Hotel Transylvania "Velcome In!"

by Saphirabrightscale

Ever since she was born Dracula has always intended to protect his little "ghoul" Mavis. For this he created a five-star resort, and refuge, called Hotel Transylvania. It is to provide a vacation spot and protection for all monsters of the world to keep safe from the real monsters, the humans, who have been hating and stereotyping monsters to this day, or so Dracula believes they have been.

No human was ever brave enough to go through the scary and ominous way to enter the hotel. Except one traveler named Jonathan, and what's worse for Dracula is he has met and "zinged" with his now 118 year old daughter, whom she and the other monsters were celebrating her birthday. He has no intention of leaving the hotel, not even with Dracula's hypnosis, considering the fact he was wearing contact lenses in the attempt and tries to pluck them out, much to Dracula's disgust. Now the whole organization for the birthday party, and Dracula's keeping he and others away from humans, will be turned upside down.

The movie has been very fun to watch. It was funny with every monster joke, touching with Dracula and Mavis's father-daughter relationship, and sweet with Jonathan and Mavis falling for each other. There was a shocking discovery on why Dracula dislikes humans so much, leading to his resentment of Jonathan, or Johhny-stein, and Johhny-stein's singing Mavis's birthday song was "killing it!".

The movie can't be forgotten for all the funny things of it. The scream-cheese bagael, that was literally screaming, the little elderly gremlin lady who eats things in one bite and says "I didn't do that.", Dracula's comment on the Twilight film he briefly saw, that would say something about Twilight to all the fans out there.

All in all, this movie would be highly recommended to kids for this year's Halloween, without anything too scary to give them nightmares. It would be a monstroific treat for the whole family to watch. On a scale of 1-10 on how good this movie is, it would be given an 8.

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