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Chapter Two

"I just don't see the point in being here," Cameron reasoned as he joined Lorenzo at the breakfast table the next morning. "After Grams died, no one except for Mom's friends at the hospital ever checked on her or came around. Why would she want to come back?"

Silently agreeing with the nine year old, Lorenzo shrugged. "Your mother has some unfinished business that she needs to take care of, Cam. And while I do understand that you did not want to come back here, it is something that she needs to do." Seeing the pain flash in his normally warm brown eyes, he took a sip of his coffee while thinking before approaching the topic carefully. "Does being back here bother you so much because it brings back the memories of losing Jake?"

Flinching, Cam scowled at his bowl of cereal. "Everybody always dies in this town. Aunt Em, Jake, Robin, Grams, and even Georgie all died while living here. I just don't want Mom to lose the happiness that she has now. Since we left, she has been so much happier."

"You have my word, Cameron, that nothing will hurt your mother while I am around. Your mom, you, and Bella are the most important things to me. Elizabeth just needs to find some closure and to do that, she has to take care of some things here. We will be back home before you know it."

Studying him, he gave a brief nod. So far, Lorenzo had never lied to him and had been very upfront with him no matter what Cam asked. "Okay. But you will keep a close watch on Mom, right? I remember how the people here say one thing and then do another."

Lorenzo could only hide his grin behind his fist as he choked back a cough. The boy saw way more than anyone gave him credit for. "I will, Cameron."

Breezing into the kitchen with Bella perched on her hip, Elizabeth ruffled Cam's curls before giving Lorenzo a quick kiss. "How are my men this morning?"

Taking their year old daughter from her and placing her in the high chair, Lorenzo winked at her. "We are great. Just plotting ways to keep you out of trouble."

Amused, she snorted and cut an apple up for Bella and then put some dry cereal into the bowl too so that she could feed herself. "I never get in trouble."

"Whatever," Cam muttered as he rolled his eyes. "That is such a lie, Mom."

Deciding to ignore his sarcasm, Elizabeth looked at the clock. "Are you sure that you want to go school today? It is your first full day back."

"I am sure." He stood and grabbed the backpack that hung on the back of his chair. "It is why you and Dad registered me over the phone last week, after all. Besides, I gotta figure out who I remember."

Seeing how much he looked like Zander in the jeans and t-shirt, she swallowed hard. "I know, but I will miss you, Cam. Remember, Trent will be outside the room if you need anything and to stay in his sight at all times."

"Geez, Mom! It's just like school back home. I know that I have to stay with the guards. Chill out." He gave her a lazy grin and kissed her cheek before shaking his head at Lorenzo. "You better calm her down before you let her out of the house," he teased. "Patrick and Uncle Steven will think that she is insane. Bye, Mom. Later, Dad!"

Laughing at her affronted look, Lorenzo picked up the sippy cup that Bella had dropped. "I don't know why you are so surprised, Elizabeth. He gets the knack for being a smart ass from you."

"Hardly. You and O'Brien are such bad influences." Pouring herself a cup of juice, she sat it on the table and moved behind him to wrap her arms around his shoulders and rest her head on his. "Thank you, by the way."

Turning his head, he looked at her out the corner of his eye. "For what?"

"Taking the day off of work to spend it with me. I know that you are busy with the transfer going on." She released him and moved to her seat. "I know that you are putting off work to go with me."

"Elizabeth, there is nothing else more important than you and the kids. I wanted to go with you to the cemetery incase you need me."

"I do need you," she admitted. "I haven't been back there since Gram's funeral. Who knew that calling Johnny that afternoon to ask for help to disappear would lead me to you?"

His eyes softened as he watched her catch the spoon that Bella was going to toss on the floor. "Too bad that it means that we owe Johnny our thanks," he teased with a smirk.

Selene, the nanny that they had hired after Elizabeth had gave birth, entered the room and gave them a warm smile. "Good morning!" She turned to Bella and chuckled as she saw the smashed apple in her dark locks. "Someone missed her mouth."

"Manners do seem to evade her," Lorenzo chuckled.

"I will clean her up. You two getting ready to leave?"

Elizabeth nodded and stood before picking her daughter up and snuggling her close. "I love you, Bells. Be a good girl for Selene."

Dropping a kiss on her head, Lorenzo tweaked her nose. He waited until the young woman had carried Bella out and up to the nursery that they had set up. Linking his hand with hers, he gave it a reassuring squeeze. "Are you sure that you want to do this today?"

"No, but I think that I need to." Her violet eyes locked with his for a second before he nodded and they both started for the door.

A short drive later, the two walked through the quiet cemetery. He could feel the tension seeping into her and wished that he could take the pain away. He knew that losing a child was more horrific than most people could ever imagine, and it broke his heart to see the tears that she was struggling to hold back.

When she stopped in front of the small stone that read Jacob Martin Webber, Beloved Son & Brother, he felt her tremble and wrapped his arm around her slender waist. Staying silent, he he wished Luke Spencer to hell as she crumbled in his arms. Easing them both to the ground, he pulled her onto his lap as ran his fingers through her thick hair. "Shh, baby. I know, I know," he murmured against the shell of her ear.

