I guess I should start off with Snow White, let me know what other fairy tales ought to be included!

Luring Kirsty in was easier than he thought.

Pinhead was lost in his musings for the time being. Replaying the scene in his mind over and over again. Letting him relive the experience over again.

A plan had hatched into the lead cenobite's mind for some time. It took him careful planning and all of his cunning to finally put it in motion. A simple and yet complex plan that involved seduction and lies. Two skills that he was uncommonly good at. Even the most ruthless criminals in the world had to bow down to him.

The plan was simply this: Impersonate a human. Woo the female until she gave her full heart to him. Seal the deal with blood. Wed the next day.

Simple right? No. Pinhead knew that it would take a little more effort on his part. He knew that Kirsty was no fool. So he had to take deliberate steps.

He traveled to her little home planet as permitted from his God. He was allowed only one month and nothing more. Time was of the essence for the cenobite and he acted as soon as he was on earth. First, he killed off Kirsty's neighbor and assumed the role of living there. From there he had to move to plan B.

It started with a friendly walk over to her in her yard as she puttered around a small garden.

"Hello, I'm new in this neighborhood. My name is Tomas Clarkson."

At first she seemed suspicious and Pinhead didn't put it past her that she might have been taking notes on who lives here. But none the less she replied, "I'm Kirsty Cotton."

The two talked for some time. Pinhead lying through his teeth and taking painstaking measures to seem like the average day Joe. He told her that he was a doctor and had moved to her neighborhood because of a job transfer. And the two hit it off. Soon enough he was visiting her three times a day.

Step three finally came in with his time almost up. Only two days until he was to return to Hell. And he was determined not to leave empty handed.

He walked over to her house with a little bouquet of red roses. He had no idea why women were attracted to them, but if it gave him her attention, then he would do the humanly thing and hand them to her.

Upon his arrival, he handed her the flowers and watched as she smelled them. Smiling at him with delight, something he was not used to seeing. Most humans cringed away from him.

He proposed that she had dinner with him. And she accepted. He couldn't believe that it was that easy! He was sure that she would become suspicious and try to figure out his true intentions. But then again, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing for now. Kirsty only thought that he was a normal man that was working a regular job.

Snow White was inviting the wicked queen into her house and was about to meet her demise.

That night, Kirsty showed up to his "house" in a nice red dress. The dress sleeveless and flowing on the ground, a bit of a high slit revealed a shapely leg.

'The woman wants to seduce the man. Lead me into temptation. And tempted I am.'

This real Snow White wasn't at all innocent then. But then again, that's why he wanted her. He wanted to hold her, kiss her, tear her apart, and then rebuild her into something unique.

Pinhead under the guise of Tomas fed his soon to be. But saved the best for last. For dessert he presented her an apple.

An apple filled with his blood and yet looked so innocent like any other apple. The only difference is that the inside was red. One bite was toxic for humans. Cenobite blood worked like a poison to them, making the humans feel weak and faint. Perhaps it was all the evil in their souls that tainted the blood and would cause the human's fragile souls to hurt.

"What's that?" Kirsty had asked.

"It's a special kind of apple. You can't find it anywhere in the world." A small smile had played around his lips. Oh, the apple was special all right and you could only find it in Hell.

"Really? What's it called?"

"It doesn't really have a name. All I know is that it's sweet and wonderful." Again, lying through his teeth.

Pinhead handed it to Kirsty, who took it without a second thought. She moved it around in her hands and he found himself becoming impatient. He was half tempted to just take her now. Run off with her, but he had to wait.

"It's not poisonous or anything is it?"

That question caught him off guard for a moment. Had she figured it out? But the joking smile on her face said no.

"If it is then I'll wake you up with a kiss." Finally, he told the truth...well most of it anyway.

She laughed at him. And then without another word she took a bite. Once she had swallowed it she knew something was wrong. The world seemed to spin and she fell to the floor. A searing pain was in her chest. In her heart.

The last thing she saw was his leather clad feet moving toward her. He lost his facade once she took the bite. He no longer needed it. Pinhead picked up his new bride and the two departed from the earth.

And now he stood here, watching over his beloved as she slept on a stone table with the many chains glittering menacingly above her. Waiting for her to wake up from her dark slumber. She had accepted his gift of blood and became rightfully his. And all it took was an apple. An apple and a fake man.

But Snow White needed a kiss from her beloved Prince to wake up.

The tinkling of the chains made a noise of agreement. Pinhead finally moved until he was above her. He placed a quick kiss upon her lips and moved away. Nothing happened for a few moments. But then...

Kirsty, just like the fabled princess, opened her eyes. But she would never have the happily ever after of the other one. After all, her prince that came to her was not Prince Charming.

No, her prince was the Prince of Hell.