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Live saving action

The next morning he realize the good thing of the story with Sienna and Mira was that he didn't thought about Wash and didn't dream about her death last night.

Of cause they came back with this thought. He feels mad again and plays with the idea of not leaving bed today.

He knows that staying home the whole day wouldn't work and Sienna would come sooner or later asking again and again if he found her mother.

Maybe, Nathaniel's thinking I will visit her today. Better try to find her. Who knows where she is. I have to head her of… alone of cause and need to talk with her. Yes that I will do.

A few minutes later he finally decides to stand up.

After a shower and a not so comprehensive breakfast he goes to Commanding-Centre.


"Yes, Sir?"

"I want to see Shannon. Please tell him that he have to come here as soon as possible!"

"Yes Sir. I'll look for him immediately."

"Thank you Reynolds."

"My pleasure, Sir."

Ten minutes later Shannon knocks at the door: "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes. I wanted to talk with you about…"

"… Sienna" he finishes Taylors sentence.

"Right. I'm planning to search Mira today."

"Pardon me? I mean… do you want to tell her: 'Hey Mira I have your daughter! Stop fighting against us and you will see her again!' I don't think that this is a good idea, sir!"

"I know."

"No! It's not a good… wait… oh. Yes it's not a good idea!"

"No it's not. What's about all the Sixers, the Phoenix-Group… and Lucas?" Nathaniel knows all this but he doesn't know what to do else and he doesn't want to sit there the whole day like all these days before Sienna came to Terra Nova.

"Yes. This is not a bad idea… this is a really stupide idea!"

"And even so you know that I have to do it, RIGHT?" he stresses the right to say he doesn't want to hear one word protest.

"Well, I'm not the one to tell the hoping people why the Commander gave his life!"

"I hope no one have to tell this. Shannon, you know why I'll do this?"

"Sienna let you remember the things that happened."


"But if Mira comes, what will you do? You see my point? Mira doesn't want her daughter in the middle of a not so save territory with dinosaurs, military and a crazy man that want revenge. Here… Sienna is a little bit more save then OTG!"

"I know. I just can't sit here!"

"Okay, it's not my life! Will you take someone with you?"
"No. One man can hide himself better then two or more."

"A rover?"

"Yes. My gun I can get my self."

"Okay. I tell Reynolds to get the rover."
"Thank you Shannon. By the way, don't tell anyone, where I'm going! When I'm not back tomorrow morning you are allowed to search me. Carefully!"

"Yes, sir."

20 minutes later everything is ready to leave.

"Good luck, sir" Shannon says and Taylor nods for respond.

He drives to the waterfalls; cover the rover and starts hiking.

After 2 hours walk he can see a camp. Many tents are there on big grassland.

Taylor looks for the biggest. Strangely it stands at the edge of the tent camp.

Nathaniel goes to it looking in from hole in the tarp that comes from the ceiling to the ground.

Inside he can see Lucas, Carter, two soldiers and Mira sitting on her knees pressing one hand on her side.

"That's what you get!" Lucas shouts at her.

"Why have you done this?" He grabs her shoulders while shaking her.

"Answer me!"

Her voice is just a whisper: "I don't know."

He slaps her and she fall on the wet grass.

"I give you one hour! Then I want a real respond!" Lucas's voice is full of threat.

He, Carter and the soldiers let her alone.

It's his chance.

"Mira!" he whispers.

She doesn't move.

Mira know who calls her name. But to be honest it gives a damn to her.

She lies on the ground and she just can't stop the tears running over her cheek.

Slowly Taylor is going to her side by looking around in the tent. He can see two shadows outside the tent flap. The soldiers, he thinks.

Mira doesn't want to move when he whispers her name again.

But then he hears a soft-spoken respond: "What do you want?"

He can't help it then smirking.


"I don't wanna talk."

He can hear she's crying.

"Mira come on! I just want to save your life right now!"

Unbelieving she's siting up and turns around after gave a wince of pain and pressing her hand again against her side.

Now she looks up to him. He holds a hand to her to help her standing up.

"Everything alright?" He asks because he had to grip around her waist that she does't fell back to the ground.

"Yes" she says with clenched teeth.

"You don't look like."

There are the tears on her cheek, the hand on her side and she doesn't stand so proof on her legs.

"What happened what makes Lucas so angry?"

"Why are you here?" she asks back looking straight in his eyes.

He grins. Then he takes her hand from her side and she let him without any protest.

Blood is all over it.

She can see the shock in his eyes.

With his free hand Taylor comes slowly nearer to her left side.

When he touches the wound under her disturbed clothes she shivers.

As he takes back his hand from her his fingers are red with her blood.

"We need to get out of here. Can you walk?"

She nods but two steps and she asks sheepishly: "Please… I think I need help."

