Name is Stryker Tenga. Friends used to call me Saint, because of my initials….If they weren't all dead. Used to work for S&S munitions, before the bandits made the company go bankrupt. Moved on to work with Hyperion on moonshot and orbital strike weapons. I must be the most unluckiest bastard in the world, because after Jack, the Hyperion CEO died, I got fired and sent to this hell hole. Even now, as this Dahl owned shuttle is near Pandora's surface, I wonder what waits…

"Warning! Warning! Damage dealt to shuttle hull!"

I woke up to the shuttle emergency system shouting that.

"Jesus Christ! We're going down!"

Everything stopped as soon as the passenger beside me said that. We hit the ground hard. I was only asleep for 30 minutes, and a rakk gets sucked into the god damn engine in mid entry!

"Hey man! Get up! Get up damnit!"

One of the passengers who survived managed to get me conscious again.

"Ugggh… My head. How long have I been out?"

He started speaking again about how I was only one of 3 survivors.

"You've been out for a while mate."

I could tell from his accent that he wasn't from around here. He helped me up. I looked around to notice the 3rd survivor, she was pretty beat up. I struggled to get on my feet. But once I did I decided to try to get her some help.

"Listen. We need to get her to an old friend of mine named Zed."

He nodded his head and said

"Ok, but I don't think she is gonna make it. Name is Stanley Mctavish."

Interesting name he has there. Figured I should tell him mine.

"Mine is Stryker Tenga. Now, we should get moving."

I picked her up. She was in too much shock to speak. The ECHO communicator said that there was a quick travel station nearby. Luckily we crashed out in the Eridium Blight. I pulled out my Bandit shotgun and got ready for a fight…