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Chapter 1

I slowly awakened from deep sleep into the real world. Cracking open my emerald green eyes, inherited from my father, I saw through the branches of the bush shielding the royal family cave that the sky was just beginning to turn pink. Early morning.I thought to myself, blinking the sleep from my eyes. I remembered how when I was a cub, I often bothered my father, Scar, awake early in the mornings. I was always impatient when he would rather sleep until the sun no longer touched the horizon.

I turned to see my mate, a red lion named Dogo, sleeping next to me. I smiled and nuzzled his rusty red fur lovingly. Then I stood and stretched, yawning without a sound. I was born mute; unable to speak, growl, or roar. My father-in-law—though I shudder to call him that—Devil, often scoffed at me becoming a good queen with my lack of communication. Well, even if he isn't alive to see it, I proved him wrong.

I stepped outside, feeling the warmth of the early morning. Sighing, I licked my paw and began washing my face. My paw ran over the three scratch scars running down across my eye. I remembered as a cub, after getting the scars from a vulture—it was my fault, really, as I was wandering around after dark—I felt ashamed of them. The one and only good thing about them to me was that they made me look like my father. But now that I'm older, I realize scars tell stories, and show you aren't afraid of getting hurt in a battle. So I now wear them with pride.

As I was finished washing myself, and the sun began to rise higher into the sky, a cream lioness with blue eyes, Mildred came trotting up. She was a kind lioness, although she had a bad reputation of having a big mouth.

"Good morning, your majesty." Mildred said, bowing at the head to me.

I rolled my eyes, exasperated. Mildred soon realized her mistake. "Excuse me, good morning, Little Rose." She chuckled softly. "You know, your mother never liked being called 'your majesty' either. She said it was too regal or informal or something."

I nodded, smiling admiringly in the memory of my late mother, Rose. She was a black lioness with aquamarine eyes, and was the love of my father's life. She had been the first one he met since coming to the sanctuary over three years ago. Mother was well-loved by everyone; with Devil, it had been an obsession. He had been angry she had chosen Daddy over him, and in his anger, had pushed her into the Rock Pit, resulting in her death. It had taken two years for us to find out.

Well, Devil was dead now. I had pushed him—accidentally, mind you; I'm not a murderer—into the river. He hit his head on the bottom of the river and drowned. Actually, we could only presume he hit his head, as I had only seen blood in the river, and his body did not rise.

Mother had indeed never liked being called 'your majesty'. The most she could tolerate was 'my queen' or her given name. Daddy hadn't cared either way. I, like Mother, preferred 'my queen' or my given name.

"Is Dogo awake?" Mildred asked. "Or your father?"

I shook my head, then shrugged; I didn't know about whether Daddy was awake or not. After Dogo and I became king and queen, and mates, Daddy had moved out of the cave, preferring to sleep under an old tree. We tried to talk him out of it, but he didn't want to intrude on us, and after Mother died and I grew up, he preferred to sleep alone. We could say nothing to convince him otherwise, so we left the matter alone.

"Well, should Kenya organize a hunting party?" Mildred asked.

Kenya was a brown lioness with deep green eyes, darker than mine and Daddy's, and had a fluff of fur on her forehead. She had been one of Mother's best friends, and one of my aunts. She was the best hunter, and so was made lead huntress. She thought I should have been lead huntress, as I was queen. Even though I liked hunting, I felt I had enough responsibilities as queen, and so let Aunt Kenya take over. Sunita was second lead huntress, as she loved hunting.

I nodded, as the meat was getting low, and the large pride would need breakfast. After that, there would only be scraps of meat; not enough for dinner tonight.

Mildred nodded in response, then asked, "Will you be joining us?"

Thinking about it, I shook my head. I didn't really feel like it today.

Although I am sure she was wondering why I wouldn't be joining them, Mildred nodded anyway, and left to alert Kenya.

I heard a noise behind me. Flicking my ear back and turning my head, I saw Dogo come out, tossing his head back to move his mane from his eyes. I smiled at him [Good morning.]

"Good morning, Little Rose." He said, nuzzling me. "I saw you refuse the hunt today. Why aren't you hunting?"

I just shrugged, glancing at him. "Do you feel sick?" He asked concerned.

I shrugged again, and then laid a paw on my stomach. "Hmm. Maybe you should visit Matilda." Dogo suggested.

Matilda was Mildred's identical twin; the only different thing about her was that she had brown eyes. She also didn't talk as much as Big Mouth Mildred did. Our late sha-lioness, Minerva, had tutored Matilda into her position before dying. I had found her dead in her cave as a cub. Because she cared for each of the pride as if they were her cubs, and was like a grandmother to us cubs, especially after Mother died, I was understandably upset. But Matilda was a good sha-lioness anyway.

