A/N This is a modern au of Rise of the Guardians, so they don't have special powers. They are all in High School, except for Pitch, who is principal. I got the idea off of drawings by mossmallow on Tumblr. All credit for this idea is mossmallow's. This one will be shorter than others will be because this is a prolouge.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rise of the Guardians

Jack let out a huff of air as he continued walking down the hallways filled with other students. He hated crowds, absolutely hated them. He always felt like he was suffocating in crowds, or drowning... No! You will not think about that! Jack scolded himself. Jack shook his head and walked towards Study Hall, where he would be spending the next hour. Jack's schedule included Physics, Trigonometry, AP English III, World History, P.E, and then Study Hall. This was his first day and Jack had already gotten on the bad end of three of his teachers. Despite him being a trouble maker though he was actually very smart, he just choose not to show it, which the other two teachers had realized.

Jack finally reached Study Hall, Room 45A. Taking a breathe to steel himself, knowing that once again he would be introduced as the new kid, Jack pushed open the door and strolled in. Looking around Jack spotted only four other students in the room. Wow, small class Jack thought as he walked towards the teacher.

"Ah, you must be Jack Frost?" The teacher asked, a smile on his face.

"Yep, the one and the only," Snarky comments, the only way to get by.

The teacher's smile slipped a fraction before becoming even bigger, "Yes, well my name is Mr. Safavi." Mr. Safavi gently led Jack to the front of the class. "Class, this is our new student Jack Frost. Is there anything you would like to tell the class, Jack?"

"Not really," the same answer given to every other teacher who had asked him that question.

"Yes, well then, why don't you take a seat, Jack, and get to work," Mr. Safavi turned around and walked back to his desk, leaving Jack to survey the other students.

Sitting in the front row was a big kid who had to be a senior. He had a small scraggly beard and shaggy blonde hair that went past is ears and nearly to his shoulders. In all honesty it reminded Jack of Shaggy from Scooby Doo; Jack had to hold back his laughter at that, this guy was anything but Shaggy. While Shaggy had been a super thin character this guy had a large stature, and not in the fat way, but in the muscular, football player way. He was wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, and some type of hat; Jack had never liked hats. He kinda scared Jack. That's a no with any spots in arm reach of him.

A row and a couple seats to the left was a girl who looked to be a Junior, maybe a senior. She had the most crazy outfit Jack had ever seen on. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail that was higher up than was usual. She had on a pink dress that was longer in the back than the front and over it was a purple vest like thing, and over that was a black belt. She was wearing pink leggings and high heels, not as high as some of the girl's Jack had seen, but still high. She also had a truck load of jewelry on: earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. While Jack doubted the outfit would look good on anyone else, it looked good on her. But a little to flashy for me. Jack thought and moved on.

Next was some guy, once again looking like a senior, who Jack immediately was scared of. He had on some type of bandana tied around his head, making his hair stick up in weird angles. Was wearing fairly normal looking clothes, t-shirt and jeans. Jack shouldn't have been scared of him, but the look on the guys face made Jack scared of him. The guy looked ready to punch someone and not at all like someone who would find one of Jack's jokes funny.

Sitting in the back of the class was kid, one whom Jack wasn't sure about the year, he could have been a senior, junior, or sophomore. He had dirty blonde hair, and perched on top of his head was a pair of pilot goggles. Wrapped around his neck was one of those pilot scarves for when they were at high altitudes. Otherwise he looked fairly normal, at least more normal then everyone else. Decision made Jack went to the back of the room and sat down next to the kid.

"Hey, what's your name?" Jack asked, leaning over to the kid.

The guy turned to look at him but didn't answer.

"What, aren't you going to answer me?" No answer.

"He's mute you idiot!" A shout came from in front of them. Looking up Jack saw that it was that guy with the headband.

"Mute?" Jack didn't know a lot about things like that but he was pretty sure that mute meant that the person couldn't speak.

"Yeah, mute," With that the guy turned back around to finish whatever it was he was doing.

Turning back around Jack saw that the kid was writing in a notebook. Once he was done writing whatever it was he was writing he handed it to Jack. A little bit shocked Jack took it from him and read it:

Hi! My name's Sanderson, you can call me Sandy, all my friends do.

Oh, and ignore Aster, he's always grumpy!

Jack smiled and turned back to Sandy, "Hi, Sandy. Sorry about not knowing you are mute. And, what kind of name is 'Aster'," Jack lowered his voice at the last part, not wanting Aster to overhear. Jack handed the notebook back to Sandy, who immediately started scribbling in it. When handed back to Jack it read:

No problem. I didn't expect you to.

Aster is his middle name.

"Okay then," Jack drawled, "Are you guys friends then?"

Yep, me, Aster, North, and Tooth, the other people in the room

We met as freshman and have been friend ever since.

Hey, what are you? Freshman, Junior, Sophomore?

"Sophomore. Second year of high school, yippee," Jack made a fake sound of glee, "Wait, why are they called North and Tooth?"

North, his real name is Nicholas, because he is known for making very special Christmas presents.

Tooth's real name is Toothiana, but she wants to be a dentist so we call her Tooth.

"Funny, and I'm Jack Frost, Bringer of Winter," the last part Jack used one of those stupid superhero voices, which was unfortunately heard by Mr. Safavi

"Mr. Frost, I recommend that you stop talking and get to work, now,"

"Yes, Mr. Safavi, sir," With that Jack grabbed out his homework and began to work on it, completely ignoring the rest of the occupants in the room.

-Rise of the Guardians-

"What did you guys think of that new kid?" Tooth asked North and Aster as they walked out of the high school.

"He's just some kid who is a trouble maker, I heard four teachers talking about how they would have to keep their eyes on him," Aster ground out between clenched teeth.

"Now, now Aster, give him a chance. he's new here. I was fine with him, he doesn't seem like much of a troublemaker, more like someone who trouble is attracted to. Seemed a little on the quiet side, as well as a little scared of me," North mused, "How 'bout you, Sandy? Did you like him?"

Sandy nodded his head. He had liked Jack a lot in fact, Sandy could already tell that he would be a lot of fun to hang around with.

"Hey, isn't that Frost?" Aster asked, pointing across the courtyard.

Shielding his eyes from the sun North looked towards where Bunnymund was pointing, "Why it is." Jack was walking across the courtyard at a brisk pace, obviously hurrying to get somewhere.

"Why don't we follow him?" Aster asked, already heading in Jack's direction.

"Aster! We can't follow him! That's rude!" North didn't like the idea of spying on the new kid, he didn't like the idea of spying on anyone, he understood that someone might not want his home life known.

"To bad! I'm doing it,"

Sighing North motioned for the others to follow Aster, and thus they started to spy on Jack Frost.

Shockingly Jack didn't lead them to his home but to an elementary school. And even more shocking was that the kids and teachers actually welcomed him. For half an hour North, Aster, Tooth, and Sandy watched as Jack played with the elementary kids, giving them horse back rides, pushing them on the swings, helping some of the older kids learn to shoot a basketball. None of them had been expecting this.

"He spends his free time playing with elementary kids?" Aster was in shock, he had expected to learn something that he could use as leverage if the kid ever decided to cross him, but this, this he couldn't use.

"I think it's nice that he spends his free time with children," Tooth said, smiling that bright smile of hers.

"Now that you have found out what Jack does in his spare time, why don't we go home?" North asked.

Aster begrudgingly agreed and soon they were leaving the middle school, all still wondering what other surprises Jack had up his sleeves.