do not own harry potter otherwise Harry would not be the chosen one, and Dumbledore would have put harry with Sirius.

Chapter 2: Make him watch barney

Harry grinned evily at voldemort trying to reach his wand.


Harry ran into Goldsworthy and petrified him. "oh this is going to be fun" Tom actually looked scared at the evil in Harry's eyes. harry stared at him and took out a time turner. "I rember a show from when I was little it was called barney and friends I also rember you watching it, so lets go."


I love you you love me we're a happy family with a kiss kiss here a hug hug there won't you say I love you? (sorry if that Is wrong.) "so you going to give up yet?" harry asked

Goldsworthy nodded.

All right here is the gun. pull the trigger. NOW!" voldemort pulled it and died in the dursleys living room.

As harry went back he thought 'that's how the stain got there'