You, Me, and Okami

Chapter 3

Annabeth's POV

We were finally in Shinshu Fields after much delay. Not to mention the fact that I was still really pissed at Susano for calling me a fragile creature. How sexist is that? I gave everyone the silent treatment and they caught on very quickly. Along the way, we passed the Nameless Man's house and saw that the bridge from the house to across the river to the other side was broken.

Emile decided to be ballsy and breaks the silence, "Hey Ammy, what brush tecniques do we already know?"

"You know Sunrise, Rejuvenation, and Power Slash. These are the only ones I can give you unfortunately." She answers

"Interesting. How do we use the brush?" I ask breaking the silent treatment.

"Just imagine it, like it's really there." Ammy replies.

"Okay. The bridge over there is broken, I'll go fix it." I run off to the bridge, imagine the brush and fill in the gap. To my astonishment, it worked!

"Nice work!" Emile comes over and gives me a high five.

"Yeah!" I say

"Don't get your hopes up kid. You're still a novice after all. Nowhere near my level of expertise." Issun says, startling me. I had completely forgotten he was even there.

"Issun! Don't startle me like that or I'll Power Slash you to death!" I threaten out of startlement

"Whoa whoa, take it easy Annie. Don't need to get feisty." Issun backs off, "I think I made the wrong choice; here we go!" Issun hopped off my shoulder and onto Emile's. I laugh a little, no, a lot. Emile just glared at me.

"Not, funny." Emile was pouting which added to the hilarity.

"Not funny? It's hilarious! Karma at its finest. I would say the Let's Play Curse, but you're not playing a video game at the moment." I was almost on the ground laughing.

"I don't get what's so funny? What's a video game? What's the Let's Play Curse?" Issun was as confused as ever, Ammy just rolls her eyes and starts to walk away.

"Hold up Amaterasu! Wait up! Emile yells, and the great goddess stops.

"I didn't come all the way from the Celestrial Plain to babysit." Ammy sighed.

"I don't need a babysitter! I'm 21 years old!" Emile response.

"You don't act like it." I retort

"Hey! I take offense to that!" Emile was yelling like he usually does at this point.

"Will you two just shut up already? Let's head to Tama's to check out the fireworks. Issun suggests.

"Why?" I ask bluntly

"Maybe you can get cherry bomb. I don't know, would you want the brush technique?" Issun replies.

"Hell yeah I want to blow stuff up! Let's go!" Emile races up to the top of the hill passed Sakuya's Guardian Tree all the way up to the top. I hurry after him with Ammy close behind. When we finally reached the top, Emile and I were out of breath.

"We *pant* are out *pant* of shape." I put my hands on my knees

"Yes *pant* we are." Emile agrees. We quickly rest up and head down the hill to Tama's. We walk inside to see him on the ground depressed.

"Tama, what's wrong?" Issun asks

"I don't have the energy to make fireworks anymore." He replies

"That's crazy. Annabeth let's try and make a cherry bomb and see if that perks him up!" Emile suggested

"Yeah that might work!" I closed my eyes and brought up the brush. The brush worked! This brought Tama back to his feet once again! "Emile! Look, it's a constilation! I'll fill it in real fast." I filled in the missing stars and a bright light shown in our faces. The god of explosives, Bakugami, had transported the two of us into what could be assumed as the Celestial Plain were everything looked like an old Japanese painting.

"Oh Annabeth and Emile, you have freed me from be dormant for so long I am greatly honored by your task, please take the brush skill, Cherry Bomb. May its explosive power be of use." The Boar blessed us with the power which caused our markings to appear again.

"Our markings?" My thoughts quickly vanished from my mind as what felt like an adrenaline rush coursed through our viens. And Emile and I's connection was even closer as if someone tightened a loose bolt."That was cool." I say invigorated

"You could say it was, explosive." Emile joked

"Oh God Emile, really?" I ask.

"I'm sorry that was a really lame joke." He apologizes.

"I'll say." Issun rolls his eyes

"Anyway, 4 brush techniques down, several to go!" I hold my bow in the air.


Emile's POV

"So we should go get bloom now, right?" Annabeth looks at me

"Yeah." I reply. We leave Tama's and head to the main area of Shinshu Fields.

"So, Mr. I studied, where next?" Annabeth asked placing her hands on her hips.

"Well, let's go back to Hana Valley. That's where we get bloom, remember?" I say

"I remember now, ok. Let's get this show on the road!" Annabeth started walking in the direction of said Hana Valley.

"How would you know?" Issun asks me.

I panic and blurted out, "BECAUSE I KNOW THINGS OK!" Boy Emile that was REALLY smooth, not suspicious at ALL no not what's so ever.


We walk on over to Hana Valley and find the Guardian Sapling pretty much dead. It didn't have any of its blossoms and it's bark was so brittle it would fall apart if you looked at it funny.

"I-is it dead?" Annabeth bent down and stroked the roots of the tree. It saddened me on the inside knowing Annabeth was worried, that and the sapling was dying and that means so was Sakuya.

Then, an idea hit me, "I'm not sure. Wait, I have an idea. Follow me!" I start running toward Susano's 'secret' training ground deeper in the valley.

"Wait up Emile!" I hear Annabeth yell from behind, but I ignored her and kept running. I finally made it to the room and saw exactly what I was looking for.

"There it is." I point to the bluish-green ball in the center of the room.

"Oh great, ball pushing." Annabeth rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Well it should be easier now so help me push this will ya?"


We push the ball into the room with the sapling and put in the hole, "I'll draw the sun in the sky then." I draw the sun and life was restored to the Guardian Sapling. The sky suddenly became dark and a constellation appeared yet again.

