A/N: Based in my own headcannon where Suki and Sokka were married, had a child, but ended up separating on mutual and friendly terms. Toph and The Duke where also married, but he was killed in action soon after Lin's birth. While this fic is mostly about Lin and Suki's interactions, there is implied Suki/Haru and Toph/Sokka.

"Aunt Suki!" the young girl greeted her with a smile, running over to earthbend the yard's gate down so the warrior could pass.

"Hello Lin," Suki ruffled the girl's black hair affectionately as the youngster hugged her.

"Are you here to get Piando?" Lin looked up, arms still around Suki's leg, eyes going wide. Suki's face twisted a little, feelings going out to the child. She knew that Piando was Lin's best friend and brother, and hated to have him leave. But a mother needed to be with her child, and Piando would be returned to his step sister in due time.

"Yes sweetie, he is going to stay with Uncle Haru and I," she replied, stroking the girl's hair again.

"And Anko?" Lin's little face lit up with wonder at the thought of her new baby "cousin".

"Yes, and when Piando comes back, Anko is going to come meet you," Suki said, grinning down at the girl. Lin finally released her leg to bounce up and down, clapping excitedly. Suki couldn't have asked for a better reaction.

"Let's go tell Mommy!" Lin squeaked in her excitement, grabbing Suki's hand and pulling her to the house behind them.

Toph was standing at the door, a hand covering her mouth, no doubt holding back laughter at her daughter's antics. Suki shrugged at the metalbender, and was welcomed into the home of her ex-husband and his fiancé.

And while the outside world could sit back and wonder at this arrangement, Suki knew she couldn't ask for a better family-that-wasn't-a-family-in-blood. If someone had told her 20 years ago that her ex-husband's step-daughter would refer to her as aunt, not to mention that her children would call both the Fire Lord and the Avatar uncle, she would have thought you where crazy. Now, she wouldn't have it any other way.