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Chapter 3- But Captain!

Amaya looked in awe at the Keep. There was a DRAGON near the gates, but she didn't approach it, or the knight with it. She would have time to when she gave the Captain her message.

"Speaking of which…" Amaya turned to look at an imposing figure in front of a building. He was giving orders to several knights, one of whom called him Captain.

'Guess it's my lucky day!'

"Um, excuse me, are you Captain Rolith?"

The Blond man looked down on her and gave a small nod. "Yes, I am. Welcome to Oaklore Keep traveler."

"Hi! So I have a message-"

"Those knights keep distracting me, you'd think after getting to be part of the Pactagonal Table they'd be able to solve simple problems but nooo..." Rolith ran a hand through his short dirty blonde hair. "Sorry, did you say a message?"

"Captain! The sneevils have snuck in again!"

Rolith let out another groan. "I'm sorry, but I am need elsewhere. Please enjoy your stay at the Keep and I'll try to get to you as soon as I can." Rolith promised, giving her an apologetic glance before jogging to the knight who called for him.

"I guess that's it." Amaya thought, wander around the Keep. She visited the inn and met a strange young woman with brown hair up in twin pigtails named Maya. Amaya couldn't keep her eyes off of the way the large ringlets would bounce as Maya talked about her books. She heard something about trading books for weapons before she left to explore some more.

"Hey, look! We're sure to get around quickly using this!" A young knight said from the top of a trebuchet.

"Sure you will…" Another knight replied, looking up at the fanatical knight.

"And maybe we'll get to the ruins and find Sir Jing's Legendary Lightning Blade!"

The knight on the ground rolled his eyes again.

"Sir Who?" Amaya asked curiously.

The two knights looked at her in surprise.

"Hello there Miss!" The one on the trebuchet called down.

"Hi! I'm Amaya, and you are…"

"Sir Casm, and the idiot up there is Sir Vivor." The knight next to her said with a smile.

"Seriously? That's their names?" She thought.

"Sir Jing was once a great Knight of the Pactagonal Table…" Sir Vivor continued.

"Sure he was…" Sir Casm.

"Anyways, All the other knights called him Sparky because of his energy weapons. But they were lost years ago in the Ruins." Sir Vivor looked down at Amaya curiously.

"There are some elementals that are guarding the ruins but I can't get close enough, wanna try?"

"What's there apart from elementals? And why do you know so much about this?" Amaya questioned leaning on her wood stave. So far these two have been interesting, in a slapstick duo kind of way.

"Oh, we knights luuve going to the ruins! The locals are really friendly!" Sir Casm drawled.

Amaya looked at him uncertainly when Sir VIvor snorted. He leaned back on one hand and looked down at Amaya.

"He means the Vurr'Men. They are rat people who took over the Ruins a few years ago and attack anyone that comes close." He explained.

"We could reallly use some help clearing them out." Sir Casm chimed in, annoyed at getting ignored.

"Actually, we could use some help! You up for it when you get back from searching for the weapons?" Sir Vivor asked.

Amaya shrugged. The whole thing sounded ridiculous but hey, experience is experience right?

"Sure, why not?"

Amaya slightly regretted her decision when Sir Vivor grinned behind his helm (she could only see the bottom halves of their faces) and dragged her up beside him. Amaya rubbed her arm. No wonder the guy was a knight, he was strong!

"Hold onto me now!" Sir Vivor said before Sir Casm released the catch, sending both the trebuchet's passengers into the sky and out of Oaklore.