This is a fan-fiction continuation of a not-so-popular Nippon Ichi game "Phantom brave." This game has made it's way into the hearts of many gamers, however, mine included. This is for fans of the game and those who enjoy obscure Fan Fictions. This is not a continuation of the storyline of "We meet again" or "The Hermuda triangle", but of the original "Phantom Brave" story. This contains many spoilers, and should not be read by people who have not completed the game.

Thanks to Martin III for major editing assistance.

Episode 27 - Dishonored

Cauldron was rather comfortable sitting in his luxury scrabbit hide chair, held up by the finest mahogany money could buy, looking out on the Monetopia streets from the second story of his elegant house. He took another sip of his champagne and thought. The ravens had been on the fritz lately about some sort of renegade chroma-oxide. Didn't seem like much of his business, but then again, EVERYTHING eventually became Cauldron's business. He read over the ledger of rent money owed from the various islands that he had lent out to people. Sienna and Cauldron were big players in the industry, both of them ran a monopoly of islands that stretched all through Ivoire. One thing was different though: Cauldron was the island collector. For him, it was a hobby, not a business. At least nowadays. The fact that he kept up with the rent was simply because he figured that hobbies should pay for themselves. In the beginning, most of his wealth had come from an inheritance, and his success in the business of island ownership was almost guaranteed after that.

He put on his reading glasses, and read further down the ledger.

His Island Collecting trade was originally backed up by more... crooked tactics. In the youth of his business, he hired chroma oxides to hassle those who didn't pay the rent, and he payed off various local officials to look the other way on the shady stuff his clan did. As he grew older, and his profits greater, he found that over time, he was able to make his one-man organization more legitimate. Instead of oxides, he hired Ravens to do his handiwork, and he found that instead of hassling the people who didn't pay, he could just simply kick them out.

He could remember that day the little girl known as Marona beat down multiple raven clans at the Island of Evil- almost like it was yesterday. And she did it all just to keep her home. Now that he thought about it more, he figured that anyone who would go through that much trouble to keep a fifty square foot lot of land deserved to keep it. He admired the little girl's tenacity, and her ability to get things done. Cauldron hardly contacted her nowadays, but when they did meet, she almost felt like family to him. And, every so often, he would meet with the other members of The "Maronakins" fan club, and brainstorm with them on ways to expand their cult, and spread the good word of Maronakins whenever they could.

Cauldron set the ledger back onto his fine mahogany table, and laid back further in his chair, setting his almost-never used eyeglasses back on the table. He closed his eyes, and began to dose off...

...When a knocking sound startled him from his sleep. He yawned anxiously, and wondered who it was. Many of his merman family back on Frigida had tried to contact him recently- to no avail. Had they gone so far as to come to his house? He slipped on his iconic yellow jacket, and trudged over to the door.

Cauldron: '...Yeah! Who is it, whaddya want?' he boomed, before even acknowledging whoever actually happened to be at the door.

Fox: 'It's me, Fox.'

Cauldron: 'Well, I'll be damned! I haven't seen you since- well, since you were defeated by my Maronakins! What can I do for ya?'

Fox: 'I'm looking for a renegade Chroma-oxide. You usually know what's what with the Ravens and Chromas, I figured you'd be able to shed some light on her location. Her name's Cynthia. Would you be able to help me find her if I gave you some compensation?'

The facsimile held out the Bordeaux that he had stolen from the real Fox, and Cauldron's eyes sparked in response.

Cauldron: 'Free money? Sure, I'll help ya! I don't know too much, but I can pull some connections and find out where this chick is in no time. Come on in, let me get you a drink! '

Cauldron hesitated, then added:

'And you know, Fox... you have a pretty high bounty on your head... I'd be more careful wandering around the streets in the broad daylight, you know what I mean? Come on.'

Fox walked into Cauldron's chateau, sat down with him, drank his vintage white wine, and they discussed how they would find the girl.

27 Hours Earlier, Fox's ship

Walnut wanted to go about his fight with Cynthia carefully. He had gained much power since his duel with Sulphur, but he still valued being prepared for the encounter. It wasn't going to be a suicide mission- hopefully. 'And if it is a suicide mission;' he thought, 'At least Cynthia'll stop tearing up hell and Earth looking for that damned zombie tamer.'

Walnut also put into consideration that Marona had been nearly fatally injured by her. She was a threat, much more so than she was 4 years ago. 'But hey, If I can kill Sulphur... Heh.. I can definitely defeat some chick pumped up on dark power... heheheya! '

Walnut had just finished revealing to Persimmon his plan, and after some minor identity confusion, Persimmon discussed with him what he would do next.

