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Italic= thinking to themselves

Summary: Eleven years have passed, Yachiyo and Satou were married. Inami and Takanashi were also married. Their kids Haruhi and Takumi were about to start their first year of high school They were both going to attend the same high school, Seishun Gakuen High. Takumi is very handsome and very popular at his high school even without knowing it himself. Haruhi on the other and wasn't very popular, and many girls hated her for being noticed and respected by their prince Takumi. Even with all the drama the two are best childhood friends.

It was a bright morning in Japan, there were people running to catch the bus for work, kids walking to school in groups while chatting away and store owners opening their stores for business...

"Haruhi it's time to wake up" said Inami to her sixteen year old daughter, while shaking her. "Uggggh, okaa-san just a few more minutes please" mumbled the girl."If you don't wake up now you will be late for your first day of highschool, also Takumi is downstairs waiting for you."said Inami. With that said she finally remembered today was the first day of high school." Oh no!" said Haruhi and she rushed for the bathroom door... ( Imagine it anime style) *sweatdrop*

Mean while...

"Thank you for waiting Takumi-kun" said Inami while preparing breakfast for Haruhi. " No problem" replied the cool attitude boy while drinking the tea provided by his aunt.

Five Minutes later...

In a record time, Haruhi had finished brushing her teeth, doing her hair and putting on her uniform." S-sorry for making you wait for me Takumi-kun" said Haruhi while eating her breakfast." It's ok" replied Takumi. With that done the two childhood friends walked out the door side by side and left for school...

"Haruhi-chan~~" greeted Myuu while she skipped to her friend and embraced her in a tight bear hug."O-ohayo Myuu-chan'' replied the girl. ''Aomine-san would you please let go of Haruhi, she can't breathe"said Takumi in a monotone voice before he was greeted by his swarm of friends and fans. ''Myuu and Haruhi were probably the only girls in the school who weren't squeeling over the sight of the handsome man. "Let's go to class, ok Haruhi?" said Myuu as she released her friend from the hug. "H-hai" replied Haruhi.

Then the two friends began to walk to their school door, while chatting about the things they did; in the summer time.

"Yo, Takumi what are you thinking about?'' asked Ryo, Takumi's best male friend. " Oh nothing really" replied Takumi but at heart he was actually thinking about Haruhi. He was thinking about the way she stuttered slightly while she talk, the bashful smiles that are usual plastered on her sharp face, the way her cheeks were tinted with a light shade of pink when shy or nervous.

Why I am I thinking about Haruhi like this,questioned the blond to himself. She is only a good, long time childhood friend, nothing more, and nothing less. Even though she has the prettiest hair- wait, what am I thinking about, this is wrong were good friends and I can't let things like this ruin our relationsh- scratch that, friendship.

He snaped out of his daydream yet again because of the loud voices around him. There were a lot of girls near him and he didn't like that one bit. The only girls that are around his age that he actually didn't mind, were Haruhi and her friend Myuu. He did not like the girls because of their...

1. Fake tans, eyes, nose and worst of all personality

2. way of judging someone because of their appereance

3. and habit of invading his personal space.

He along with his friends formed a group consisting of the most popular people in the school, most of the boys were from the soccer team. The touch-me-not group, made their way into the school. The female part talked about, clothes, nails, hair, handbags, etc. While on the other hand the male talked about soccer. Takumi was quiet, he didn't really participate in the conversation, sure he made a comment once in a while but that was it.

When the group entered the school, they parted to their respected classroom. Takumi and Ryo had every period together except Chemistry and Gym. So the walked together, to Language Arts, along with the two most popular girls in the school, Sakura and her best friend Yu. The two were chatting about the the hottest pop stars, and fashion. When they entered the room they, Sakura and her friend tried to be cute and asked them if they want to sit together, Takumi replied with a polite no, and began to walk; to sit with his best friend, Haruhi.

Ryo followed his friend to see where he was going, he knew that he was going to either sit with his close friend or in the back so he could doze off in class. He knew that his friend had a liking towards a green eyed,light brunette with natural orange tips. If he were to describe her he would say that she was tall, 5'5 with chest length brown hair, orange at the tips, and parted to the left. She had a shy personality, but was very pretty, with the big green eyes, hidden by the thick, dark lashes. Many of the male population had taken a liking to her, but were quickly scared away by the prince. He chuckled at the thought, whenever he asked why, Takumi would just give him a cold, spine curling glare. He shivered at the thought.

Her friend on the other hand was shorter, and bolder with her bubbly personality, wavy lavender hair and dark blue eyes hinted, with a soft pink. She was 5'3 and was very hyper, and outgoing.

Takumi was a bishonen, 100%, with his tall 5'10 frame, sharp features, and lean muscles he was every girls dream and a guys model. He had messy blonde hair, with dark hazel eyes hidden by, long lashes. His personality was cool and he was a man of few words unless you were close to him. His face was always in a cool façade showing not a hint of emotion.

He, himself, Ryo was 5'7 with dark, green hair and soft brown eyes, he was a bit like Takumi except he was not emotionless. Instead, he preferred to have fun, and joke around, but when it came to soccer he was dead serious.

"Hello, anyone home?'' said Takumi as he gently tapped Ryo's forehead with his knuckles." Ah, gomen Takumi," replied the greenette as he snapped out of his dream, (If there is such thing as one, or are they called something else?)." No problem but class is going to start soon." replied Takumi monotonously He sat down in front of Myuu while Takumi;Haruhi, he stared out the window aimlessly as the teacher started his lecture about some random thing...

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