Harry sighed happily and wrapped his arms around the man beside him, wishing he could stay in bed with Remus for the rest of the day. It was the next morning and they had slept together, much to Harry's delight, and Harry couldn't believe that the previous day had been a dream. Two days ago, Harry would never have imagined he would ever wake up beside Remus.

Then Harry heard a yawn and he looked up to see Remus smiling down at him. "Good morning." "Morning." Harry sat up and rested his head on Remus's shoulder, closing his eyes and inhaling Remus's familiar smell. "Harry…we have to talk," Remus said then, and Harry looked at him expectantly. "Minerva told me."

Shit. Why would she do that? But first, how did she even know? Dumbledore must have told her. Damn the old coot! Why would he do that?

"Harry, look at me." Harry, who was now crying silently, looked up.

"What-" But that was all Harry had time to say before Remus leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Harry instantly moaned and pressed himself against Remus, and the kiss grew heated very quickly. Remus's tongue entered Harry's mouth and licked his tongue, then moved to the back of his throat. It felt kind of weird but Harry liked it, and he grabbed a fistful of Remus's shirt and pressed their lips together again.

The kiss seemed to go on forever before both men pulled back, gasping for air. "I'm sorry," Harry apologized, but Remus held up his hand to stop him.

"Harry, I…wow…" Remus breathed. Harry only smiled and gave Remus a loving kiss.

"That meant the world to me," Harry choked, and he embraced Remus tightly. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Remus buried his face in the messy hair and held Harry close, and he knew that he would never let him go.


"Remus, Harry, get your lazy butts out of bed! It's about lunchtime and you've missed breakfast!" Harry groaned at Ron's voice and kissed Remus's neck. They'd made out for a while and then snuggled, and Harry had almost fallen asleep when Ron knocked on the door.

"We're already up!" Harry called back, and Remus chuckled lightly as he combed his fingers through Harry's dark hair. "What? Technically it is true, we are awake."

"I meant, come downstairs and socialize like normal people!" Ron shouted.

"Oh leave them alone, Ronald, you know how Harry has always loved Remus and now he has him so let them enjoy their morning together," Harry heard Hermione's voice say.

Harry flushed a deep crimson and buried his face in his pillow to hide his blush from Remus. "Thank you Hermione. Thank you," Harry said, his voice muffled by the pillow. He felt a tap on his shoulder then and when he looked up he had barely opened his mouth before Remus's lips had found his.

"You're cute when you blush," Remus said after he pulled back, and he smiled. "But Ron is right, we should get up."

"You will pay for that one Ronald Weasley!" Harry had poked his head out the door, clad in only a pair of boxers, and shouted down the hall. He heard laughter coming from downstairs and groaned, then headed to the bathroom to get ready for his day. Or, what was left of it.