A/N: Just because it must have been pretty awe-inspiring to see Korra in the Avatar state... Here's Mako's thoughts during the last bit of the last episode. Enjoy the fluff!

Words: 451
Characters: Mako, Korra
Time: End of episode 12
Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to whoever owns Legend of Korra. Not me.

Mako knew she was independent. He knew she was strong, too, and could take care of himself. But despite that, something in him couldn't bear the sight of her running away alone, carrying with her the unimaginable burden of what had happened.

So without thinking, Mako took off after her. Avatar or not, she was Korra, and he loved her, would be there for her whether she wanted it or not. As his feet pounded against ice, his breath rising in puffs of white before him, Mako thought of nothing but her. He remembered her smile in the probending arena when they practiced or competed, her determined glare when they faced down Equalists, always together. Maybe she lost her bending, but he would never let her lose that smile, that light.

Something caught his eye in the distance. It started small, a little swirl of snow in the air. Silver and sparkling, it stretched into a typhoon, high in the air. Mako was sprinting now. A small, lone figure hovered at the top of the snowstorm. Korra's hair whipped madly about her face, and her eyes… He was close enough now to see their glow.

In the thrall of the Avatar state, Korra raised her arms. Waves crashed against the cliff with an echoing roar, rock shattered and fell into the sea, fire spurted from her fingertips and joined the cyclone. She was a whirl of the four elements, pure power, the Avatar.

Mako could only stare, open-mouthed, as Korra came down slowly. The elements dissipated around her, and she swayed a little, blinking her clear blue eyes a few times before she caught sight of him.

I love her.

No sooner had he thought that than he was running, and she was too. Korra jumped into his open arms, laughing, clutching him fiercely. Mako could feel raw power still coursing through her body, so close to his. She was back, she was whole, she was his. Somehow.

Even if he had known what to say, he couldn't have spoken. His throat was too tight. But she looked him in the eyes and smiled.

"I love you too, Mako." Their lips met in a mutual rush. This time, there was no guilt, no reason to draw away, and Mako tangled his hand in her hair, tightened his grip around her waist, and deepened the kiss. He felt as if he could hold her forever, just like this, his nerves on fire with her touch.

"Welcome back, Avatar Korra," he whispered. He noticed her eyes glittering, and caught her happy tears with his thumbs before they fell. Korra just pushed his hands away and kissed him again.

"It's good to be back."