A new story.

I think there are a few things I need to clarify first.

So, just think of it like this; every boy in the series will become a girl (e.g. Remy will become a girl called Remy as this is a girl's name as well)

And every girl will become a boy (e.g. Rogue/Anna will become Andrew or Andy)

Get it? Got it? Good.

"Is that all Ah ever was to you? A quick fix while you're in town?" Remy looked up at Andrew, the calm green eyes were now a blazing emerald fire, even though Remy was four years older, Andrew still had the element of height, when his face was void of makeup he looked so handsome, especially in the half light of the Xavier roof,

"No, Andrew, Remy promises that you weren't like that. You were special..." Remy placed a warm hand on Andrew's cheek, and another on his slim wrist,

"Yes but that's just the point isn't it? All Ah've ever been described as is a 'was' or 'were'. My real dad, my real mama; and now...you." Andrew wrenched his arm from Remy's grip, jerking his face away from her hand, turning to face the dying light in the sky,

"You will always be mine, Andrew. I just need time..." Remy followed him, winding her arms around his waist, and resting her chin on his shoulder,

"Time? You want 'time'? What, so you can go back to your boyfriend in the bayou? Well what happens when you come back? Eventually you'll need more 'time' to go back to New Orleans, and what about the 'time' after that, huh? Ah will not be a stand in and watch the girl Ah loved swan off and get married!" Andrew stepped off the roof, and out of Remy's grip, he floated at the same level as the roof and looked down at Remy,

"Remy loves y' too." Remy whispered still looking at the blazing eyes,

"No, Remy. Ah loved you. In hindsight that probably wasn't the best of ideas." Andrew muttered the last part and then turned back towards Remy,

"Y'know what? Why don't you just leave now? I'm sure Wolverine would be happy to see the back of you." Remy had tears rolling down her cheeks by now, and reached out, taking a fist full of Andrew's shirt,

"I still love you." Remy dropped the third person, trying to see some emotion in Andrew's eyes,

"Oh yeah, and how did that work out for you?" He landed in front of her, tracing one hand down her cheek and the other down her arm, capturing her hand,

"Andrew..." Remy whispered, closing her eyes and making more tears fall, Andrew's hand crept round to her stomach, resting on her firm tummy, he lent towards her, his lips were only a second away from her ear and his words tickled her neck,

"Because it didn't work out to well for- Hang on..." Andrew parted from her, but left his hand on her stomach, he cocked his head to the side,

"Two heart beats...but that means, no you can't be...Your Remy...the woman who has never had a substantial relationship with anyone but throws herself at everything in pants...Remy are you...? Ah'm the only person to sleep with you for the past two months...How can I be the one to get you pregnant?" Andrew drew sharply away from her, still looking at her abdomen,

"Andrew your gonna be a pere." Remy choked out, Andrew backed away from him still,

"Ah couldn't get you pregnant, Ah'm the boy that no one ever talks to, Ah'm a loner...no...just...just no." He stepped backwards off of the roof and flew off into the night,

"Andrew." Remy whispered, dropping down onto his knees, silently begging that Andrew wouldn't hate her for what she was about to do.