It was about the time when the Sixers and the Phoenix-Group disappeared in the forest.

With them Lucas, who killed the woman he was in love with.

Taylor throws himself into work.

He couldn't sleep at all and the whole day he was sitting in the Command-Centre hoping to forget what happened.

He never told Alicia that he loved her. Frankly, he wasn't sure about his feelings for her.

But now he knew. He knew it and that's what's making him angry.

Why the hell he didn't told her! Every time he thought about ‚one-day' but it never came and would never come.

Someone knocked at the door and without waiting for an answer Skye came in.

„Hadn't your mother told about waiting for an answer after knocking at a CLOSED door?" Taylor asked her. He was sitting at his table over a lot of papers near by his pad.

"Had YOUR mother never told you that sitting in a dark room the hole day is bad for concentration, body-feeling and health?" Sky countered.

„My health is non of your business!" he wasn't in the mood to be criticised.

She laughed and opened the windows to let some sun in.

„What are you doing?"

„I'm going through the list of the newcomers in the 12th pilgrimage."

After Jim Shannon let the old gate explode, Taylor gave the work of his son to Malcom and his team and they could rebuild it. Now the pilgrims of the old world could come to Terra Nova again.

„What's up?" she asked as he knit his eyebrows and hold the paper higher.

He opened his mouth and closed again.

„Do you know Miras last name?" he asked one eyebrow up.

„Nicholson... I think. Why?"

Nathaniel was remembering when he and Mira had been fighting against the Slashers that believed that they would steel them their territory.

Mira had told him about her seven-year-old daughter named Sienna.

„Why?" Skye took him out of the memory.

„You know... Mira told me about her seven-year-old girl. Her name is Sienna. Now I found a seven year old girl named Sienna Nicholson..."

„So... Miras daughter is comming to Terra Nova?" Skye's eyes were wide open.

„It seems so!"

This is five days ago and now Taylor and a many soldiers with big guns standing in front of the new gate waiting for the new settlers. All about one little girl, Taylor thinks. But by the fact that girl is Miras daughter he's sure that Mira will come and get her.

Shannon is standing next to his CO: „You know that it's not so trust giving to stand here with a half army?"

„I know. But don't you think it's better than be killed by a crazy mother?"

„Do you think she's crazy?"

„Crazy like a mother who want to protect her child. I'm okay with that. Frankly, I understand her. But she will kill everyone who's standing in her way... so do you understand?"

„Yes sir."

A few minutes later the gate is activated and the first men and women are getting through it.

„Let your eyes open and look for some Sixers! I will get the girl!" Taylor is shouting to his men.

More people come in the new world.

Than after some minutes Taylor goes to a girl that stands in front of the gate and don't move fascinated in the forest.

Her skin is dark and her hair is braided in many braids. She's wearing a grass green summer dress that suits her very well.

The Commander knows that this is the girl he waited for. She really looks like her mom. Younger, in fact, but just like Mira.

„Hey there. You're Sienna right?" Taylor asked her.

„Yes, I am. Why do you know my name? Have you met my mom?"

„Yes I met her... many times."

„Where is she? Is she okay? Have she done her job?"

„Her job is almost over. And I'm sure she is okay but I don't know where she is."

The ‚little Mira' looks sad to the ground.

„Come on. Later I will help you to find her. Take my hand and I will introduce you a friend of mine. He has a daughter of your age."

Without shyness Sienna takes his hand and they goes back to Shannon.

On their way she said looking up to him: „Sorry that I did not ask you... but who are you?"

„I'm Commander Nathaniel Taylor. I'm the chef of Terra Nova."


„Call me Nathaniel", he's watching back with a smile on his face and she smiles also.

Jim is going down to his knees to look her in the eyes: „Hey little Princess" and Sienna laughed: „I'm out of the age of Princess"

„Oh sorry. Right you are a big girl Sienna, aren't you? That's your name right, Sienna?"

„Yes that's my name. And yours?"

„I'm Jim Shannon. Jim for you okay?"

He offers her his hand and she shakes it by taking her hand out of the Commanders.

„You know what, when we are in the Colony I'll introduce you my daughter Zoe."

„Is she the girl you were talking about Nathaniel?"

„Yes Zoe is the girl I was talking about."

„Do you think we could get friends?"

Both men are nodding and Shannon says: „I told her that you would come and she is looking forward to get to know with you!"

Reynolds is coming over: „Nothing about the Sixers sir or M..."

Before he could go on his CO's waging his head idiomorphic.

Than Reynolds turns his head to Sienna: „Hey, someone cool is coming to us rows! I'm Mark and you?"

