I have permission from lab rats to do this, the original thing is from them, here copy paste into a tab s/6186565/1/ for there story.

I don't own the original ideas, that gets credited to LAB rats, (I hope I am spelling that correctly.) I also do not own harry potter, if I did Sirius would be alive and draco would be dead. (sorry but he was evil)

Chapter 1: Prank him to death:

"this is going to be so much fun gred!" George said is a low wisper waiting for the death eater meeting to be over.

"to right fordge." responded Fred.

They stood up when voldy did.

"oh voldemort!" They screamed tougher, all the death eaters were already gone.

"we want to,"

"join the dark side,"

"but they are in space,"

"so we'll setle for you." they ended.

"before, we do join you"

"we must make sure"

"you trust us!" they said

"eat this" Fred said as he shoved a canary cream in Tom Riddle"s mouth.

Voldemort turned into a canary and the twins ran laughing from the Angry yellow bird.

thank you for reading.