I nodded in agreement, and then licked his cheek. I stood up, stretched, and began walking to Matilda's cave. As I walked on, I felt something land on my shoulder. I looked to see Zoe, my majordomo. She was a purple hornbill; her father, Zazu, was majordomo in the Pride Lands, which is Daddy's original home. She was nice, but tended to get flustered when she was nervous.

A white lioness with red eyes and a fluff of fur on her forehead joined us. She was one of my good friends, Adui. She had a reputation for staring off into space and talking softly. She also couldn't see very well; she said the further away something was, the blurrier it was. Things closer to her were clearer to see. She also had some sort of connection to me; if I "said" something in my mind, she would be able to hear it. Therefore, my thoughts could be translated to the other lions. She couldn't talk back in her mind to me, but that was fine.

"Good morning, Little Rose." Zoe greeted, grooming behind my ear. I smiled in response. "Why are you heading for Matilda's cave?"

"Are you ill?" Adui asked.

I explained my situation to Adui. Before she could say anything, Matilda saw us, and came out of her cave. "Good morning, my queen." She smiled. "What can I do for you?"

"She says her stomach feels bloated and tender." The white lioness explained, not meeting Matilda's eye; rather, she was staring ahead, as if staring right through her.

Zoe flew up and hovered in midair, looking very flustered. "D-does that mean she is sick?" She exclaimed. "Oh dear, oh dear!"

"Calm down, Zoe." Matilda said. "It doesn't sound serious."

Realizing her mistake, Zoe settled on the ground, looking very embarrassed. "However, I would still like to check Little Rose over to see what the problem is. Little Rose, lay on your back, please."

I lay on my back, allowing Matilda to palpitate my stomach with her paws. She just stared at my stomach with a raised eyebrow, humming every now and again. Finally, she stopped. "Alright, you may get up now." She said.

"So, what's wrong with her?" Zoe asked as I sat up.

"Nothing in a bad way," Matilda smiled. "But if my calculations are correct, Little Rose is pregnant."

Zoe's and my eyes all widened; Adui seemed surprised as well, although she didn't show it. "Pregnant?" Zoe exclaimed, flying onto my shoulder. "Are you sure?"

"Very sure," Matilda nodded. "Congratulations, my queen."

I simply nodded; I was still shocked. Pregnant? I was barely queen! What would Daddy say? He was already protective of me, what with me being born after Mother lost a cub before it was born, and she had died when I was a cub. He even tried to keep Dogo and me apart. Only the Kings and Queens of the Past know how he would react to this.

Adui, seeming to notice my distress, laid a paw on mine, smiling in comfort. This calmed me slightly. "How about you tell Dogo before you tell Scar?" She suggested lightly. "That way, you don't have two shocked males at once."

I nodded; that seemed like a good idea.

Later that day, once everyone was up and about, I managed to get Dogo and me alone in the Rose Field. Daddy told me this was a special place: it was where Mother got her name, and where they realized they had been in love with each other. It was also the place I realized I was falling in love with Dogo; I think it was the same with Dogo falling in love with me.

"Is something wrong, dear?" Dogo asked, interrupting my thoughts.

Since I couldn't very well tell him, I did the best thing I could think of: I pulled his paw, with mine, to my stomach; then I smiled at him.

He seemed to understand. "You're pregnant?" He guessed.

I nodded, nuzzling his red mane. He nuzzled me back, licking my forehead. "Oh, Little Rose, I'm so happy!" He exclaimed.

I found without the nervousness, I was happy too.

But now we had to do something that may be dangerous: tell Daddy.

A/N This story will be told in Little Rose's POV unless there is a POV change; I will make note of it in the story.

The story takes place a few months after KotS left off.

I researched about Luna Lovegood, whom I based Adui off of, so I could get her character better. Also, I had been adding voice actors to my characters. I put down Evanna Lynch, who played Luna in the Harry Potter movies, as Adui's voice actress. So if you've seen the HP movies with Luna, you can imagine Adui's voice easier.

Speaking of voice actors, if there's one who you think would fit my characters (not canon ones like Scar or Nuka though; they already have voice actors ;)) let me know. I've already got Evanna Lynch as Adui, Jeanette McCurdy as Zoe, Jane Lynch as Minerva, Jason Isaacs as Mzungu, and Alan Rickman as Duma. I may have others that I forgot though; just look in the descriptions of their references in my DeviantART account.