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Chapter 12

It was a few weeks after we discovered Binti was pregnant. We also noticed Daddy had been getting slower; he preferred to sleep under his tree more often, and didn't eat as much. One day, Matilda pulled me and Dogo aside with a solemn face. "I'm afraid Scar's time is very close." She confessed. "It's nearing the time he will see Rose again."

This brought tears to my eyes. I had known Daddy would die someday, but it still hurt and scared me. "He's still hanging on though," Matilda continued. "He's just as stubborn as always. But I think it might be a good idea to have his family with him; you, Nuka, Vitani, and the grandcubs and mates."

I nodded in agreement. "I'll go tell everyone." Zoe said from Dogo's shoulder. "What about the rest of the pride?"

"We'll wait a while." Matilda answered. "And give him some time alone with his family."

Zoe nodded and took flight. I trotted off for the tree. I found Daddy lying under said tree, looking very old and gray. If not for the soft rise and fall of his chest, I would have thought he was dead.

I sat down next to him and nudged his head with my snout. His eyes slowly opened as he yawned. "Hello, Little Rose." He smiled. It fell when he saw my solemn expression. "What is it?"

At that moment, Dogo came walking up; behind him were Nuka and Vitani. The cubs were bouncing around their feet. Bora and Kaka trailed behind. "What's all this?" Daddy asked, seeing their sad expressions. "Why the long faces?"

"You're gonna die!" Anza yelled.

"Anza!" The other cubs snapped, glaring at her as she hung her head low with a guilty expression. A hint of a smirk appeared on my face, despite the cold truth; this was starting to look very familiar.

"What she means, Dad," Vitani started slowly, scowling down briefly at her cub. "Is that Matilda told Little Rose and Dogo your time was nearing close."

"She also said you're stubbornly holding on." Nuka added in uncharacteristic seriousness.

Daddy sighed softly. "So the cat is out of the bag, hm? I suppose it is my time, but I'm not sure I want to leave yet."

I lay down and nuzzled his head. Nuka sat behind him, and Vitani lay down opposite from me. The cubs, Taka, Uru, Moses, and Anza piled around his paws, cuddling into his graying mane. Dogo sat nearby, nodding for Bora and Kaka to sit beside him. We all sat in silence until Daddy spoke up, "I am happy I came here. I met a beautiful lioness, although I lost her early. But we had a cub, I found my other two children, and they all had cubs. I've never been happier anywhere but here."

I saw Zoe up in a tree, giving me an inquiring look. Glancing at Daddy, I nodded discreetly, signaling that she could bring the rest of the pride. Nodding in return, she flew away from the tree.

I looked back at Daddy and licked his cheek. I knew he was holding on because he was stubborn, and because he still thought of me as a young cub, and he didn't want to let me go just yet. But I was an adult; I was queen, for Maahes's sake!

Daddy looked at each of the cubs in turn and smiled. "I am glad I found my children, that my youngest has become a good queen despite her handicap, and that my children have cubs. I am a happy lion." He sighed softly as he noticed the rest of the pride gathering around. They all had melancholy expressions.

Sighing again, Daddy said, "I think I'm ready to go now."

At this, tears began to fall from not only my eyes, but everyone else's as well. We said our goodbyes and "I love you"s. The pride approached Daddy one-by-one. There wasn't a long speech; just a simple goodbye sufficed.

One lion didn't go back to the group like the rest of the pride did. Uncle Kafil sat down some distance. His mane had been graying lately; he, Aunt Kenya, and Aunt Savannah were the oldest lions behind Daddy. "Kafil." He enquired.

"Scar, you and Rose were my best friends." He said, voice cracking slightly. "I couldn't say one last goodbye to her before she died. If I couldn't do that, I want to at least bid you goodbye before you leave."

Daddy slowly smiled. Kafil had been his dearest friend; especially after Mother died. They often sat and talked together. "Thank you, Kafil." He said. "If it is any consolation, you were my dearest friend." He looked down at his family, and to the rest of the pride. "Thank you, everyone. You've all helped me see the error of my sins, and changed me. You are my true pride, my true kingdom, and my true family. Thank you…and goodbye." Nudging the cubs away, he crossed one paw over the other, and laid his chin on them. Before he closed his eyes forever, he looked to the sky at something none of us could see. "…My sweet Rose…" He whispered, his eyes closing shut. His expanding and contracting sides slowly slowed down until they stopped.

Everyone held their breath. "G-G-Grandpa S-Scar?" Taka squeaked nervously.

Matilda approached Daddy and sniffed him. Then she put her ear near his mouth. After listening for a few seconds, she stood up straight and said, "Scar, the first king of the sanctuary…is dead."

A sob broke out of me. Dogo came over and stood beside me. I grabbed him and sobbed into his mane. He licked my forehead; I could feel tears dripping onto my head from his face. Taka and Uru, both crying loudly, hugged our forelegs; Taka on mine, and Uru on Dogo's. I could hear the rest of the pride crying as well. It was almost evening before we were calm enough to start the funeral.

