AN: An old fanfic from my dA page. Decided to spruce it up and put it on here. While it still isn't done on dA I still wanted to fix up some of the bad writing and this still isn't perfect. Feedback is much appreciated!

You, Me, and Okami

Chapter 1:

Annabeth's POV

I was in my room at 9 'o clock at night, when I saw something outside my two story window. Being the curious person I was, I rolled out of bed, and walked toward my window. There was suddenly a bright flash and stayed there. I don't know what came over me, 'cause I opened my window and took a leap of faith. Lucky me when I end up seeing nothing but darkness then passing out.

I wake up damp and the feeling of not knowing where I was. I sat up, looked around, and saw what looked very similar to the game "Okami". Everything looked exactly the same as the game. "Did I hit my head?" I wondered as I checked my body for injuries; thank goodness none were found.

"Hey! Hey you! You're finally awake, took ya long enough." The sudden voice startled me.

I look around, but I don't see anyone, "Who's there? Who's talking?"

"Down here!" Says the voice.

I look down to see a bug like creature on the ground in front of me. I knew who he was, but I decided to play dumb, "Who are you?"

"I'm Issun, the wander artist, and that furball behind you is the one and only Amaterasu." Issun says.

"Amaterasu?" I turn around to see the glorious white wolf with red markings and a weapon on her back. She shone in the light with this beauty that could only be described as the sun itself.

"We fished ya out of the water about 20 minute ago. Luckily we did too; otherwise, you would have drowned." Issun explains.

I wouldn't have drowned. I thought, "Thanks, you wouldn't mind telling me where I am, would you?"

"You are in Nippon, to be more specific, Kamiki Village." Issun answers, "You must 'ave hit your head pretty hard if ya don't know where ya are."

"Maybe." I shrug. I then look down at my clothes, "Uh, do you think you could help me find some clothes to help me blend in?"

"Sure." We ask around and finally get a hold of a blue training shirt with white pants. They were a tad big on me but they would have to do.

The three of us were walking toward Susano's house when I catch something out of the corner of my eye falling out of the sky, plummeting toward the ocean.

"Oh my God! Something is falling out of the sky!" I exclaim as I run to go try and save it if it happened to be anything living.

"Not again." Issun sighs. Amaterasu starts running with me to try to save the falling thing.

As I get closer to the falling object, I see it is a guy, about 20 or so, getting ever so closer to the ocean. Amaterasu and I made it to the ocean and ran across it. Yes, I can walk on water, and no I am not Jesus Christ. If you have read about me before then you know how I got the powers, if not, too bad. Anyway, the falling guy was right above me and was right about to catch him when, Amaterasu pushed me out of the way to catch him. She ended up catching him and guess who it was…

Why was chuggaaconroy doing here?

Amaterasu carried Emile to shore and set him down so I could take a look at him. All I could think was, I can't believe the legendary chuggaaconroy is at my feet needing to be helped…This was the best day ever! I looked for wounds, fortunanly there were none, and brought him over to a rock where I could prop him up.

I look over at Issun to see a shocked look on his face, "Hey Issun, is something wrong?" I ask.

"N-no nothing is wrong, it's just that, no one else besides Ammy here can run on water. How is that possible?"

"It, it's a complicated story that I don't want to tell right now, maybe later." I began to feel anxious. My past was not something to be brought up at the moment.

"Ok then. I don't want to be nosy or anything."

"Oh look, He's waking up." I say, changing the subject.

"Ung, what happened? Who are you, and is that Amaterasu behind you?" Emile asked finally coming too.

"I am Annabeth and no you aren't dreaming. I saw you falling out of the sky and Amaterasu here saved you." I explained.

"You're the second one today that we've had to save from the sky, what's next, a cow?" Issun was slightly annoyed.

Then I noticed what Emile was wearing and saw that he was wearing a red polo with khaki shorts, "Let's go find you some clothes so you can fit in better. Issun and Ammy, could you please-"

"Say no more. We're on it." Then they walk away.

"What happened before you passed out, Emile? Oh and happy birthday by the way. It's kinda late though."

"Thanks, and I saw a bright light while I was recording. The strange thing was that, I got up and walked toward it. I saw the light engulf me then I passed out." Emile explains.

"Same thing happened to me too. As you can tell, I have watched your videos and for the record, I love 'im. Don't worry; I won't tackle you or anything like that." I reassure

"Oh thank God. I was afraid you were going to glomp me or something." He looked very relived.

"I'm assuming you've had bad fangirl experiences before?" he nods. We wait in silence for the duo to come back.

A few minutes later, we saw Amaterasu come back with Issun with clothes.

"We are finally back! Man was that annoying! Here, take the clothes." Issun said frustrated.

"Thanks?" Emile took the clothes and went behind the gigantic rock to change. It was…awkward.

"So, uh what are Emile and I doing here? Why us? What is so special about us?" I ask.

"How the heck should I know? Random people falling out of the sky? It's ridiculous." Issun was peeved.

Emile then came out behind the rock in a training outfit like mine, except that the shirt cut off at the shoulders and was also black.

"It fits really well surprisingly. So where are we headed?" Emile asked.

"I'm not sure, but I want to try something new." Issun then jumps off of Amaterasu and on to my shoulder," Maybe I will have less wolf slobber incidents if I stay up here."

I look over to see Emile laughing at me, but I just glare at him.

"What's so funny?" Issun had a confused look on his face.

"N-nothing." Emile said trying to stifle his laughter.

"I think we need to figure out what is happening, instead of laughing our asses off." I say. As if on cue, the sky grew dark and ominous. We all look up to see an even darker figure floating high in the sky. It just floated there for a few seconds, and then it disappears into the sky.

"What the hell was that?" Emile was just as confused as the rest of us.

"It is the reason that you and I are here." I say firmly all too aware of the adventure that was going to take place.