A/N ok an HM one shot, song fic for i will remember you by Sarah mclachlan, also
a remembrance day
piece, song lyrcs are in old italics

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november 11 1955

"oh my Margaret you look beautiful" the ex colonel said
as Margaret walked out of her dressing room in the boston concert hall
"thank you Sherman" Margaret said forcing back tears, today is the day, she is singing
at a remembrance day ceremony for veterans."Sherman I'm ... i'm worried do you
really think this will work is he really coming" Margaret asked, today is also a
plan to tell Hawkeye how she feels. she didn't stay in contact with any of her
4077th family until last week when Sherman tracked her down through a letter in
the mail inviting him to a veterans ceremony in boston, and right there on the
letter it said 'guest singer and Korean vet Margaret houlihan' he could not give
up an opportunity like this to see her again and set up his 2 'kids' who are in
so much love and afraid to admit it. he called the mash gang and made a special
call to Hawkeye pierce, he invited Hawkeye with him because he had a surprise
for the heart-broken man but he would not let on what it was.

"yes Margaret B.J is picking him up now, we have to go take our seats now you are on
in a few minutes" Sherman said giving Margaret a reassuring hug "now Margaret i
know you can do it the gang is out there waiting for hawkeye, and they are all here to support you and I have to
be with them, and this will work i promise" he pulls Margaret into another

"thank you " Margaret said dabbing at her eyes careful as to not mess
up her makeup, she watches as the colonel leads his wife out from backstage and
out into the crowd. she smooths out her silky blue staples ball gown she fixes
her hair as it settles loosely on her bare tan shoulders, she takes a deep breath
and exhales "alright houlihan" she tell herself "you can do it" she barely heard
the MC on stage announce her name

"may we all welcome the ex major
Margaret houlihan" the crowed of veterans and their families erupt in a large
round of clapping as Margaret walks out on stage, the MC gives her a reassuring
look as she takes the mic from his hand.

her smile grows as she spots the
gang in the third row, as she waits for the clapping to seize. as soon as its
quiet she begins to speak

"hello everyone as you all know im Margaret
houlihan, I am an ex major i worked a the 4077th MASH during the korean war or
conflict as some of you may use, i am proud to be here tonight and to have
served for my country. I worked at he 4077th for the whole war I was there from
begging to end and I worked with some of the best people over there and I am
proud to call them my friends. these people are very dear to me and i am excited
to have some of them in the crowed tonight with their families,I would like to
introduce you to Walter O'rielly or radar as we called him, he was our first company
clerk. he came to the 4077th as a frightened boy and left as a strong man, then
after he left one of our corpsmen max Klinger took his place and was eventually
promoted to sergeant, that's quite funny considering that in the first two years
of the war he used to wear dresses to get himself out on a section 8" she laughs
slightly as the crowed erupts in laughter, klinger stands up and takes a bow "and our priest father Francis john
patrick Mulcahy, he was there for everyone giving them the support they all
needed he was also a good poker player, one of our surgeons Charles
Emerson Winchester the 3rd also from boston, well there is not much to say about
our ex major except he is a good surgeon, and very smart. our commanding officer Sherman T.
potter, a great man he is, he is the father I never had, my father was never one
to be proud of me he was a career man and that's all he ever really cared about,
but sherman sure filled that spot as our father figure to the camp. he replaced
our first CO lt. colonel henry Blake, he was a good man and sadly i never had the privelage to get to know him and thats my fualt" she takes a breath remebering her old by the book self "unfortunately he never
made it home R.I.P henry blake, and my two best friends and two of the best surgeons
i have ever worked with, B.J hunnicutt and hawkeye peirce, B.J replaced trapper john one of our other
surgeons, he came to th 4077th when Sherman came he is a great man devoted to his family. and a great friend to hawkeye peirce his best friend also my closest friend and" she chokes on he words "the man I love"she
moves her eyes a little and right there by the entrance stands a stunned Hawkeye
pierce, her heart stops as she takes him all in his now less gray raven hair,
his lean now muscular body his lopsided grin and his now sparkling ocean blue
eyes" Benjamin franklin 'Hawkeye' pierce, was my rock through the whole war
we were both their from day one, at first we didn't quite get along but after I
got married to my ex husband donald me and him started to get close and after my
divorce he was there for me, he was there for me through thick and thin we were
each others strength. I would never admit it until now but I eventually fell in
love with him, me Margaret houlihan, if you had known me during the war you would
understand why that is so hard to believe but its true, I couldn't have made it
without him, he helped me grow into this fun, loving, caring, and care free person i am today, this song is dedicated to him and for all the wifes and children and families who have had to endure the loss or the drafting of their loved ones.
the song is I will remember you by Sarah mclahlan"

she takes a deep breath as
she watches Hawkeye make his way to his seat with B.J beside colonel potter, the
lights dim as the music starts, she stairs straight into Hawkeyes eyes as she
begins to sing

"I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let
your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

Remember the good
times that we had?
I let them slip away from us when things got bad
clearly I first saw you smilin' in the sun
Wanna feel your warmth upon me, I
wanna be the one"

she chokes up on her words but continues on, as the
pain of the last two years has caught up with her, she watches as Hawkeye stands
up and takes something off from around his neck, what looks like his dog tags, as
he does so he walks towards the stage and stops in front of it and watches Margaret
as she her eyes follow him

"I will remember you
Will you remember
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

so tired but I can't sleep
Standin' on the edge of something much too
It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are
screaming inside, but we can't be heard

But I will remember you
you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the

as the music solo begins Hawkeye climbs up on to stage and takes
Margaret's face between both of his hands, as he leans in for a kiss and wipes
away her fallen tears, the crowed watches in awe as Hawkeye joins in singing with
both of his arms wrapped around Margarets waist

"I'm so afraid to love
you, but more afraid to loose
Clinging to a past that doesn't let me
Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me
everything you had, oh you gave me light

And I will remember you
you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let
your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories
Weep not for the

the crowed erupts into cheers as their eyes fill with tears of
memories, as the music stops Hawkeye takes the mic from Margaret's hand and put
it back into the stand,he drops down on one knee as the crowed gasps in shock,
Margaret watches knowing her answer before he even begins

"Margaret my love, I heard everything you had said, Margaret I
fell in love with you in Korea i don't know when but I do know I fell hard. when we
said goodbye I wanted so bad to go after you, bu the thought of you not loving me
back stopped me, i have been miserable ever since i came home, and i will not
rest until you promise to go back with me and live out the rest of your life by my
side, I guess what im saying is Margaret jane houlihan would you do me the honour
of becoming Mrs. Benjamin franklin pierce" he presents in his hand the ring he
took off his old dog tags that he still wore " the ring was my mother's when she died
she left it for me in her will, and told me to give it to the woman I cant live
without, I wore it on my dog tags and wore the dog tags as my link to you,so will you
marry me " he looks up questioningly he can see the tears in her eyes as she is
at a loss for words, she finally find her voice "yes!" he stands up smiling" yes
Hawkeye, ben i love you and you are all i ever thougt about since I came home, I cant
stand to lose more precious time away from you" he slides the ring on to
her finger and hedips her in a passionate kiss, with a promise on his lips for
things to come

A/N i found this on my computer, i wrote it last year, i tweaked it a lil bit to make it better but its still not the greatest buti hope you liked it