"It's a tradition." Rose tells The Doctor as she stands underneath the door frame. The spiky green plant hangs from the top of the door frame, red buds gleaming in the dim light like coloured diamonds. The glossy leaves protude downwards and the Christmas music blasts from the speakers. The Doctor has decided to let Rose enjoy this Christmas by taking her to an Christmas party, but since they got here she'd done nothing but nag about the mistletoe "So, to not respect the tradition would be all disrespectful. And you wouldn't want that, right Doctor?"

A few feet a way from where the two stood, bickering about the tradition of mistletoe, was a fairly sized dance floor where happy couples swayed with the Christmas beat, enjoying the human festivities. They were doing an unfamiliar dance, one that was graceful and beautfiul and so complicated, that looked as if it would take years of practise to perfect, and they were doing it as if it just came natrually to them. The room was decorated all around with christmas decorations, tinsel lined the walls and the christmas tree was full of decorations, even going as far to have an angel on top, Rose didn't dare go near the Christmas tree, not after what happened last time.

This was the most normal christmas Rose as has ever spent with The Doctor, there was usually some thing trying to kill them like always, even if they were an alien spacecraft. The Doctor looked at the dance floor, taking his time to watch the graceful dancers, then back at Rose with what seemed like a pained expression.

"Rose, it's a stupid tradition." The Doctor whined, glacing up at the plant he disliked "It's stupid and human. If people wanted to kiss each other, they would. Not put up and a plant and-"

"Oh, just shut up." Rose lauged, leaning towards him. This was the first of The Doctor's, and his most favoured, Christmas kisses - they were going to be many more in the next couple of Christmas'. Rose leaned back against the wall, staring at the dancers, and not watching The Doctor's shocked expression.

The Doctor raked his long, slender fingers through his hair and stared at the dancers as they sychronised with the beat. This Christmas was suprisingly quiet - for the first part anyway - for a day with The Doctor. The Doctor and Rose twirled on the dance floor, The Doctor showing Rose the steps, and laughed as they kept messing up, blaming it on each other. The beat slowed and Rose showed The Doctor how to slow dance - the Earth way, that is.

Of course, nothing good lasts long in The Doctor's world and as soon as they began to look around, they found trouble. Another Christmas ruined by a life or death situation - but Rose was pretty happy to finally have her first kiss with The Doctor.