Not much had really changed in the years that she had been gone. She had kept up with the news and knew that the small port town was still run by the mob. It was expected. It would have been more shocking to think that the PCPD would have cleaned Port Charles' criminal activity up. If there was thing that she had come to realize over her lifetime, it was that you could never depend on good side to pull through the battles.

Exiting the elevator, she straightened her spine and started toward the nursing hub with determined steps. She could see from her peripheral vision that the lobby was full of people that she had once been close to. Biting back a snort, she hoped that they had enough class to stay out of her way. The town may have remained the unchanged, but she sure was not the same meek and mild mouse that left without a word last time.

The chart dropped from Epiphany Johnson's hand as she got a glimpse of the woman approaching the desk. Her face showed it's surprise and she left a warm smile replace her usual frown. "Hello, Elizabeth."

Elizabeth returned the smile. She had always liked and cared for the older nurse. "Epiphany. I am looking for my brother. Is he available?"

"Let me page him. It will be just a minute," she informed her as she wearily eyed the crowd in the lobby.

Reading the expression from experience, Elizabeth gave a half smirk. "No problem. I know that he is busy."


Recognizing the voice, she exhaled heavily but turned to arch a brow at Lucky Spencer. "Hello, Lucky," she stated flatly.

His eyes widened at the clear uninterest on her face. He knew that she still had to care. They had been through so much together after all. "Um, it is great to see you, Liz. Where is Cam? I have really missed him."

Her bright blue eyes flashed as she snorted. "Why? Do you need some way to try and control me?" When he opened his mouth, she cut him off before he could respond. "I mean, it has been almost two years since I left. It was over a year before that since you last saw my son. So excuse me if I question your sincerity."

Flabbergasted, he gaped at her while she just looked at him coldly.

"Tell you what, Lucky. You can take your fake concern and shove it. Cameron is none of your concern. Neither am I for that matter."

"I am his father," he sputtered. "I am the only father that he has known."

Amused, she shook her head. "Zander was his father. As for knowing you, he forgot who you were. He never asks for you, Lucky. My son has adjusted. You can just stay away."

"I have rights," he bellowed.

Shaking her head, she laughed. "No. The rights that you had Alexis," she shot a disgusted look at the attorney, "fight for during our last divorce, were terminated. I filed abandonment papers an exact year after your last contact with Cam." Pausing as he absorbed that, she gave him a bright grin. "You have no ties to my son, legally or otherwise, Lucky. Your terror of controlling me is long gone."

The lobby fell silent as the people all observed the woman that looked like Elizabeth Webber but acted nothing like what they remembered. It was Sam Morgan who finally cleared her throat hesitantly.

"That is not really fair, Elizabeth," she began softly.

Tilting her head to the side, she looked the woman up and down and slid her eyes to Jason, who sat beside his wife without uttering a word. "Neither is seeing trash walking the street that allows children to be kidnapped or threatens them, Mrs. Morgan." Sneering just a bit, she tapped her chin thoughtfully. "But that seems to be the case, huh, Sam. Don't talk about fair. You know nothing about it. Just live in your bubble and be happy."

Grasping her hand as she started to retort, Jason shook his head. He coud tell that the woman standing before them was not the same as the one that had left. She was no longer sweet and forgiving. There was a difference in how she held herself, in the confidence that she radiated. Jason was also thinking back on how his and Sonny's men had been unable to trace her after she had taken off without a word to anyone. It was like she had dropped off the planet.


Turning and hugging her brother, Elizabeth gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Steven!"

Pulling back to look her over, he grinned. His sister looked happy and content for the first time in years. "Where are the others?"

"Getting settled at the house. The trip was tiring. I just wanted to let you know that we arrived safely."

His eyes darted to the crowd that was obviously straining to hear their conversation. "Do you want to go to my office?"

"No, thank you. I have to get back." She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth before shrugging easily. "We were hoping that you could join us for lunch tomorrow though. I know that Cam is really looking forward to seeing you again."

Joy brightened his face at the thought of his nephew. "Of course! I am looking forward to seeing him and meeting my niece. The pictures are beautiful, but I cannot wait to see her in person."

Gasps were ignored as she only nodded. "Good. I will call you and arrange to meet sometime tomorrow afternoon." Hugging him once again, before stepping back and glancing at Epiphany who was watching her with pride and respect. "You and I will need to have lunch soon, Epiphany. I've missed you too."

"You bet, little one. And I want to meet your new daughter," she added with a wink.

"I never doubted that for a second," she murmured. Hearing Steven being paged, she shook her head in amusement. "Have fun! I will be in touch."

"I love you, Lizzie! Welcome home!" he called as he rushed toward the surgery suite.

Her eyes roamed the group gathered before lingering on the young child that was clinging to Johnny Zacchara. Her features softened as she offered a weak smile and nod to Carly who reached over to pat Joss's back. It made Elizabeth emotional to know that her son's kidney was in the little blond imp. "She looks great, Carly." Was all she offered.

Carly squeezed Johnny's hand and gave a watery smile of her own. "Thank you. She has been doing wonderful, Elizabeth." Taking a deep breath, she lifted her head. "Do you need anything while you are here? Johnny and I would be willing to help in anyway that we can."

"Thank you for the offer, but we are fine." Catching a glimpse of the man moving toward her, she turned and caught his humor filled eyes as certain members of the group stopped all movement.

"We need to go, Lizbits," Johnny O'Brien told her in his Irish brouge. "They are waiting for you at the estate."

"Wait! I thought that you..." Sonny trailed off as he realized that he could not very well spit out that he had ordered the former guard to be killed.

"Oh, I know," Johnny glared at the Cuban. "But things worked out just fine for me. I was always extremely lucky, you know that. Morgan has really lost his touch, Sonny." His emerald eyes sparkled with amusement as Jason clenched his jaws and Carly paled. Deciding that he was having too much fun, he held out a hand. "You ready, Mrs. Alcazar? I believe that Lorenzo is anxiously waiting your arrival. Your daughter tends to run her father ragged."

Knowing full well that he was exacting his own form of enjoyment, she giggled as the yelps and grumbles started to rise in volume. "I am." Turning and ignoring everyone sitting behind her, stunned, she linked her arm with her main guard and friend. "Let's go, O'Brien."

Lucky screamed as they disappeared onto the elevator. Sonny snarled and cast a searching glance at Jason who looked just as uncomfortable with the new information that had been dropped at their feet. Alexis was pale and shakey while Sam winced, knowing that the nice peaceful time with her family was about to come to a screaching halt. Johnny lifted a brow as Carly burst into a bout of giggles. Mac just dropped his head into his hands while knowing that a war was probably about to be ignited. He knew that there was no way that Lorenzo Alcazar would let the past go, certainly not when most of the people in this room had hurt Elizabeth, his wife?, at one point or another.

Patrick Drake stepped into the lobby and cleared his throat. "The surgeries went well. Both Michael and Kristina will recover from the injuries that were substained from the car crash." Seeing that they all were slow to react, he lifted a brow. "What?"

"Elizabeth came back," Epiphany supplied with a wink.

His face brightened and he gave a boyish wink. "Good! I cannot wait to see Cam and Bella Alcazar! Of course, getting to pick on my friend will be fun too."

"You knew? You knew that she married that man?" Mac asked in disbelief.

"You mean that Elizabeth married the father of her children and finally stopped being abused by the people in this town? Yeah, I knew," he said evenly. "In fact, Emma was the ring girl and Steven and I was there last year when they married in Italy. It was beautiful. If anyone deserves happiness, it is her." Ignoring all their faces, he grinned as he turned and whistled while heading back to the recovery room.