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Chapter 1: A Hero is Bored

It was a lovely day, the sun was out the birds were chirping and the air was crisp and fresh.

Amaya stretched her hands over her head as she gazed down at the forest from the top of a cliff. It was only yesterday that she left home, the farm where she was born and raised her entire life to become an adventurer. She smiled in remembrance of her mother's tearful goodbyes and her father's stern warnings. After promising to visit every few months she set out to the nearest Keep, hoping to find adventure and a life of excitement.

She adjusted her trainer stat on her wrist. The small device wrapped around it like a bracelet, but had a square face that opened up and let her know what her experience points were and what power level she was at. All adventurers started at level one and the t-stat keeps track of how the power and experience of the person it was attached to grew, according to the shopkeeper she got it from. She splurged a little on it and got the one that had a watch face on the front so it told time as well.

She couldn't wait until she was at level 30, or maybe even 60! She heard that there were even people who were ranked level 80, though they were only a select few.

Amaya surveyed the landscape, fiddling with her amulet. She had the beautiful pendent since she was little. Her parents told her they found it one day in her crib soon after she was born. The red of the jewel glowed as a golden dragon in front glinted in the sunlight. The jewel rested behind the head of the dragon while its long bat-like wings cradled the sides. Amaya quickly put it away; it wouldn't do good to catch the attention of bandits.

She took a deep breath of the fresh mountain air. "It's a perfect day for an adventure!" she smiled. "Great things are coming my way… I can feel it."

Just then a loud roar rang through the forest. Amaya ducked as a strong wind swept through the area. She looked up to see a huge red dragon fly over her head and land at the bottom of the cliff. She gaped as the dragon straightened up. Its head was right in front of her and about the size of her entire body!
'A DRAGON?' she thought incredulously. 'I though level 1's were supposed to start off with rats or something easy!' Nevertheless she tensed, ready to show off her strength as a Mage. She held her wooden staff ready when the dragon lowered its head to the ground. Dumbfounded, Amaya stared as two figures were revealed to be sitting on the dragon's back. A beautiful woman wearing a pure white cloak with gold embellishments was kneeling next to a black chest, a red moglin holding a twig standing next to her. The moglin scampered over the dragon's head giving Amaya a quick friendly "Hiyas!"

Amaya lowered her weapon quickly, feeling a little foolish as the moglin gave the all clear for the woman.

"The path is clear, Priestess!" it called waving its stubby arm. The woman stood up, the hood of the cloak hiding everything but the bottom half of her face. She walked regally; there was no other way to describe it, off the dragon onto the grass.

"Pardon us friend, we are just passing through." She said, the words flowing from between her lips smoothly. She had an accent but it only served to make her sound more mysterious.

"Ah, no problem." Amaya said stepping aside to let the strange duo go. She looked nervously at the red dragon. It had lifted its head and was looking at her with interest.

'I should really just eat this adventurer now, it would save me a lot of trouble in 30 or so levels.' It looked over the obviously new adventurer. Her blue hair was hanging loosely down by her shoulders and her white mage robes seemed rather shabby. The material wasn't nearly as strong as the ones older more experienced mages wore. And it seemed all she had was a wooden stick for protection. Easy, easy prey. The dragon pouted. 'Grrr. But she did make me promise.' The dragon beat its wings while simultaneously jumping. It hovered for a beat.

'See you in about 30 levels, HAHAHAHA!' the dragon gave the adventurer one last glance before flying away.

Amaya blinked in confusion. She could swear that the dragon was thinking about eating her. "What was that all about!?" she freaked. "Do I at least get any experience for this?"

A chime-like sound came from her wrist. Curious, Amaya twisted her wrist until the t-stat was in view. A small pull at the knob on top and it snapped open. A small red bar holding her health points and a similar blue bar recording her mana points came into view, but that was not what she was interested in. Below it were two numbers separated by a slash. She grinned when she saw a small 10 in front of the slash and a 20 after the slash.

"Whoa, awesome! Ten down ten to go until I level up!" Amaya cheered as she headed down the path

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