A/N: Hi, I'm Shizuka Ayasato. I mainly write in the Ace Attorney section but I was just listening to Morphogenetic Sorrow (the only 999 track I can listen to for it's full length with feeling paranoid) and well, this came to mind. The formatting may be a little weird, but enjoy. This is a drabble series that will be updated whenever I have something to add.

Disclaimer: 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors belongs to Aksys Games and Chunsoft.

Sometimes, it was just cold.

He'd be wearing several layers and a thick jacket but it'd still be freezing cold. He knew no one else felt that chill, it was just him.

Because he was just so, so empty inside.

And he couldn't find warmth.

It's already been several years since the events of the game ended and he's been searching all this time.

But he couldn't find her.

No matter where he went.

He was met with a road, a map, just a little teaser…

Just things left behind.

And so he followed them to the best of his ability. All around the country…

All around the world…

But what was the point? So often he would hear this, when he explained he was looking for her, a girl close to him.

A girl so far away.

Ghostly chills, the sting of snowflakes, the drizzle of rain…sunshine.

It all meant nothing to him if she wasn't by his side.

Sometimes, it was just so cold.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.