~The Mummy Returns - Harry Potter style!~

I wrote this fic a REALLY long time ago and I never really read it again. I just re-found it and I've decided to upload it! I wrote this as a sequel to another fic I had written, but I dunno what happened to that.. . so if you don't recognize some characters *like Lydia and Andy* they're of my invention. . .just work with me here!!!

(A/N: Harry and Cho got married, and had a son named Jake. I know that lots of people aren't Harry/Cho shippers, and I'm not really crazy about the pairing either, but I wrote this a while ago.* Ron and Hermione got married and had a daughter named Cassey. . . Lydia, Cho's sister *another main character* and Andy got married [before all the rest of them] and had twins, a boy and a girl, named Kathleen and Jason. Ok, just catching you up on my ploy!)

~Chap. 1: The Temple of Destiny~

After Harry Potter murdered Lord Voldemort, the whole wizarding world grew calmer, knowing that terror like that of 26 years ago would never happen again. (A/N: This means Harry is 26 years old now, ok?) But they didn't know that Lord Voldemort had a sister. (A/N: It gets better!) An evil sister, even worse than Voldemort himself. She had been in hiding and everyone who knew about her believed her to be dead. But when she learned that her brother had been killed by the little boy who'd robbed him of all his strength and powers, she grew angry; she wanted to hurt Harry Potter as much as he'd hurt her brother. But she had a plan. The legendary substance called Epodronum, could bring back anyone who was dead. But no one believed it to be true. Not a single person had found evidence of such a potion, therefore, all of the wizarding world agreed that there was no way to bring back the dead.

But Viksa, Voldemort's sister, knew where to find it. It had been handed down her family for generations - Salazar Slytherin had stolen the potion from Gryffindor, and handed it down from family to family. Viksa's plan was to travel to the Temple of Destiny where the potion was located. There, on the Alter of Salazar, she would bring back her brother to full strength by just reading the incantation from the Book of Fate, also hidden in the Temple. But she would also need the Necklace of Bad Fortune. With it, she would have to place it around her neck, open the Book, using it as the key. But if she failed to open the book with it around her neck within 5 hours, it would kill her - or whoever put it around their neck.

It was a myth told to all, that a chosen person -a sibling or Death Eater of Voldemort - would go to the Temple and resurect Lord Voldemort and torment all of the magical community once again. . .

(A/N: Dun dun dunnnnn!)