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Once upon a time, there was an angel born in the Heavens above. She was a lovely angel. The best the Creator had made yet! She was such a lovely baby with chestnut hair and big doe like eyes. She would become a fine guardian angel one day.

The Heavens celebrated the new angel that was born. She was the daughter of Michael and Cecelia. Two lovely angels that vowed love forever. Since she would be related to the Archangel, she was even more popular.

From every stretch of the universe came the many angels and gods alike that carried out the One Creator's will. Each baring a gift for the tiny infant.

But the most honored gifts came from the other three. The three that made the ever glorious Four. They were named Raphael, Orielle, And Gabriel. They came before their brother and his wife, each promising their child a wonderful gift. Not the kind that came in a box or a bag. The kind that only angels themselves could give.

First Gabriel. He wandered over to her little bassinet that lay in the open of the vast white marble hall. She looked up at him with her wide eyes curiously, wondering where her daddy went. Gabriel smiled at the young infant, before clearing his throat.

"I present you oh, sweet child with the gift of beauty. Your hair shall shine with hues of the autumn leaves. Your eyes shall reflect the innocence inside of everyone. You skin, pale as the snow. And lips that are red like the rose."

And with that, her hair and eyes seemed to change before everyone. Like a light was shone on her and she suddenly became the wonderful maiden that every man would want someday.

Next came Orielle. He did the same as his brother, only his face bore a wider smile. He simply loved children. They reminded him of how the earth used to be before Hell was introduced to the humans. Clearing his throat he began.

"I shall give you the gift of wisdom and courage. You shall succeed in all that you endeavor. May you always pass things with pure and noble knowledge."

And with that she would, in time, become a very wise woman. She would also be courageous. One worthy of being the daughter of Michael. She might even fall in his footsteps one day.

Orielle stepped away from the girl and went to join his brother Gabriel. They both smiled brightly at Michael who in return smiled back. Cecelia was thrilled that they gifted her daughter with beauty, courage, and wisdom. They were all wonderful gifts and she wondered what Raphael would bestow upon her.

Raphael walked to the little girl confidently. He knew that he would give her the best gift of all. The ability to love. Love was the best gift anyone could receive. For without love, she may not be an angel at all.

"My sweet dear. I shall give you-"

He didn't finish for at that moment everything went quiet. A cold chill swept through the air like ice. There was a sudden dimming of the lights. Everyone knew what that meant.

Above them a hovering diamond appeared. It was the feared Leviathan. Only it was a smaller, and most likely, a fake version of him. Just a messenger more or less. But he still wasn't welcomed here at all. In fear that their child would be seen Michael and Cecelia tried to hide her from his view.

"Why was I not invited? I feel a little hurt that you wouldn't even extend an invitation to me." He said in a rather sarcastic tone. He knew that he wasn't invited because he was evil.

"You are not welcome here! Leave now!" Micheal shouted, having dealt with him in the past.

"Oh come now. I have a son at home. I know the joys of being a parent."

Again this was just his amusement. They all knew that his "son" was a full grown man. A cenobite at that. The creatures that relish in other's pain and agony. Loathed by both angels and humans. It was only through false promises that these things thrived.

Leviathan had made his way to the child, pushing aside both husband and wife by shear force. After all, he was a god and they were just angels.

He looked into the bassinet and saw a baby girl. She would be pretty of course. But to him, she looked like any other angel here. They were all like this, pretty without flaws. Now if she were one of his own, she would become a wonderful cenobite. A daughter worthy of his son. And suddenly an idea came to him.

"I have a gift for her anyway."

This time it was Cecelia who spoke and pushed past him. Grabbing her daughter she said, "You needn't give her anything! We know that you'll just curse her!"

Leviathan paid no heed to her. Instead, he looked at the child below him. Mustering all the power that he could, he said aloud.

"I shall give your daughter a kingdom! She shall marry a prince and rule beside him! And all it will take is a little of her blood that shall be given to my son! I shall come for her on her eighteenth year!" Leviathan cackled.

He left just as quick as he came. He had cursed their precious daughter! Even now they could feel it settling in. They hadn't even named her yet. They were going to wait until their Great Lord put in his thoughts. But now, she would foreverly be in mortal danger.

