Author's Note: Ok, I know this is silly and fluffy and ridiculous, but I wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive. I promise I am working on another serious, long-ish one, too! :) xoxoxo

The Mystery of the Missing Mask

Christine giggled and kissed his cheek with icy lips.

Erik jerked awake.

It was only the cold air.

But why was he feeling it?

He gasped and clapped a hand to his face. No mask.

Erik began to search—the pillows, the blankets, the sheets. Nothing! He clawed at the satin with growing panic.

A giggle.

Erik froze.

Another giggle.

Then, so slowly, he slipped from the bed and looked underneath.

His mask was staring straight at him—adorned with mischievous eyes and ringlets of unruly, coffee-colored hair.

"Hi, handsome."

This time even he couldn't repress a small smile.