"I'll fill in this one." Annabeth fills in the missing stars and we were transported to the painting world.

"Oh Annabeth and Emile, the saviors of this land, thank you for rescuing me. I, Sakigami, will bestow upon up the first part of the three part technique, green sprout. May the healing of Bloom aid you on your journey."

We soon had the sensation of getting a new power course though our veins, our marks reappeared and our bond was even more refined. Alas, it was over before we knew it.

"I will never get over that feeling." Annabeth said

"Neither will I. Maybe we should head back to Kamiki." I suggest.

"Yes, I agree! Sakuya's tree wasn't completely bloomed so that means…" Annabeth's face lights up with joy.

"Mr. Orange breakdancing!" I finish

"Then what are ya waiting for? Let's get going! The world won't save itself!" Issun says while jumping on my shoulder.

"That reminds me, Annabeth, Emile, I have some disappointing news." We hear Amaterasu say.

"What is it?" Annabeth and I were worried.

"I must go back to the Celestial Plain. There is more trouble and I have to leave you two on your journey." She lowers her head.

"Will we ever see you again?" I ask.

"Eventually yes, but for now, we must part ways." She sighs

"Oh Ammy!" Annabeth goes over and hugs the goddess, and I do too for the hell of it.

"Good-bye Amaterasu, hope to see you again soon." I say.

"Wait, Ammy, you're leaving me here with these two?!" Ammy nods, "Darn it! Not that I don't like you guys, but you are inexperienced and I don't want to be responsible if anything happens."

"Thanks Issun." Annabeth says sarcastically, "Will we be able to stay I contact?"

"Not for a while, but eventually. Good-bye you two, good luck!" And with a beam of light, she vanished.


Annabeth's POV

"I can't believe she already left us, can you, Emile?" I ask. She was the only one who knew what the heck was going on and now she's gone.

"I can't believe it either. But a God's gotta do what a God's gottta do." He says looking up at the sky.

"Ya left me for a second time, Ammy. I hope what you had to do was important. Anyway, come on you two! Let's try out that wolf form and then toward Kamiki." Issun says

"Alright." I reply. I focus on becoming a wolf and within seconds, I feel the fur grow rapidly, my ears turn into wolf's, the tail appears, and the markings on my fur appear. I was on all fours and my weapon was now on my back, floating. I look to see that Emile had done the same thing.

"Ya know, I've always wanted to do this." Emile quickly jerks his head and grabs Issun in his mouth.

"Eww! Wolf slobber again?!" Issun cried out.

I was on the ground laughing my ass off, "Ok, ok. Enough fooling around, let's go see the Konahana shuffle!" I get up and start running to Kamiki as fast as I could.

"What's with all the running today?" I hear Emile say behind me and quickly catches up.

"Running is good for you!" I reply.

"Well it's very tiring." He starts to slow down and I follow his example. We make it to Kamiki and we go up the road and all the way up to the lookout point. Mr. Orange was there waiting, I'm not sure for what though.

"Ah Issun, have you come to watch me preform the Konahana shuffle?' he asks

"Yep! So are my friends here." Issun responds

"Issun, always making friends with the local neighborhood wolves." Mr. Orange chuckles to himself. Emile and I share a confused look. Mr. Orange did the infamous shuffle, and we filled in the rest. Mr. Orange can't have all the fun can he? Sakuya's tree was bloomed and restored to its former glory. Mr. Orange left and Sakuya appeared above us. Meanwhile, Emile and I changed back to normal.

"Oh thank you Annabeth and Emile, you have saved my tree and my Guardian Saplings"

"We only saved one." Emile whispers to me.

Sakuya goes on, "I'm not able to do much, but I will do my best." She then disappeared and a constellation appeared, you know what that means;.That's right! New super ultra awesome brush technique time! We traded off filling in the stars again and this time, Hasagami, appeared and gave us waterlilly. One adrenaline rush later, we got the technique and move on toward Agata forest. I run across the water, while Emile, uses waterlilly to get across the gap.

"How the hell are you able to run on water? You don't have a water tablet." Emile asked curious, "Are you Jesus Grandma?"

"I'm not Jesus Grandma. It's a long story, but here is the exteremly short version, I get hit with a super powered rock that fell out of the sky, and get the powers of water and fire. The end." I say.

"Ah." Emile hops across and I use cherry bomb to explode the passage way. We jump down and Emile yelled, "LEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAPPP OOOOOOOOFFFFFFF FAAAAAIIIIIITTTTTTHHHHHHH!"

"Couldn't resist, could you?" I cross my arms.

"Nope!" he laughed with his infamous laugh of his.

We go into the cavern behind the waterfall, bloom the tree, then walk outside to see the most fruity half-baked prophet ever, Waka.

"Ah bonsier, Ma cheri and Misor, Annabeth and Emile is it? Amaterasu has told me a lot about you." The prophet spoke.

"Oh no, not you again, what do ya want half-baked prophet!?" Issun asks

"What do I want? My little bouncing friend, I've only come from the Celestrial Plain to help these two on their quest." He replied

"We don't want your help!" Issun was bouncing up and down furious.

"Wait, wait Issun, he could be of some use. What did you have in mind Waka?" I ask.

"I only came to give you some prophecies Ma cheri. My first one is, "Prepare for a sea worthy adventure!" he said in his little pose.

He's sooooooo fruity Emile thought. I had to stifle my giggles.

I calm down my giggle fit and address the stupid prophecy, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"That's for you to find out." He then left. If I didn't know any better, it seemed like the King of all Cosmos could have come down and done a Royal Rainbow.

"Come on you two, let's go see if we can find some clues in the ruins." Issun gestures to the ruins.