Cecelia cried on her husband's shoulder. Cradling her daughter close to her heart. Afraid that she may never see her again.

Raphael mourned his brother's loss. Perhaps their Lord could prevent it from coming true. And if not, then she would be forever doomed. She would have to spend an eternity with a demon for a husband. And then he remembered, he still hadn't given his gift.

He wandered over to Michael, who was comforting Cecelia. Taking his brother's hand he said,"I haven't given my gift yet."

Michael knew that he couldn't undo the curse, but he could at least help her in some way. He nodded and allowed him to see her.

"I give to you the gift of both love, and sleep. You shall love and be loved until you meet your fate. And on that day, you shall sleep forever. Until the one day your one true love give's you his kiss. Only then shall the spell break."

Every angel there wondered what would happen to their newest angel in the future.

The angels had taken the child to earth. Here she would live amongst the humans. Hoping that she would be able to return to the Heavens before her eighteenth birthday.

She was given to a young couple. They loved her so much. Her mother Anna and her father Larry. She was given the name Kirsty and she grew to look like a lovely young human. Her wings wouldn't manifest themselves until she was taken into the Heavens.

Only then would she become the angel that she was meant to be. But that would take time, time that her real parents would watch her from the heavens.

But time moved on quick enough for the Cottons. They were happy to have a daughter. A beautiful, smart, and loving daughter. Even when her human mother passed, she still shone light into Larry's life. He had hoped that she would do the same to Julia. But she didn't. Instead, it always seemed as though she brought out the worst in Julia. Like there was some kind of power that Kirsty wielded. Sometimes he wondered if she did. Larry could remember when there were times when the kindest people would show their true colors and while other times the meanest people turned out to be wonderful people.

She had that affect on him, he was certain. But he loved Julia and he loved his daughter, and so he would cope with their differences.

It was soon enough when it was almost her eighteenth birthday. Kirsty Cotton was seventeen and on the verge of becoming a full grown woman. And what a pretty sight she was. Her body had grown its curves and she was no longer the teenager. She had blossomed into the most beautiful girl and Larry had a hard time keeping the boys away. As far as he was concerned, she was still to young to be dating!

Ah yes, he had a bright future for her indeed. She might become a doctor, or a lawyer, or maybe even a famous movie star! He didn't care as long as his angel was happy he was happy.

But that changed. You see, Uncle Frank was the pawn in Leviathan's chess set. He was ready to use it, with just one more pawn. Julia.

Uncle Frank had opened the box, and it was ultimately, Julia who lured Kirsty in. By her father's influence, he told her to try and make amends with her step mother. And even though Kirsty wasn't fond of her, she would do it for her father since she loved him so. Little did he know that Heaven was already on its way for his beloved daughter.

Michael and Cecelia wanted everything in order. Their special child was coming home after all! They had waited a long time for her to come home. They watched her from up high. And now she was finally coming home. And the humans had named her Kirsty. It was a bit plain, but it suited her just fine. From now on she would follow in his footsteps.

They sent Gabriel to fetch her. To make ascend to the Heavens and tell her the real truth of her past. He departed the Heavens with haste in order to reach her before Leviathan. It was a race against time and he would make sure that he won.

Perhaps this played out a little too well. Instead of Julia unleashing his beloved cenobites in the world it was Kirsty instead. Leviathan watched as his son and soon to be daughter met for the first time. Who would have thought that Kirsty, an angel, would be the one to open it?

He secretly chuckled to himself. Simple, he was the one that gave her curiosity. And the puzzle box was her undoing. His son would soon take her to Hell and he would gain an admirable soldier. Imagine an angel becoming a cenobite. From beauty to his dark description of lovely. It was delicious!

For now he had to wait. He would let the story unfold from there.

Kirsty fought her way to try and stay in the human world. Her father was murdered, Julia and Frank were dead, and now she was coping with four cenobites in her house.

They were hungry for more souls. Two was just not enough. And hers was so mouth watering. So tender and delicate. Such passion lay beneath her and they wanted to taste it. To taste the rare delicacy.

But HE was the greediest of them. If she could make him feel alive for even a moment, he wanted her. From the moment she issued a challenge to him, she gave him a spark of hope. A spark of life that made him desire more. Wondering what else she could promise him.

