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Prowl frowned at the yellow minibot sulking in front of him.

"What's wrong?" The motorcycle asked as he rounded the transformer-sized couch to stand in front of Bumblebee, who had his arms folded in front of him and a tight scowl on his faceplate which would have had the power to stop a clock (if there was one in the room).

Bumblebee offered the second smallest transformer a brief glance before venting heavily and turning his head towards the oversized door.

Prowl rolled his optics before making himself comfortable on the seat next to Bumblebee's. "Well?" He tried.

Bumblebee was silent for a few moments and just as it seemed that Prowl wasn't going to be enlightened to an answer and was just getting up to leave, the yellow hellion whispered a faint explanation.

"Boss-bot grounded me."

Prowl turned his head towards the upset minibot and slowly sat back down into his former position. "What happened?"

Bumblebee stared resolutely at the door and replied, "I was taking Sari to the cinema but I couldn't find a place to park."

Prowl raised his optic ridge when Bumblebee wouldn't elaborate so he decided to prompt the younger one. "Good...what else?"

Bumblebee's frown deepened and Prowl idly wondered if doors could actually obtain scorch marks from looks alone.

"Well, when I was searching for a spot, which took over twenty minutes let me add, I noticed a young adult human sporting a brand new Mercedes Benz zipping into a handicapped parking place, and when he got out of the car there was nothin' wrong with him! I hate that!" Bumblebee seethed.

Prowl nodded in understanding before tilting his head in a way that said 'and then what?'

Bumblebee took this as confirmation to continue and a smug smile adorned his face plate as he commented, "So I ran his aft over."

Prowl did a double take as he choked on dry air. "WHAT?!"

Bumblebee finally turned to Prowl and shot him a challenging glare. "What? I made an honest man out of him!"

Prowl sprung from his seat to stare at the apparently crazed minibot, words unable to form in his processor and his jaw hanging in mid-air as he struggled to grasp the reality of the situation.

Bumblebee snorted dismissively and commenting, "Yeah, and then his mum comes out the other side; starts swingin' her crutches at me!" At this point, Bee relaxed on the couch with his hands folded behind his head. "Took her out with my door..."

Prowl's processor seemed to have stalled and Prowl himself was in danger of either locking up or just flat-out crashing. A few moments provided the ninja with the peace and quiet he needed to do a quick reboot before he completely locked out. Prowl rubbed at his temples soothingly to ease the confusion forming in his processor before lamely (and disjointedly) asking, "But... the cops... they...aren't you afraid...?"

Bumblebee raised his optic ridge in amusement. "Heh. I ain't afraid of the cops in Detroit. Have you seen some of these guys?" Prowl offered an intelligent "Huh?" Bee laughed sadistically, "Cops on bicycles! How intimidating is this: 'Alright buddy, pull over!' Ching, Ching. Ching, ching."

Prowl may have found the bell imitation funny if he wasn't suffering from serious processor damage, yet Bumblebee continued. "What do they do if they arrest somebody? 'Alright get in the basket'."

The cyberninja couldn't take anymore of Bee's dismissive nature and promptly crashed where he was standing; his body making a soft thunk as Bumblebee gently caught his comrade's offline frame and lowered it to the ground. The prankster chuckled to himself and strolled away, but not before picking up a spare data pad and lazily scrawling the words 'Karma indeed' onto the screen.

Just as Bee reached the door, he turned one last time to Prowl and quietly whispered, "April fools."