„Sienna. You are the first person who didn't know my name Mark!"

„Really? Oh then I'm after the News. Come on... give me five Sienna!"

She laughs as he winces by her hit.

„Ouch... Sir you have to train her... She's REALY strong! She would be a good member in our team!"

„Oh yes I think so!" Commander laughs.

„Am I strong as my mom, Mark?"

„Ah... almost. But don't be sad she trained a lot in her live."

„Train like her and one day you will BE like her."

„Oh I'm not sure if I want an other Mira", Guzman's coming to the little group.

„What's bad about her?" Sienna watches at Guzman with asking eyes.

Guzman bends forward and makes a serious face: „She always beats me!"

The other men are laughing and Sienna too.

„But the reason why I came sir: We're ready to back tot he colony!"

„Okay than let's go. Come on Sienna, take my hand again."

The Soldiers are going back with the new settlers in the middle of them.

Doctors, Professors, rich people who bought the tickets and also a few of soldiers are in the hopeful group, waiting for a better life.

When they are back, Mira didn't show herself and Nathaniel is wondering, why Mira gives him the chance to make a deal with her so he would have the profit (or even more Terra Nova).

Then he said: „Hey Sienna, stay here with Elisabeth, Jim wife. I'll be right back. Okay?"


„Hey Sienna, I'm Elisabeth", she introduces herself.

Taylor is holding his ‚Welcome-Speech' for the next minutes.

Then he's ending with words he likes the most: „Welcome to Terra Nova folks... Welcome home!"

Everyone's happy and cheers. For the moment he's forgetting about Wash and her terrible death. Later the memory would come back but for the moment he's in a good mood.

He was speaking with the Shannon family and asked them if they would take Sienna for a while and they accepted. Elisabeth was offering him to come back for dinner. Because he knew that good mood holds his pain back from his life and he knew that his happiness wouldn't stay the evening he promised to come.

Now sitting in front of more work the pain is there again but he could cover it and is looking forward to dinner at the Shannon's.

As he is finished with paperwork he thinks about where to put Sienna and what to do.

Nothing wants to come in his overloaded brain.

He wants to take a shower before going to Shannon's home so he goes home taking a shower by trying not to think about things that not concern with Lucas, Alicia, Sixers especially Mira (quite difficult by knowing that he will waste her daughter in a few minutes) and death.

But because of Sienna everything is hitting is head at one go.

When he knocks at the Shannon's door he's tempting to show a smile or even not a mad face.

Jim opens the door: „Evening sir. How are you?"

„Good evening. Well, I think that's the wrong question. I KNOW you don't want to hear my inside situation, do you?"
„Okay, I'm not gonna ask. But by the way, it's nice to see you outside your house and the Command-Centre, sir."

„Thanks but today call me Nathaniel. Don't wanna hear ‚sir' now."

„So... Nathaniel... don't you want to come in?"

„It would be a great pleasure!"

Inside the house Nathaniel could see Sienna and Zoe playing with self-made... er... what ever.

Maddy and Josh are helping their mother to set the table while she's standing in the kitchen in front of a good smelling pot with soup in it.

On the table is already a salad bowl.

„Good evening sir", Maddy says with some forks and knifes in the hand.

„Don't call me sir today. I hope you invited me as friend, so treat me like that!"

„Okay, but day's almost over. We only have... wait", Elisabeth's looking on her wristwatch, „five hours to go. We have to hurry."

„Do you think we need five hours to eat? By the way it's smelling fantastic."

„Thank you. Wait until you eat some of it. May you won't like it then. That with the five hours... it was a joke. But it wasn't good right?"

„Not really mom", Josh nods.

Taylor looks to the girls sitting on the ground with these... things made out of socks, cords and some other scarp of cloth.

„Hey girls. What are you playing with?" Nathaniel asks the two.

„Self made cuddly toy dinosaurs", Zoe's saying when her mother askes them to put them away.

„Hello Nathaniel", Sienna greets him.

„Hi Sienna", he responds.

The meal's just like it smells.

Elisabeth serves a minestrone with mushrooms, asparagus and other vegetables after a great taste salad out of green salad, cucumber, sheep's cheese and olives.

The evening gone faster then a lightning and they had a lot of fun.

Sienna asked him again if he could find her mother and again he promised to do everything in his power to do it.

Now he lies on his bed thinking about what to do again. He promised Sienna that he would find her mom. But he knows he couldn't just go tot he Sixers-leader saying: „Hey Mira, I have your daughter. Come and pick her up!"

He knows Mira want a better life for her and that she never would want her in the middle of dinosaurs, guns and crazy men.