Chapter 15

They reached Del faster than Mark had thought they would. Milo immediately went over to where other guards were standing. Del was a horrific sight. The palace walls were crumbling along with the rest of the palace. A great fire was blazing around the homes of the townspeople. A little girl who could have been no more than four or five was trying to get her mother up off the ground. Mark knew that would be impossible.

Rage was flying around the sky and a large shadow was overseeing the destruction. The shadow looked around and saw the five. The shadow then took a human form. The Shadow Lord motioned for Rage to continue the destruction. Barda started to go over to the guards, but Lief stopped him saying, "We will need you to help us." Barda looked at him and nodded. They started walking over to the castle where Rage was demolishing everything.

Jasmine had her dagger out, Lief, Barda, and Mark all had swords out, and John had a bow out. They walked over to the castle where people were huddling against the destruction. Lief ran over to Sharn and made sure she was alright. Afterwards, they walked up stairs to the highest tower. The top of the tower was knocked out to form a platform. They walked onto the platform. The Shadow Lord was standing on the platform. "I am glad to see you. I will enjoy watching you die."

He brought his arm down and Rage dive-bombed them from the sky. It came down with its beak and clipped Barda's leg. Barda dropped and fell off the platform. He grabbed the platform's edge and held on. Rage attacked again and just as it was about to make Barda plummet to his death, John stabbed it in the back. John's smug expression turned into one full of horror when Rage turned with the blade protruding from its back. Rage grabbed the sword and stabbed John in the leg. John fell down on the platform moaning and gasping for breath. Barda had climbed back on the platform but could not move. Lief, Jasmine, and Mark all stood facing Rage. Rage flexed its claws playfully relishing the thought of the next kill.

Lief jumped onto Rage without any warning. Rage started to thrash around in the air. Lief stabbed Rage in the neck but seeing no result, cut the dragon's wing. The wing came off cleanly. Rage fell and started to thrash on the ground while spinning in a circle. Lief stabbed the other wing and Rage became wingless. Rage leaned its head back and bit Lief on his sword-arm. Lie uttered a shout and fell silent. Rage knocked Lief off its back and faced Jasmine and Lief. Mark knew what he had to do. He flew at Rage and Rage flew at him. Mark did a spin out of the way and stabbed Rage in the side. The sword cut through the dragon. A green fluid came out of the wound. Mark locked eyes with the creature and stabbed it in the heart. He saw the death slowly creep into Rage's eyes. Then Rage stopped screeching completely. He turned and saw the Shadow Lord running towards Mark. Mark brought the sword down when the Shadow Lord came. The Shadow Lord blocked it with his arm, but the sword hurt him. The Shadow Lord fell holding his arm. Mark and the Shadow Lord looked at each other and the Shadow Lord used magic. Mark's sword became too hot. He dropped it and it fell off the platform. He stared at the Shadow Lord. All of a sudden he heard a loud yell. Jasmine came and stabbed the Shadow Lord in the heart. The blade broke easily.

Jasmine backed up next to Mark. The Shadow Lord stood slowly. "I will kill you. The only way to save yourselves is for Mark to go home." Mark thought then sent that thought to the Shadow Lord. It was a commanding thought laced with magic. The Shadow Lord was forced to open up a portal to Earth. The Shadow Lord looked and smiled. "Your world will be safe Mark. But you gave me power. I harnessed that power. I will not be forced to leave until all thoughts of you are gone. I will enslave Deltora." Mark knew what he had to do. He gave Jasmine a forgetting rock.

She understood what she had to do. She thought of Mark and touched the rock to her forehead. When the rock glowed she threw it down on the ground and it shattered. The wave of forgetting flew all over Deltora and everyone immediately forgot Mark. Jasmine gave Mark a hug and a kiss and said, "I misjudged you." Then she forgot too. Mark smiled at the Shadow Lord who shattered into glass and flew over the Barrier Mountains. Mark jumped in the portal home.

At home, Mark fell in his closet. The trapdoor had vanished. He picked himself up and ran downstairs where his mom was talking to police officers. Mark said the most normal thing he could think of, "I'm home." And as the police officers and his mother looked on in awe, Mark thought, "They'll never believe this."

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