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Chapter 1

Mark was reading. He was reading the first book of the Deltora Quest series. He had read the series many times, but he couldn't stop.

"Hurry up Mark," his brother Matthew called. Mark, after looking at the clock, saw that it was time for supper. "I'll be down in a minute'" he yelled. Mark went to his closet to put his book up when he noticed something peculiar.

Mark opened up the trapdoor he had just found in his closet wondering what was inside it. Mark could only see entire blackness. He looked closer and saw a tiny pinprick of light. He leaned even closer when the ground and Mark fell into the abyss. Because he was falling, Mark didn't notice the trapdoor silently swing shut and vanish like a monster satisfied with its prey.

As soon as Mark hit ground, he got knocked out. Mark woke up, and after he looked at where his head was he knew he hit his head on a roxk. He tried to get up, but he realized he was bound with ropes. Mark looked around and saw trees, bushes, a forest, and even sunlight. The weirdest part was there were actually humans there too. Mark was about to ask where he was when he saw they were talking about him. "He has to be a spy," a girl was saying. "We could kill him and leave him out for monsters to find," a boy said. A large man said," We can't just judge him. The last person, a boy, said," He is right. Besides, he might be able to help. "We do not need help on our mission!" the girl exclaimed. Mark then spoke up, "Where am I exactly?"

The girl scoffed, "he falls out of the sky and doesn't know which land he is in." She turned to him and said nodding at the person who had spoken up last, "You are sitting in the presence of King Lief, and you are in the land of Deltora.

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