"In order to get Cynthia's attention," Persimmon lectured, "You'll have to show yourself around various places around Ivoire. I'll spread the word, but rumor will only go so far. Go to places like Vapor Island, Monetopia, you know. Get noticed. Get people talking. People are looking for Fox. Eventually, Cynthia will show her hand. But until then, watch your back, Walnut. I don't want to attend another funeral for you."

So, that's exactly what Walnut did. With his disguise, he made visits to various places around Ivoire. Keeping himself confined long enough to not have his cover blown as a phantom was the difficult part, as well as having to talk like he had just swallowed a mouse, all the time. He had already made appearances in Vapor Island and Frigida. As he "appeared" in each place, he made it a point to talk to several people. He even got the attention of one of the members of the Ivoire times in Vapor Island. He was doing well to gain attention so far, Cynthia would be sure to be stirred up by this.

Steering clear of the Isle of Healing Waters entirely, Walnut's next destination was Clutter Haven.

Clutter Haven

Walnut walked up the stone cobble steps, and approached Sienna's office. He assumed that if he got back with the ravens who had originally confronted Cynthia, he'd be able to find her in no time.

Walnut knocked on Sienna's office door, but no one answered. Walnut uttered a swear under his breath, and walked back to the boat.

'If I can't get Cynthia's attention outright,' Walnut thought, as he untied the rope from the dock, 'I might be able to pull some information out of the contacts in Monetopia. Someone has to have some info on this chick. '

The use of contacts, searching around for people... it all reminded Walnut of the oxide work he had done with Persimmon back when he first got into the business. All the secrecy and complicated things involved with taking jobs from less-deserving chromas.. All of Castile's treatment payments aside, Walnut realized that he enjoyed the work of an oxide. For once in his undeath, things had sort of gotten back to normal- sort of. Maybe his life wasn't as pointless as he thought, for as long as he fought Cynthia, he was fighting for Castile's safety, as well as all those who Cynthia would harm- were things to go her way.

Walnut left the bottlemail factory in disgust, and sailed towards the metropolitan island of Monetopia.

Selencia, en route to Clutter Haven

After retrieving Raphael from the Island of Evil, everyone agreed to Sienna's plan of using the rainbow bird to find Fox. Raphael snapped at his men to get to work, and after hearing what had happened at the island, no one blamed him for being stressed. Ash tried to cheer him up.

Ash: 'Good work retrieving Heliotrope, Raphael. You can hang on to it, I know how much you missed that blade.' Ash looked pleadingly at Raphael, and he replied:

Raphael: 'Damn... damn right I'm keeping Heliotrope..'

Ash looked away. He knew how it felt to lose loved ones, even if the loved ones were just comrades in war. He thought smugly: 'Hm... when we retrieve Zephyranth, will Sprout magically return from the dead and take that from me too? Damn it...' He pouted.

Murasaki was in the wine cellar checking on the catalogue. Ever since the whole Island of Evil emergency, they hadn't had much of a chance to actually check stock. When they get back to Clutter Haven, he'd have to send a lot of late shipments. Hell, he was always working now. All the damage he and Walnut had caused would put him in deep extra work at least into the next week. He thought about Walnut. He was a good friend, no matter how antisocial and depressing he was. 'Next time I see him, I'll invite him over. Maybe he can break somm'a my stuff instead of Sienna's...'

Raphael sat quietly in the corner of the ship's hold, sharpening his Heliotrope on the grinding stone. His attachment to the sword grew greater and greater as he spent more time with it. Something was different, he just didn't know what it was. He stopped, and went up onto the deck to address Sienna- he had been corrupted with some kind of evil, and he wouldn't be able to go along much longer without some assistance. He gave in to his pride, for once, and asked for help.

Marona was in her quarters, gazing upon the necklace that Castile had given her. All this traveling was starting to bug her. She wished that she could spend time with Castile, or... sleep in her own bed for once... She sighed as she laid back down on the cot. She thought about the humorous time when putty had stolen the necklace... putty...

Marona remembered the fight with Cynthia very clearly, and putty...

Cynthia: "Like that? Learned that from the putties when I lived on Verdant Guardiana during that great purge... " …

Marona started to think, and she got an idea. She turned over onto her side. She would tell Sienna and Ash more about it once they had reached their destination. For now, she just wanted to rest.

Sienna promised Raphael that she'd send for a healer when they arrived at Clutter Haven. He reeked of dark power, and he needed help. 'For a man of justice, of light to... to lose so much of himself... must be devastating...' She thought.

Sienna looked out across the sea, and eventually, Clutter Haven came over the horizon. She saw a ship departing from the harbor, but she just disregarded it as another shipment of bottlemails coming in.

Sienna: 'We're here, everyone!'

They landed at Clutter Haven's dock, which happened to be one of the smoother dockings they had achieved lately. As the crew unloaded the supplies and proceeded up the steps to Sienna's factory, Raphael collapsed, and two of his men had to help him up.

