Note: This is going out to all my stories, so most of my unfinished stories are mentioned here for anyone who is still interested in them. I also discuss possible fanfictions I might be writing, but I hold no promises about actually getting them done.

A lot of you will probably be annoyed at me for this being the update, considering it's not an actual update, just an author's note. But, I'm abandoning this account. It should have been pretty obvious considering I haven't been on here in over a year. The fact is that I've grown born with the stories I have right now and I don't have the motivation to continue them, plus I hate most of what I've written. So I'm moving to a new account: towardsxthexsun . I'll be posting stories there soon, possibly including something for ROTG and Magnus Chase. I'm not sure when I'll get things published there, but it will happen sooner or later. I made this decision because I personally want to start over and not be reminded of the horribleness of my early writing. However, I would like to say a thank you to everyone who has PMed me or reviewed, and occasionally both, because you guys brought me back onto ff. I'd also like to thank those of you who stuck with this account despite my absence.

To anyone who has been reading my old PJO stuff: I will not be writing anything about Heroes of Olympus. To be quite honest, that series annoyed me just a bit and I gave up on it after reading Mark of Athena and I don't plan to finish it. However, I am interested in Magnus Chase because who wouldn't be interested in a story possibly involving Valkyries running a camp? So I'm thinking of doing a story about that, involving Magnus, a mortal champion, and a Valkyrie. As for ROTG, I want to focus on minor characters from the books and movies along with designing other holiday characters, whether they were mentioned or not in the movies. I'm also planning a fanfic about Jaime's parents.

I've also recently fell in love with Secret of Kells, Selkie myths (actually, Irish myths in general), and Greek mythology, so expect some fanfiction about that. There's a small possibility for some Pokemon, Disney (specifically Little Mermaid, focusing on Ariel's sisters, and the Hercules TV series, focusing on minor characters like Medusa, Pandora, Hera, Hercules' adopted parents, and the Muses), and Kane Chronicles fanfics, although those will be coming out much later if I do decide on making them. I've also designed a combination of all Christmas stop movies as a world (so the stop motion Jack Frost, Mister Brothers, etc), so there might be some fanfics about that, and I might finish my Artemis Fowl fanfic.

As for the Universe Hates Us, to be honest I don't think I write the Guardians very well, their personalities aren't correct and neither are the symptoms I gave Jack. Thus that story will be going up for adoption. If you would like to adopt it, please message me and I'll discuss where I had planned for it to go (although, remember, I was just getting into writing when I planned this and thus they're not the best of ideas and I personally think it's a bit Mary-Sue-ish) and we can discuss together what you plan for it. I want to do this because I want to see someone adopt it and not only make it their own but also make it well-written and interesting for those still interested in it.

That's my update. My first few fanfics will be up on my new account soon, so feel free to follow. Or not. Whichever. It's your decision, we aren't like the Buggers in Ender's Game. We don't have a hive mind.