This is a fan-fiction continuation of a not-so-popular Nippon Ichi game "Phantom brave." This game has made it's way into the hearts of many gamers, however, mine included. This is for fans of the game and those who enjoy obscure Fan Fictions. This is not a continuation of the storyline of "We meet again" or "The Hermuda triangle", but of the original "Phantom Brave" story. This contains many spoilers, and should not be read by people who have not completed the game.

Thanks to Martin III for major editing assistance.

I do not own any aspect of this game or company.

This fan fiction follows the traditional "Episode-Chapter" format used in-game.

Also, the characters often talk briefly about religion, belief in god and heaven. This fan-fic stays true to their beliefs, and hopes not to offend anyone by trying to stay true to the story.



CHAPTER 5, The Lost Chapter

Episode 21 - From humble beginnings

All of Ivoire rejoiced in the banishment of the evil nether-being known as Sulphur. The heroes Marona, Ash, and Walnut were finally given the respect that was well overdue. A statue of Walnut (Or Faded, as a certain wheelchair bound girl knew him,) was erected in the city square of Monetopia by Count Malt Carmine for his brave sacrifice. Parades flooded the streets as people celebrated Sulphur's permanent defeat, and the victories of Ash and Marona. This day was also commemorated to the death of the nine swords Sprout and Raphael, who fought bravely along Marona's side in her battle against Sulphur.

But for a day, Ivoire was at peace. Ash and Marona bathed in the admiration of the people of Monetopia, taking part in a parade (Of which Cauldron was responsible for,) and enjoying themselves for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. While Ash was devoid to much of the emotion of a normal human, the happiness that streamed through the crowds of people lifted his spirits. Marona shared in their happiness, of which he was glad. Ash had finally fulfilled his debt to Haze and Jasmine, and he, for the first time since the tragedy at the Island of Evil so many years ago, felt his first shred of true happiness. He was happy to be at Marona's side, and while not obligated to protect her anymore, he did so out of love for Marona. He admired Marona for how strongly she held by her beliefs, and how strong she had become. For once in his unlife, Ash felt a sense of stability.

The parade lasted most of the day, and when Ash and Marona pulled back into Phantom Isle, the stars played their midnight symphony across the sky. Ash opened the hatch of their ship and stepped onto the warm sand, stretched his arms. He was glad to be finally arriving home. Marona shared in this happiness, sitting in the hatchway of their ship with her feet hanging in the water. Though the celebration was a wonderful experience, she felt relieved to be home.

Ash: 'Hey, Marona, that was some parade, huh?' Ash said in his soothed, cool voice.

Marona: 'Yeah! I'm so glad that I was able to make so many people happy. I've never felt this good in my whole life!'

Ash smiled, remembering what Haze used to say to Marona those many years ago:

Ash: ' People will judge you because they don't understand your gift,

but don't hate them... You were blessed with that power so you could help people... Grow up compassionate and kind; help even those who hurt you. Then, one day...'

Marona: 'One day, everyone will come to like you! Oh, Ash... It's just like they said... '

Ash shrugged casually, and said in his usual tone; 'Guess they were right, huh?.'

Marona: 'Yeah...'

Marona collected the happiness of the day, and mingled it with the sadness of the loss of her parents in her head. She found that she was finally over their death, knowing that they were proud of her. She imagined them in heaven, watching over her like Ash had done all these years... she found herself happy with what she had been given, and she looked up wispfully at the night sky as Ash walked towards the house.

Ash 'Come on Marona, I'll cook dinner tonight. I think that after all we've been through, we deserve a good dinner tonight!'

Ash chuckled as Marona jumped off of the boat and chased him inside. As she rushed through the door she found herself in Ash's arms, glad to be with her Phantom protector.

Marona: 'Ash.. thank you...'

Ash: 'For what?'

Marona: 'For watching over me all this time... You didn't have to...'

Ash: 'It's the least-'

'You could do'- Marona finished. I've heard it before. But I'm serious... Thank you.'

Ash smiled again. He was truly honored that Marona directed her good intentions toward him. He had seen it directed to other people, but that feeling of genuine compassion that flew off Marona so easily all swooped into Ash. He couldn't say anything, but continued to hug her. It was finally over, they thought.

Marona went to bed that night happier than ever. She climbed into bed, got under her blanket and looked out her window to the stars, and imagined her parents up there, far in the heavens. She slept easily, calmed by her shared sense of stability with Ash.

Ash didn't sleep so easy. As he closed his eyes, the horror of Wraith, the twisted being of Sulphur that killed Ash so many years ago, kept appearing in and out of his mind. The tendrils that hung out of the terrible beasts back... That gut-wrenching howl... The look of fear that Jasmine gave when she breathed her last breath...


A terror-wrenched scream came from Marona's room, and Ash was quick to his feet. He ran upstairs and looked down at a terrified Marona, drenched in sweat and shaking in her blanket.

Ash: 'Marona! What's wrong!? Are you okay?'

Marona: 'Y...yyeahh... I'mm fine... I... had a... bad nightmare...'

Ash: ("I guess that makes two of us," he thought)

She explained to Ash her horrid dream. She saw Sprout, covered in darkness and pain, stab himself with his dark blade... the look of desperation he gave as he bled all of his blood out of his chest, then slumped to the ground like a hollow shell...

All Ash could do was put his arms around her and hold her tight. There was no need for words. Marona wept in Ash's arms, and he comforted her until her tears stopped...

Ash: 'It's all over now... It's all over... I'm sure Sprout is in heaven now, with his family that he worked so hard to avenge..'

Marona: 'I... I'm sorry Ash... I know it's all okay now... That, and I have you..'

Marona displayed affection for Ash that he had not seen before, even in life. He enjoyed this, and tried his best to cheer her up. It was an early, misty morning, and they decided to pick sea shells together along the beach of the island. Ash saw Marona smile, and was content that he was able to make her happy again.

Marona: 'Look Ash! This one is so beautiful!'

Ash examined the shell that Marona held in her hand.

Ash: 'It looks a lot like the necklace that Castile gave you... you should make her one, to show her your friendship! Wouldn't be very kind to neglect your best friend, now would it?' Ash laughed playfully.

Marona: 'That's a good idea! But... shouldn't we check our mailbox first? We may have a job!'

-Marona continued her work as a Chroma after Sulphur's defeat, but all of the money that Marona and Ash had made in their travels allowed them to work for free. She did it out of the kindness of her heart, which made Ash proud.

Marona ran over to the mailbox and checked it herself. Ash no longer feared that she would get hate mail, as her reputation as "The Possessed" faded away with Marona's kindness to the people of Ivoire.

Marona: 'It's a burgundy bottlemail! Ash! This alone is worth over a thousand Bordeaux!

Ash ran over excitedly and exclaimed 'Wow! Whoever the client is, they definitely have the right connections! Open it, Marona!

(Ash, with his new-found stability, found himself able to enjoy the simpler things in life, much like Marona had. Before he was tense, but now he became more relaxed. )

Marona: ' "Ash, you and Marona are humbly invited to Vapor Island to take part in a public announcement. Please come, as we have a special surprise for you. And Ash, bring Heliotrope. Raphael's old weapon will prove fit for the circumstances.

With care,

-Count Malt Carmine'"

'It's addressed to ME?' Ash exclaimed, not used to being known to exist at all.

Marona : 'Yes, Ash! And it's from the count, so it must be important! Come on!'

Ash : 'Uhh... it's a little early, Marona, shouldn't we... eat first?'

Marona 'Okay!'

Marona zipped around the house ecstaticly, excited that Ash was going to be recognized. Maybe they had finally learned to respect him for who he was, she thought...