"I miss him so much, Enzo," she whispered brokenly. Her hand traced the carving of his name before she brushed away the coat of dust that had collected the monument.

"I wish I could say that it will get easier, Elizabeth, but the pain never goes away. You just learn to adjust to having a piece of you missing."

Wiping the tears from her face, she sniffled. "You know, you are the first person that has not said that time will make it easier. It use to make me so angry to hear that phrase." She kissed her fingertips and gently pressed it to his name. "I love and miss you, baby boy. You have a little sister now. I will make sure that Bella knows all about you, just like Cam will too. We will never forget you, Jakie."

And I will make sure that your family is loved and protected, Jake, he silently vowed to Elizabeth's son that he had never met. Laying the selected bundle of forget-me-nots mixed with baby's breath beneath the writing, Lorenzo felt her strengthen and exhale heavily. "You going to be okay?"

Gracefully rising to her feet, she gave him a small nod as he unfolded his long legs and got to his feet beside her. Hand in hand, they moved two plots over and placed the tulips on Audrey's grave and then an identical arrangement on her grandfather's. While he could see that she was lost in memories, he was relieved to not see the desolation that had filled her eyes while they sat with Jake.


Steven and Patrick entered the Metrocourt restaurant and followed the hostess to the table that had been reserved. Seeing that they were the first ones to arrive, they both ordered a drink and looked around.

Seeing Carly making her way across the dining room, Patrick lifted a brow as she approached. "Carly. How are you?"

"I am fine. I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Micheal last night, Patrick. I know that you scrubbed in with Dr. Briggs because Micheal was once your patient."

"I actually did it for Robin," he corrected. "She always said that he was a good kid."

Blinking, the blond slowly nodded. "Well, I thank you, no matter what the reason. I assume that Lorenzo and Elizabeth and are meeting you? The reservation was in his name."

"Carly," Steven cautioned. "Please let them be. Elizabeth and Lorenzo are happy. My sister deserves this after everything that she has been through."

Eyes widening, she held up her hands. "While I have not always been the nicest to Elizabeth, I do wish her happiness. She saved Joss when she did not have to." Sadness flickered in her eyes followed by regret. "I am not going to cause any problems, Steven. I just want to make sure that she knows that if she needs anything that Johnny and I would be willing to help her."

"We appreciate the offer, Carly, but I would say that we are doing just fine."

Startled, she whirled around and inhaled sharply at seeing Lorenzo with his arm around Elizabeth. While she had heard O'Brien last night saying it, she had not believed it until now. "Of course. It is good to see you, Lorenzo." Her eyes drifted to the smaller woman and she gave a shakey smile. She had to admit that they made a striking couple and it was clear that they had a deep connection. "Enjoy your meals. Elizabeth, we should get Cam and Morgan together one day. I am sure that Cam would like to see a familiar face."

The four watched as she took off without waiting for a response and Steven just shook his head. "It still amazes me that she has changed so much."

"Life has a way of changing people, Steven. Maturity for Carly is a good thing." Elizabeth sat in the chair and then intertwined her fingers with Lorenzo's as he sat beside her.

"Are you looking forward to the circus?" Patrick asked.

Lorenzo chuckled and took the drink that the server brought him over. "I must say, I am definitely ready to watch the reactions from the key players. Has everything that we agreed upon been put into place?"

"Yes. I have to admit that I thought that it was going to be much harder than this to get everything set to go."

"That is because they all think that they are untouchable," Elizabeth scoffed as her eyes hardened. "I intend to make sure that they know what is happening and why. The pleasure from finally taking action is making it all worthwhile."

"Lizzie, are you sure? Once I set my contacts on the correct trail, it will be impossible to stop."

"I know that you are worried that I will back out, Steven, but this is all my ideal. I know exactly what I am initiating, and trust me when I say that I have no qualms or hesitation."

Patrick could see that she was not going to change her mind and was relieved. He happened to agree with everything that she and Lorenzo were doing. He remembered his doubts about the man when she had called and told him that they were getting married, but it had been the best thing for her. Lorenzo had brought the fire back into her and helped to build her back up from the broken woman that had fled Port Charles in despair. It was obvious that she was happier now than he had ever seen her. "What about you, Lorenzo?"

His eyes were flat and dark as he studied the two men that he had come to respect. "I have been waiting for this opprotunity for years, now more so than ever."

Noticing that the restaurant was starting to become more crowded as lunch rush started, Elizabeth turned to Patrick. "You will have to bring Emma over soon. I have missed that little sweetheart."

"Speaking of sweethearts, when are you going to introduce me to Isabella March Alcazar?" Steven demanded.

"Your niece is just waiting for you to spoil her, Steven. You know where we are and it is an open invitation to you and Patrick."

"How about for me? Is it an open invitation to meet your new family as well?" came the question from the slender blond that waved when the four looked up at her.