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Ib's POV

I felt small shards stick into my arms as they fell to the floor, the pain from them only slight, probably due to the thick material of my winter blouse. It seemed to take several minutes of waiting, but when it seemed as if the shower of glass had ended, I looked up from the ground and assessed the situation. Garry was trying his best to walk around the glass and away from his frame. Looking back on it, his concentrating face was rather funny. As he made his way around the last few pieces, I called out to him. "Garry. Are you okay?" He walked over, giving a reassuring smile. "Yeah, I'm fine." He ran a hand through his hair, shortly lifting his bangs away from his usual concealed eye. As he brought his hair back over his eye again, I could see red smearing across his face, blood.

He probably noticed this as well as he looked at his hand for a few seconds, looking like a confused child. I held back a chuckle, knowing he was once my guardian. I walked over to him, taking my handkerchief out of my pocket, and wiped the blood from his forehead. I'm still not sure but I think he turned red at this, though it might be my imagination or staining from the blood. After making sure there were no specs of red left, I wrapped his hand in the stained cloth. "There you go, all fixed." I said with a smile. He smiled back, "Thank you Ib." During this moment, many things came to my mind, mainly how he managed to care for me in here when he barely pays attention to his own injuries. Even so, I never voiced these questions, instead enjoying the short time. It was only when one thought came that I became focused again. "Oh, I almost forgot! You should take this. I'm guessing this is yours." I took the blooming rose from my pocket, presenting it to him. He accepted it, thanking me once more. "No problem." I told him.

To honest, we stood around for a few minutes after this, waiting to see which one of us would break the silence first. I'm sure if she was there at that time, Mary could have cut the tension with that palette knife of hers. It was very awkward, to say the least and I was about to start a conversation before Garry spoke. "So… Do you have any plans of how to escape?" Escaping? I had honestly forgotten about it. Instead, I spent my whole time trying to find Garry and get away from Mary. "Uh… I really haven't thought of it in a while…" He seemed surprised by this, so I tried to better explain myself. "I-I sorta spent most of my time looking for you…" A blush spread across his face and burned on the tops of his ears. I'm sure I was blushing myself so quickly, I tried to explain myself better. "It would be better to work together to get out of here, right?" He looked down at me, the blush covering his face was draining from his skin, but he looked like he was trying to hide it with his hand. "Yeah. You're right."

"Say, Garry?" I got ready to ask him the question dwindling on my mind at that time. "Yes Ib?" Planning my words out in my mind, I voiced them. "I've left this place before. Do you know how I did?" He sighed, "I'm sorry but I don't." I looked down at my feet. "Oh." "But," I gave him my attention quickly, "You may be able to remember yourself what happened. To know even in the slightest who Mary and I are, and to know about your time here, you must be able to remember how you left here. It's like when you lose something, if you forget that you know where it is, it turns up, right?" I nodded, shocked that I hadn't come up with that reasoning myself. "For now, we'll just have to wait." I nodded once more. "Yeah." "With that said, I think our first order of business is to find Mary." And with that, we started our looking.

Walking out of the glass coated hallway and exploring the area, the first thing Garry spotted was the lines carved in drywall, his face contorted into a look of confusion. "What the-" He stopped himself, turning to face me. "Do you hear that?" He reduced his voice to that of a whisper. "Hear wha-" As I spoke, what Garry pointed out to me reached my ears. That quiet humming filled the area that was once free from noise. She was close, but to far away. "This way." He mouths to me, pointing to the path to the right of us, opposite of where it seemed she was. "We can get her from behind.." I nod and the two of us walk on, hiding in a space behind the corner. We stand huddled together, trying to be as unnoticeable as physically possible. Garry peeks now and then around the corner, looking for any signs of Mary. He was obviously trying to be brave, like he was trying to comfort me. However, this façade of his was easy to see through, as his body shook slightly with the scrapping of Mary's knife, more than likely getting sharper with each sheet of drywall it tore through. With each breath taken, the sound of dress shoes tapping the floor got closer, along with the monotonous humming, the same sound in an everlasting loop.

While looking Garry immediately pulled back his head, his face pale. "What's wrong?" I mouth the question to him, worry filling me. "She's there. Just beside us." At this, we both huddled closer in the small space, slowing our breathing as best as we could. As we did, the scrapping and humming ended, a sickly sweet voice replacing almost instantly. "Ib. I know you're here. Why are you hiding from me? I only want to play." Steps got close to our corner. "I bet this is all that idiot Garry's fault! He was always mean! Never reading us stories or being kind to me.. Now he's taking you away!" The steps began to move away from us. "IT'S ALL HIS FAULT!" I heard a sharp sound, followed by the sound of something ripping; this repeat several times. Garry and I stood waiting to hear her next move, but only heard the footsteps get further and further away until the area was quiet once more.

Garry peeked out around the corner once Mary could no longer be heard, letting out a sigh. "She's gone. For now.." We left the small area in the wall, looking around once more. Everything for the most part was normal. However, on the wall facing the hall Garry's frame was in, there was a message, carved into the drywall. It read: DEAREST IB. END THIS GAME NOW. OR WILL BE FORCED TO MYSELF. As I read the crudely written words, I was certain that things were going to be much more difficult that I had once thought.

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