spanish voice shriek. He didn't have time for Paulina.

"Sorry." He mumbled before walking away.

"Who was that? He was kinda hot." Star asked. Paulina shook her head.

"You're such an idiot Star, that was Danny." Star's eyes widened. "He was just wearing a different shirt." Paulina scoffed. But even she couldn't help turning around to watch Danny walk [run] away.

Danny slid into his seat in math and took a deep breath grabbing hte bottle of water he managed to take on his way out of the house.

"Whoa Danny you look awful." Sam had on the skinny jeans and short hoody again, with her hair completely down.

"Gee thanks Sam." Danny didn't even bother looking at her.

"Why didn't you call me? I would've given you a lift." She whispered. He looked up at her.

"I wanted to be alone." He was still pretty angry at her for hurting [cheating on] him. "Master any other powers other than flying and tangibility?"

"No. I was hoping you could teach me later?" Sam asked biting her lip. Danny rolled his eyes.

"Yeah sure I'll teach you."

The day passed in a blur. Danny felt so different, no ghost powers, no girlfriend. He felt... depressed. The color black definitely suited his mood. He was glad he wore it. Danny walked to his locker feeling pretty crappy. He had to pass Paulina and Star again.

"Think he's still dating that goth chick?" Star asked. Paulina glared at her.

"You aren't seriously considering going after that are you?" She asked motioning to Danny. Star put her hands on her hips.

"You don't own me Paulina. I can date who I want." And just to prove her point she went up to Danny.

"Hey Danny!" She smiled flipping her hair. Sam heard Star's annoying voice across the hall, and couldn't believe her ears, why would she be saying hi to Danny? Danny looked up surprised.

"Hi Star?" He asked cautiously. Why was she talking to him? He wasn't cool or popular.

"I like your new look." She smiled all cutesy. He looked down at his wrinkled tee shirt.

"Thanks?" She just smiled at him. "Well I've gotta go." Danny said goodbye to Star and walked out of the school. Sam started to go after him only to be stopped by Paulina.

"Look I may still think Danny is a loser but Star likes him for whatever reason, since she is my friend you better back off him Manson." Sam narrowed her eyes.

"I'd tell you to go stick your head in a puddle but any puddle you'd be near would be shallow like you." Sam spat and walked away.

Great now I have to deal with Paulina and Ember? How much worse could this get?