WOW: Snap - Some people have a funny way of showing their affection.

Happy birthday FallenAngel218, hope your day was brilliant. I know you wanted brotherly banter, but as I did that only very recently, I've sort of diversified into a Bobby POV about the boys - I hope this will suffice. Promise more brotherly banter will turn up sooner or later!

Disclaimer: I don't own Bobby, but life would be a whole heap of fun if I did!


Bobby was exhausted.

It was only a day since the Winchesters had descended upon him, both looking like something he'd salt and burn. Lain low by the flu, they had headed somewhere they knew they'd get a warm welcome, a comfortable bed and some much-needed TLC.

Those boys had dragged their diseased carcasses halfway across the country; snappy and irritable, spreading their germs, and stinking of sweat and menthol rub, to seek sanctuary at the only place they wanted to be when they were sick, weak and vulnerable.

As compliments went, it sucked ass.

And Bobby couldn't be happier.