Dogo and Malka, the strongest males, left to fetch a round stone from the Rock Pit. Nuka and Isaac dug a big grave next to Mother's grave; it was a no-brainer that Daddy should be buried next to her. In about half an hour, Dogo and Malka came back, rolling a large stone about the same size as Mother's burial stone.

As his kin, Nuka, Vitani and I nudged Daddy's body onto our backs and gently rolled him into the grave. We gave him some last licks before we began to kick dirt into the grave. Each of the pride, even the cubs, took turns kicking dirt in until it was filled. Then the stone was rolled on top. After thinking for a little bit, I went to the Rose Field, dug up a large orange rose, and carried it back, roots and all. Seeing what I was doing, Mildred dug a spot in front of the stone. With Matilda's help, I positioned the rose in the hole, and Mildred, Taka and Uru filled the hole with dirt. Mildred and Matilda left with the tortoise shell, and returned with it full of water. As they poured water on the rose, I sat back to admire the grave. It resembled Mother's with the rose, only hers' was a golden rose.

Matilda stood beside the grave and spoke in a loud voice so everyone could hear, "Toda, a beloved lion has past. Scar, formerly known as Taka, came to the sanctuary years ago. He met our dear friend, Rose, and we all were able to change him from the sour lion he was to the one we knew and loved. Scar and Rose fell in love, and became our king and queen. Our current queen, Little Rose, was born within time. Soon, Rose died in a tragic accident. And yet, Scar continued to rule without his queen. He stepped down for his daughter, and saw his grandcubs. He was reunited with his son and daughter, and they had their own cubs.

"Scar was a good king, despite his troubled past. He was also a good lion for years, before, during, and after his rule in the sanctuary. He has started this kingdom, and I think it will continue on for many years to come."

The rest of the pride stepped up and said their pieces, saying good things about Daddy. There were sniffles and tears amongst the speeches, but they were heard and accounted for. Eventually, it was my turn.

I stood near the grave, and glanced at Adui. She nodded, and began to speak for me. [My father, Scar, formerly known as Taka, has left us today. He died a brother, an uncle, a mate, a father, and a grandfather. He was born in the Pride Lands. His older brother, my uncle Mufasa, was chosen over him to be king. My father so desperately wanted to be king. His jealousy and want cost him dearly. Before he could pay for his sins, he was given a second chance.

[He was brought to this sanctuary. He met my mother, Rose. I was soon born. My mother died. Yet my father lived on. He lived to see me grow up, find love, and become queen. He lived to see his grandcubs be born and grow. He lived to see his son and daughter again. He was a very old lion when his time came. Although life wasn't always kind to him, he lived a happy life; especially here. May his memory live on, even years from now, when his great-great-great-great grandcubs walk the earth. His coming to the sanctuary will be legend, passed down to his descendants. My father, be it Scar or Taka, king of the sanctuary, will not be forgotten.] I nodded in thanks and sat down.

We all sat in silence as night fell to darkness. Everyone began to make their way to their caves. Vitani and Kaka had told me they were leaving for their home, which was only five minutes away. "I like living with my family, but it's sometimes a little too homey." Vitani had said. "I prefer living in a regular pride, with no king and queen."

I nodded and licked her cheek goodbye. Nuka nuzzled her cheek. "You'll come visit us, Tani?" He asked.

"Of course." She nodded.

Sunita and Zahra stepped up. "If it's not too much trouble, Vitani, may Zahra and I come? It wouldn't be fair for her to live without her father when she's still a cub."

Vitani immediately nodded. "Of course it's fine. Welcome to the family."

Sunita nuzzled her brother, mother and aunt goodbye; Zahra said her goodbyes to her family and friends before Sunita lifted her by the scruff. Kaka carried Anza by her scruff, and with Vitani leading the way, the lions disappeared into the grass.

"M-M-Mama?" Taka asked, pawing at my foreleg. "Are y-you co-coming to b-b-bed?"

I shook my head. "Leave your mother for now, son," Dogo said gently. "She needs to be alone for a while." He herded the cubs to the cave.

I watched them leave until I was alone in the dark. I stared at Daddy and Mother's graves. Tears ran down my cheeks. It had been tough living without Mother. But that was when I was a cub. Now I'm an adult; I have my family and pride to care for.

Wiping my tears away, I sat up straight, determined to not cry anymore. I decided that when Mother died; I wouldn't forget her, but I wouldn't cry over her either. Now I decided I'm not going to forget Daddy, but I'm not going to forget him either.

I stood up and looked at the sky. I saw two stars twinkle brightly. I smiled, wondering if Daddy and Mother found each other. I certainly hoped so.

Just then, two light gray clouds appeared. One looked like a lioness with fluffy ears. The other was a thin male lion. They ran towards each other and nuzzled before being blown into nothing. My smile broadened. [Mother and Daddy are finally reunited.] With that thought in mind, I could sleep in peace.

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