"Can't you button up your shirt, Theodore?" The question came out of the blue for some reason or another. "The shirt is already buttoned Benito." I answer. He gets a bit angry "I want you to button it all the way." "Why is that?" I ask. He has never asked me to button it all up before. It's just two buttons, nothing big. "You just don't look...girly enough."

"Whoa!" I yell with fake surprise. "When did you become Mr. Basilo?" Mr. Basilo is my friend Giacinta's handler. He acts very girly at times. He forces Gia to wear very girly clothes that he makes and loves dolls and can do hair. Benito smiles and buttons my shirt himself. "Stop it!" I yell, pushing his hand away "Can we please get going? That guy might be leaving by now." He then grabs something out of his pocket, a crossbow that goes under collars, and puts it on me. "There we go, now you look like a real twelve-year-old!" he says while I groan in displeasure. "Now, let's follow him."

We run after him quickly hoping that we can get him alone. He goes to an alleyway and finds a man and they talk for a while, I didn't listen at all to what they were talking about and grab my gun out of my green bag, disgusting thing it is, so many scratches that couldn't be washed off. Then I hear them stop talking and then footsteps. I wait in till he comes out of that part of the alley and quickly put my gun near his head. "Freeze!" I yell. I don't know why, I guess anyone with a gun to his head would freeze even before being told but people on T.V say it a lot so I will.

He stops and looks straight at my little brown face and curls. "So your one of those cyborgs, huh? I thought it was just some stupid little rumor that people say to scare you away from kids." he laughs a bit. "You son of gun, stop laughing now! I'm no person to laugh at!" I say embarrassed. I'm not going to be laughed at by some guy who blew up a freaking car! Why is the Agency giving him so much attention anyway? It was just a car and he only killed two people. Me and the others can kill more than two people with are bare hands!

"Well cutie, are you going to shoot?" he asked. "Don't call me cutie and no! I'm waiting for somebody to come, so..." I kick him in the stomach and he falls down groaning in pain. "So stay right there." With one hand I keep the gun in my hand pointing at him and with another I grab my cellphone to call Benito. After a few moments he answers. "I caught him." Minutes after that he came with a car. I tie the man's hands up in the back seat. "Bove is fount." mumbles Benito as we drive away. I really can't wait to get back 'home', their having spaghetti and salad today at lunch.

After lunch me and Siren, one of my other friends, go into are room to find Giacinta with very curly hair. She almost looks like a doll baby to me,a cute little doll baby with a pink strapped dress and a white shirt underneath. Siren and I try to hold in giggles as she puts her head on the table in are room. "Yeah, giggle all you want, I look pretty." she says with a sigh. "My head hurts horribly though. That comb he uses is hard." She then goes to her bed and jumps on, face down. I put down some food I sneaked out of the cafeteria since Gia wasn't there. "For you on your head hurting day!" I yell as Siren starts giggling. Giacinta runs over and eats happily. I jump on my bed and go to sleep.