~Chapter 10: Dunno what this chap. Should be called. . .~

Back inside the temple, Viksa and Harry were still dueling. Viksa gave up with wands - she pocketed hers and she punched Harry full in the eye. But Harry didn't give up that easily. He got her back by bringing his foot 'round and knocking her down. While the fray without wands became more and more bloody, Viksa suddenly noticed, "The potion! Someone's stolen it! That annoying kid of yours must've done it - "

Harry kicked her in the chest (A/N: Boys, you've gotta trust me on this - that HURTS!) to take her mind off the potion. But with one forceful blow, Viksa had Harry on his back and she was on top of him, beating his face up. Suddenly, a foot came out of no where and it wacked Viksa around the head and eyes.

"Whoa, Mum, where'd you learn to do THAT?" Jake asked excidedly, watching his mother in action.

"Just a little somehting I picked up myself!" Cho panted.

"CHO?" Harry gasped - but he had no time to dwell on this, Viksa lashed her foot towards Cho, but Cho, automatically it seemed, but her hand on Jake's head forcing him down and she ducked as well, making Viksa's shot useless. Then she slapped and punched Viksa, throwing her off her feet.

"That," Cho said proudly "I learned from your father!"

"You guys move! This place's about to blow!" Ron and Andy called. Behind them, Cho could see Hermione and Lydia, followed by their kids. Each had their wands out, just in case. The walls of the temple began to tremble. The floor began to shake. There was a fiery pit in the center of the room, and the fires coming from it were leaking out. Obviously, this would be a place. . .from hell. (A/N: Lovely image, right??)

"HURRY! QUICK, RUN!" Andy yelled, putting his hand out and pushing everyone out the door. Cho was there, she turned and saw Harry being pushed, just barely into the fiery hole by Viksa. Harry hung on by his fingertips, but Viksa, who was laughing in triumph, was abruptly pushed into the fiery pit next to Harry because the floor was shaking so much.

"HARRY!" Cho screamed. The walls were caving in - this was her only chance to escape - but she couldn't leave Harry there.

"CHO, GO, JUST GO! I'LL BE OKAY! GO!" Harry shouted back to her. But Cho rushed to Harry and quickly helped him out of the pit.

"Let's go!" Cho bellowed. And they both rushed outside, just as the temple crumpled.


Back on the train home, Jake was sitting next to his parents and his friends, quiet. Harry broke the silence.

"You know, I almost thought I'd lost you back there." "For a moment there, you did. . ." Then Cho smiled mischeviously. "Want to see what heaven was like?"

"Yeah. . ."

Harry and Cho smiled at each other, and then they kissed.

"Oh, PLEASE!" Everyone around them moaned.

"Get a room," Jake muttered. They all laughed, feeling safe and reassured, going home, waiting for another adventure. . .

(A/N: Ok, so that ending was EXTREMELY pathetic. . .and yeah the movie's a lot better, duh! But I love this movie. . .and I HAD to make it HP style. . .just curious! Well, I'm audi. . .people to email, peeps to call, shopping to do, more fics to write, the essentials. . . Chou!)