Sienna: 'Murasaki! Send a bottlemail out to Bamboo Co. immediately! We need to get this man a healer!'

Murasaki: 'On it, boss!'

Murasaki scurried off. Marona looked frightened, and Ash redirected her attention towards him:

Ash: 'He's a tough guy, he'll be alright. He's just been wounded by her. None of us could have imagined that that single woman could be so powerful. But, he has no mortal wounds, so whenever that healer gets here, I'm sure he'll be fine. ' Ash sounded sincere. He and Marona both knew firsthand how strong willed he was.

Marona: 'Okay.. Ash...'

Ash and another one of Raphael's knights helped Raphael onto the elegant couch in the waiting room. He was coughing badly, a spurt of blood running down his mouth. He clutched his side in pain.

Rapael's knight: 'You can make it through this! We've all seen you in worse condition!'

Raphael nodded as a response, and rested his head. He grasped Heliotrope's handle tightly as he laid back.

Everyone else piled into Sienna's office, and they discussed what they would do next.

Sienna: 'Alright everyone, our mission now is to find Fox. We don't have the manpower to search for him all over Ivoire ourselves, so I'm going to send the rainbow bird out to look for him. If anyone has any additional ideas on what we should do, please let me know.' Sienna looked around the room for anyone with an idea.

'I've got an idea!' Marona said exuberantly; 'It's-


Sienna: 'Hello? If it's you, Ramone, I'll get with you in a moment!'

Captain Drab: 'This is... *SNORT* Captain Drab of the Fighting Beasts, maam'! We're here to ask you about something!'

Sienna: 'I don't like this. Everyone, keep cool and don't say a word about Fox. Got it? They have no business knowing ours...'

Everyone nodded in agreement. Ash cloaked himself.

Sienna walked over to the wooden door and creaked it open slightly, as if to signify that she was busy with something. Captain Drab ignored this gesture and pushed the door open, knocking Sienna back a bit. His two henchmen walked in behind him. Raphael's knights stared at him anxiously.

Captain Drab: 'Heh. White Wolf Army. Didn't your leader die at the battle against Sulphur? What a coward!'

Raphael's men drew their swords, and Captain Drab's men drew theirs in response, but Raphael confined himself visible, and called them off.

Captain Drab: 'At ease, men.'

Raphael: 'I am right here. If you wish to offer me insult, you should do it in my company, pig.'

Raphael sat up, and slid his sword out of the scabbard. He stuck it into the floor, and used it to prop himself up.

Raphael: 'And yes, I did meet my demise at the Island of Evil. That accursed island made me the abomination that I am. A phantom.' Raphael looked down sorrowfully.

Captain Drab: 'We... didn't come here to cause trouble... Captain... We're just looking for raven Fox. The fighting beasts are getting good money for his location.'

Raphael: 'Did Cynthia send you?'

Captain Drab: 'We aern't allowed to give out our clients' nam-'

Raphael: 'Did Cynthia send you?' Raphael pulled his blade out of the floor, and elegantly swung it, knocking the swords out of the bodyguards' hands. He then held Heliotrope to Drab's throat:

'Did. Cynthia. Send. You?' Raphael asked again, his once grand stature now dark and intimidating. He held Heliotrope closer to Drab's throat, to the point that blood started to seep down the side.

Captain Drab: 'Nnnn...nno Raphael... It was someone else. I... don't know who Cynthia is...'

Captain Drab was clearly lying, and Raphael was angered by it. He brutally cut down both of Drab's bodyguards, and Raphael's swing barely missed Drab's head.

Raphael: 'Hmm... I need to practice my decapitations more. This is the second time I've missed. This godamn dark power is impairing my ability...

Raphael fell to his knees, and cried out:

G... Get out of here Drab! Before I... kill you too!'

Captain Drab crashed through the door and sprinted down to the dock, yelling "Let's get out of here! They've gone postal! Man down, beasts! Man down!'

Raphael fell to his hands and knees, and he let a tear fall to the ground. He felt miserable. His actions had lead to the deaths of two of Drab's best men- he had broken the Raven code of honor, and disgraced his good name as a hero of Ivoire.

Everyone else in the room was frozen. Marona was deep in Ash's embrace. She was close to tears herself. Sienna had her hand held to her mouth. Raphael dropped Heliotrope from his clutches.

Then, Murasaki came in.

Murasaki: 'Hey guys! What's up? So- I sent for that healer you wanted Sienna! Egh... somethin' stinks in here!'

Sienna shivered, staring at the bodies of the two dead men. Raphael slumped to the ground in agony, and Ash couldn't keep from chuckling, no matter how hard he tried. Murasaki's timing couldn't have been worse.