There was something about this...Kirsty woman that Pinhead wanted. Like she belonged to him. He wanted to see her under him, he wanted her to love him, he wanted her to bleed for him.

As she was undertaking the challenge of getting the Female out of her way, Pinhead did the unthinkable. While she had ran back to the bedroom for the puzzle, he rose from behind her. Taking a pin from his own face, he pierced her ever so delicately and swiftly that she never even noticed that her neck had been pierced.

Her blood was fresh to him. Glistening so prettily on his own pin, their blood mingling together. The curse was complete. And neither of them knew it.

That night she escaped them. Had sent them back to their world of pain.

Gabriel had arrived to late. He watched as their house fell apart, and followed her to the bay. She was with a friend, perhaps a boyfriend. He wasn't sure, but there was something about her. Something not quite right. He knew that if she had been hurt by the other, then she would surely have fallen asleep by now.

And he wasn't disappointed. Soon after the Hellion's Puzzle Guardian came, she blacked out. Falling down to the ground in a heap. The boy caught her and soon she was in Gabriel's hands. The boy would never remember her. It would be like she never existed. He watched as the youth turned and left, confused as to why he was torn up and dirty.

Gabriel delivered the child to Heaven. There were tears shed once more. Both real mother and father never got to talk to their child, never got to hug her and hold her close. And she would soon begone from them again. They knew Leviathan wanted her and he would be back for her.

It was then that the Great One spoke to them.

"Fear not, she shall not be harmed. She shall never become one of them for I have something in store for my brother as well. From this day forward, his son shall learn to love and feel emotions. And soon, he may turn the tide for his realm."

They had no idea what it meant. Surely he could have saved her. Surely there was a back up plan to initiate. But when nothing else was said, they lost hope.

Leviathan came for his new daughter, and realized that she would be useless to them. She would never wake up and she would never be able to serve him like that. He took her nonetheless, not wanting to prove that he had been thwarted.

And in Hell slept the unearthly maiden. She was the only thing that resembled a human here. She slept in a bed that was covered in both red roses and thorns. Luring the others in but deterring them from trying anything.

All but one backed down. Pinhead had seen her once and couldn't stop pondering what she was. She was an enigma to him, a puzzle that was unsolved. A challenge to him. And he wanted to conquer her once and for all. To feel that strange feeling once more.

He wandered into her sleeping halls as he often did. She was still as beautiful as ever. The strange flowers around seemed to enhance that visual. He hacked down the vines that spread across the bottom of her bed and all around her. He would find out what she had done to him once and for all.

Pinhead had never known this feeling before and he certainly wasn't sure he liked it! It was a strange obsession driving him to see her every waking moment. He wanted to touch her, caress her, make her his and his alone. He thought of her day and night. This was not a feeling he was comfortable with at all.

With all the vines clear, he moved over to the human. Kirsty wasn't it? She was a Kirsty. She was his Kirsty.

He sat on her bed, looking down on her. Pinhead touched her face with a hand. Marveling that it was soft, unlike his that was scarred in many places. She never stirred at his touch. He took the time to scrutinize her. What made her so important? She was just another human, and yet she was being treated like a queen.

He searched a hidden fold on his tool belt and unraveled a small bit of cloth. He withdrew the pin that had pierced her a long time ago. Testing his will, he quickly struck her with it, making a minute hole in her shoulder. Not that she noticed. Her chest still rose and fell signaling that she was still in a deep slumber.

A sudden stab of guilt hit his heart. He never felt guilt! He was the commander of Hell and he would slaughter millions without blinking an eye! Why should he feel this to a human!?

He felt such anger in him like he had never felt before. He was mad at this human. This woman that made him feel this! He wanted revenge!

He wanted to hurt her! He wanted to devour her! And without a thought he unleashed his anger into something more passionate and strange for him.

He kissed her. Pinhead, the Leader of the Gash, the Dark Pope of Hell had kissed a mortal female. The thought disgusted him and yet he didn't pull away. He wanted this to be more. He desired to know her flesh.

When he did pull away he stared at her, pondering if anyone would care if he made a few slashes in her. And then the unthinkable happened. It was a strange miracle and suddenly the Great Creator's words were understood.

Kirsty woke up.