He smirks not with gloating but a little bit amused.

"Don't smile like that! You asked me and I beg!"

He reaches her his arm so Mira can hold herself up.

They exit the tent and get into the forest so no one can see them.

"It's quite difficult for you, isn't it? I mean to walk."
"Yes it is. Would you give me a few seconds?" she's asking with closed eyes driven by pain.

"No" he says straight and by taking one arm under her knees and one on her back he lifts her up to his chest.

Although she is a bit shocked she could not open her eyes.

"Why are you doing this for me Taylor?" Mira's whispering when she lays down her head on his shoulder.

The wound is almost four hours old and she'd lost a lot of blood. She's tired.

"I need to talk with you."

"And why are you putting me in the forest so your son can't ask me again why I did what I've done?"

"Because I want to know what you've done."

"Do you think I'm gonna tell you?"

"Well, by the fact, that you're in my arms and I'm taking you to the hospital of Terra Nova… And by the way there's waiting a good or even bad surprise for you!"

"I don't think that something is worse than my current situation."

"Oh, you have no idea!"

After a long walk back to the rover Mira's almost dead.

Every hundred meters Nathaniel shouted at her not to fell asleep.

Taylor let Mira slowly to the passenger seat.

"Don't you dare!" he says as she closed her eyes again.

"You only care… because you want… my responds" her voice was almost too low to hear it.

"Mira!" he shouted, "Damn, stay awake!"

"Don't… try it… Taylor… I'll die… no matter… what you do" her voice let run a shiver over his back.

One thing was sitting in his neck since they left the tent camp. It was the fact that he needed almost half an hour more then from his rover to the grassland where the Phoenix-Group, the Sixers and Lucas rested.

Taylor knows that Lucas wanted to give Mira one hour but this is two and a half in the past. It is a 99% chance that Lucas had sent a team for bringing Mira back. These men would have taken a rover and it wouldn't take a long time to get the two of Mira and


The way to the colony seems much longer then any other time he drove from the falls to it.

He drives as fast as he can without danger.

The sun is getting down every minute. It's 18:36.

Taylor didn't plan getting back so soon. But at the moment he's giving a damn on the most important question what the colonists would think if he comes in with Mira.

"Terra Nova, it's Commander Taylor! Can anyone hear me?"
"Yes, sir. It's Shannon. Every thing went good?"
"That depends. Tell your wife that she has to be ready and get Reynolds to the gate. I think the rover needs to be washed!"

"Err… I'm not gonna ask. But… yes, sir!"

"Good. Thanks. I'll be there in a few minutes. Oh and Shannon?"


"Make clear our little guest isn't on the way from the gate to the hospital!"

"Okay, I'll try it."

"Hang in there, Mira!"

"I wanna sleep"

"No you want not!"

"Almost there! Look, there's the gate!"


"MIRA!" he shouts.

"What?" He just sees her mouth moving.

"Don't dare it!"

No answer. He curses.

Then he drives through the gate. Some people are watching that he comes in with full speed.

As Nathaniel stops out that speed the colonists jump to side, away from the rover, afraid he would get them.

He jumps out of the rover running around it and tear open the door.

Mira falls into his arm.

"Come on Mira. Only two minutes!"

Again he lifts her to his chest.

She yells out of pain and clings her in his shirt.

"Good. Your awake."

"Sir… Oh my God… That's Mira!"

"Who else Reynolds! Where's Shannon?" the Commander shouts.

"Err… he is… he is in hospital, sir."

"Thanks. Make sure that someone cleans the rover!"

"Yes I will, sir!"

Taylor runs as fast as possible to the hospital. Everyone looks at them. Soldiers are keeping the people away from them.

"Oh my God!"

"What, Shannon?"

"I expected everything but this!"

"Wow! Err… get her on this bed!" Elisabeth Shannon orders.

He lays Mira down on the hospital bed and she grabs his hand.

It is a desperate grip and he realizes how near to death she is.

He looks in her eyes. They are glazed and tears are in time running over her cheek.

He runs over her hair, squeezes her hand and let it down.

"Doc, please make sure she is back on her feet soon as possible!"

"Yes, sir. But in this case it will take its time!"

"Okay… lets say… when she's ready to speak let me know please!"

"I will."

Nathaniel goes back to his office. Shannon behind.

"Well sir… You're looking like you need a shower, new cloths and some rest!"

"Frankly, I really could need that!"

"I will tell the people something like 'No one is gonna be left behind'!"

"Good idea. I will be right back" the commanding officer says and goes straight to his home.

His shirt is dripping blood and his hands are full of it too.

At home he takes a shower. After that he wants nothing but sleep.

The next days passed quite fast. One day, then two, three, five, one weak and after nine days Doc Shannon told him that Mira is ready to speak now.

Taylor sits in front of Mira.

