"Doctor! Doctor!" A now very drunk Donna Noble shouted from the bottom of the stairs, Christmas was always her chance to down a couple (By a couple she usually means twelve or thirteen) glasses of vodka and she didn't want to waste her chance of getting drunk.

She drunkenly staggered up twisting staircase, tripping over the protuding stairs and letting out bounds of racious laughter as she plummeted over. The Doctor stood at the top of the stairs, watching her clambering up them with mild amusment, he was sober so he could enjoy the drunken antics of Donna. He kindly declined a drink, he need to be the designated driver for The TARDIS and he didn't exactly mind seeing Donna's drunked rambling. Is that, he thought to himself, what he sounded like when he rambled?

"Are you quite ready to go, Donna?" The Doctor asked, as she reached the landing and tried to unsuccessfully stable herself, she looked a little like a fish on land as she dropped to her knees and struggled to get back on her feet. Her hands tightly gripped the banister and she hauled herself up, stubbornly shaking her head. She wasn't ready to go, she was having far too much fun.

"No, spaceman." She slurred, her drunken state imparing her ability to speak but obviously not her memory. In her hand she held a glass of the vodka she's been drinking all night and she began to waggle it in front of The Doctor's face, inviting him for a drink. He shook his head and stepped backwards, graciously declining it. He'd seen what it had done to his compainion and wanted to refrain from acting like more of a bumbling fool than he usually was. Donna shook her head at him, as if she was judging him for not drinking, and took another swig of the clear substance.

"Donna, we need to go right now. We have places to be." The Doctor tried to tell her but she didn't seem to be listening. She glanced at him and rolled her eyes, seeming as if she was going to reply, then suddenly launched forward, tripping over thin air, and being caught by a startled Doctor. The force of the fall pushed The Doctor back against the banister, something that would leave him with a horrible bruise across his back.

Donna's shaking hands gripped The Doctor's shoulders as she stuggled to push herself of him, finding that the vodka had seemed to affect her strength. She looked up at him, he seemed to look like a deer that's just been caught in headlights, startled and frightened. Without The Doctor's permission Donna began to kiss him, something she assured him she would never do in her usually sober state of mind.

"What a way to get a grope! Wait until she's drunk then feel her up!" Donna accussed, anger in her eyes as The Doctor spluttered. She ran her fingers through her hair, smoothed out her clothes and stomped to The TARDIS, seemingly returning to her normal state of thinking.

"What? What? What!?" The Doctor managed to squeak out as he followed her "You were the groper! I was merely the gropee!"