Hi everyone! I am here doing a short story with a friend about my favorite video game:

Angry Birds!

Which I don't own so please don't sue me.

The story will be a parody and we will take turns writing it. Hope You like it!


Once upon a time there was an angry bird family. The birds had mental problems. You can tell because the birds spend their days continuously flinging themselves at stone houses. Honestly, these guys have some screws loose or something.

Each time they hit their heads on something, their brains get smaller. Sometimes I can't watch those idiotic birds.

"C'mon guys," said the red bird, because each bird's name is just their color and the word "bird". (Creative, right?) "Time to prepare for another day of tossing ourselves at stone, wood, and ice to retrieve our eggs, even though in reality, we've laid more than enough eggs to replace them."

"You're right," replied the yellow bird, "So then what are we angry about now?"

"I don't know..." said the red bird.

Just then, the blue bird flung itself at a McDonald's(which I also don't own) for no apparent reason.

"Why did you do that?" asked the red bird.

"Because that's a pig's house," the blue bird responded.

"OK, since that's a McDonald's, I'm sure there are lots of pigs in there, so I can understand your confusion," reassured the red bird.

Then the black bird did the cuckoo sign at them even though Angry Birds don't have wings.

" OK, so what are we suppose to do with these wackos?" asked the green bird.

"We could ask them to help us with our target practice," said the white bird.

All the birds looked at each other very suspiciously.

"I guess that would work and we will make ourselves more like weirdos" said the black bird.

Then the birds all heard the blue bird flinging himself at something, even though he could be miles away.

"He must be flinging himself at a Target (which I don't own)," said the orange bird, using his brand new psychic powers. "I'll go get him."

When the orange bird got to the place, he saw the blue bird, but he looked dead.

"Hello can you hear me" No answer

Then the blue bird said, "I think I'm going to-"

Then the blue bird exploded even though that's not his power and killed everyone.

Abrupt story ending FTW!


Like I said, totally random.