"Now, would you be so kind and tell me why I had to carry you for two hours?"

"Well, would YOU be so kind and tell me why you came there?"

He smirks because he knew exactly that getting answers out of her would be difficult.

"I saved your life. You owe me something!"

She laughs.

"I didn't beg you to do that!"

"No, you begged me for help! And I helped you."

"Taylor… Okay I will answer you."

"Good, that was easier then I thought."

"Well, there is just one tiny little thing I want."

"Oh what the hell, I knew it! What?"

"Get me out of this damn hospital!"

"No way!"

"Please. The people are staring at me like… like I'm a dinosaur!"

"You're kind of."

"Oh my God! Why it's so difficult to take me out of here? Please bring me anywhere but here! Take me to your prison but please don't let me here!"

"Have you thought about why I leave you here?"

"I'm not an animal Taylor! I'm not there for the people to stare on me!"

Her eyes start to fill with tears and she turns her face away from him.

"Don't cry Mira." He says in a low voice that let her shiver.


"What!" she yells and looks back to him

"Don't cry." Taylor says again and runs through her hair.

She closes her eyes, wants to ignore him.

After what seemed like ages he breaks the silence.

"How do you feel?" He asks trying to calm her.

A few seconds later she opens her eyes again and look straight in his face.

Taylor's is sitting on a chair next to the hospital bed. He leans forward to see her face and caress her head.

She doesn't want to answer but the word well forth her mouth: "The wound's hurting really bad. But I don't care about."

"Why you don't care about?"

"I'm afraid."

Their voices are low now although no one's there to hear them.

"Of Lucas?"

She nods and the desire of getting nearer to him grips her.

Mira wanted to be in his arms again. After years it was the first time someone cared about her, protected her.

"You are afraid Lucas or one of his men will come to kill you?"

"Sounds crazy, doesn't it?"

"No, no it doesn't. Listen; don't be scared! I will not let him kill you, all right?"

"Okay" she nods and his words make hers flesh crawl.

"Good. I'll visit you again tomorrow. I'll send some soldiers for your protection" He says and leaves her.

The 'some soldiers' is exactly one man. He seems to be not older than 20.

"What's your name soldier?" Mira asks.

"Reynolds, ma'am!" he says.

"I hope you'll do a good job Reynolds!"

"Yes, me too" he smiles a little.

Mira likes him. He is the kind of man that never forgets the hope. She can feel that.

The last hours of the day Reynolds and Mira amuse themselves with jokes and small talk.

He is a nice guy and Mira just knows why Taylor sent him for her protection.

Doctor Elisabeth Shannon visits Mira at three after lunch.

"How do you feel?" That's her daily question.

"It's hurting really bad. But the painkillers you gave me this morning are helping a lot and the deviation is good. Thanks a lot Reynolds!" She is in good mood and that's helping a lot more then the painkillers.

"No problem" he laughs.

"It's good for you being in a good mood. Everything positive in your mind helps you. About the pain… I hope it will cease in the next couple of days. Otherwise we have to calculate on a infection!"

"Okay. Are you planning to take out the stiches?"

"Not yet. I said it would need its time. If you would say me what happened it would be much easier for everyone."

"Oh, why bloody hell, everyone wants to know that?"

"Please it would be better for you."
"Damn it. Ask your son!" she yells.

"Err… okay err… I leave you alone now."

For his luck Reynolds doesn't ask.

At eight in the evening another man comes to relive Reynolds.

That isn't the kind of man she likes. He is mad for being here and doesn't smile a bit.

"Well, I think you should sleep now Mira." Reynolds's saying while waving her goodbye.

"May we'll see tomorrow if I'm allowed to be your security again."

"Would be nice." She says before he leaves the hospital.

That night Mira can't stay the hospital anymore.

She is angry with herself. She doesn't like that feeling she had when Taylor spoke with her. She hates it that the day wasn't bad at all and she had fun! She wants to hate Taylor, Reynolds and Terra Nova, everything here.

No one's in there except her bodyguard and a few patients who have far more problems then she has.

The man wouldn't be a problem. He sleeps on his chair, with a sound that is frightening, his gun on his lap.

Mira tries to stand up without any sound. She has to stop for a moment and cringle into the mattress. She needs to close her eyes and wait till the dizziness is away.

Why does she feel so bad? She's almost two weeks in this damn hospital just lying on a mattress!

Then she searches for her shoes and cloths. She finds her things in a cabinet and hurry to be dressed.

While looking every step back to her guard, she decides to take his gun with her.

Mira tries to find a hole in the fence and when she finds it she feels much better than before.

She doesn't know exactly where she's going.

The sound of the jungle doesn't make her feel lost but free.

At some distance she can hear the falls and she navigates herself directly in direction to the noise of water.

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