Chucky and Tiffany decided to take Glen on a peaceful walk...Not really Chucky. He just decided to really go what he calls "hunting".

Tiffany spotted her aunt's house. "Look, Chucky!" she said. "I wonder if they're still alive!" Chucky gave her a glare, and rolled his eyes."Blondes!" he shouted. "The stupidest things on earth!" Tiffany told them to be quiet, and to sneak in. Tiffany opened the window. "I remembered this place looking like a palace, but no shit someone changed it." A little girl about the age of twelve walked in the kitchen. "Shit-Tiff, Glenda, run. I've got this covered." Chucky said getting his knife out. Tiffany didn't notice but she was a great cousin to that twelve year old girl. She only got sent pictures. Chucky got out a knife and ran to Tiffany's cousin. She scram and fell to the ground, crawled back up and started running again and Chucky threw the knife into the back of her neck. Tiffany came back with Glen. "What the fuck, Chucky!" Tiffany shouted. "That's my cousin, Samantha! I can remember by the pictures dammit!" Chucky stepped a few steps back. "Sorry Tiff." he said. Tiffany looked in her room. "Ah ha." she said, pulling out a doll. "Ade due damballa, Give me the power I beg of you. Ponyea shuney swashaio, give me the power I beg of you sanaf micore bon na swa AWAKE!" Samantha roze. She scram and looked at them "Who are you guys-am i dreaming?!" she asked herself. "Why are you talking to yourself?" Tiffany asked. "Cousin, Tiffany?" she asked. "Why are you guys dolls. I mean-how am I?" Samantha replied. "Long story loud bitch." Chucky said.