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Italic = thinking to themselves

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The students filed out of class, as they regrouped with their friends to walk to the cafeteria with. As per usual, Haruhi and Myuu walked together, swiftly avoiding anyone who hated them for being noticed, and mentioned by their king, Takumi. " God, I hate these crazy fan girls", said Myuu as she pulled the brunette to the cafeteria " I mean, what's so great about him, sure, he's good looking AND tall AND good at sports AND good looking but that's about it." *sweatdrop* "T-that's the reason why they like him", said Haruhi as she sat down across her friend.

The usually rowdy cafeteria, became quiet, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Then...

"Takumi, would you like to sit with us?" asked the suppose to be "sexy" cheerleaders. Takumi just replied with a curt "no" as he continued to walk forward, Ryo following close behind. The baseball, basketball, football, swimming and even the soccer team asked but, were answered with the same, polite, no. The cafeteria watched as their prince made his way to a small table, tucked in the corner of the cafeteria. He walked right behind Haruhi, but she didn't notice, because of her chatting away with her friend, Myuu. "May I sit here?" asked Takumi. The cafeteria fell in a complete silence, waiting for the brunette to answer her handsome, blonde friend. "S-sure," stuttered Haruhi as she finally replied.

You would have thought after all those years that the two would converse normally, but noooooo, Haruhi still stuttered continuously, and Takumi talked like he didn't give a care in the world, with his mono-tone voice.

The four sat together, Takumi and Haruhi side by side, Myuu and Ryo side by side. They chatted about school, and homework while eating lunch, they had a good time, but the girls were a bit scared of the stares the female population gave them for the tight bond they had with the two bishonens. After a while the two got used to it and ignored them.


The bell signalled the end of lunch and the start of class. They bid each other good bye as Takumi and Haruhi made their way to Gym, and Myu and Ryo to Chemistry.

"Hey, Myuu do you think Haruhi, and Takumi should date?" asked Ryo as the two made their way to Chem. " They must!" exclaimed Myuu as her eyes sparkled in delight. ( Remember, this expression will be in... ANIME STYLE! *dramatic* the readers *sweatdrop*) " Though, Takumi is too thick-headed to his feelings, and Haruhi, too shy to admit." "I agree, that's why we must make a PLAN!" exclaimed Ryo *anime style* Passer byers: *sweatdrop*.

Many females TRIED to give Myuu a cold glare, but because of her bubbly and happy personality it was kinda hard. Those glares soon became smiles from the warm and happy smile she gave to them in return.

"She's so pretty, nice and kind, I wish I had the guts to ask her out but she's so perfect. I don't even deserve her, I'm cruel," thought Ryo '' she especially wouldn't want to be near me if I told her about my past, especially that."

''Hello is there anyone home?" said Myuu as she gently rapped Ryo's forehead with her knuckles. " Huh,'' said Ryo as he snapped out of his daze. "I was saying that maybe we should set them up on a date, me asking Haruhi to the mall as hang-out , and not showing up telling her that I have something at the last moment, but promising to go to dinner with her. You do the same but to Takum telling him to buy soccer supplies with you, and we will follow them and then meet up for dinner, 'kay?" asked Myuu.

"She really is pretty, especially with her nice attitude, and pretty face" thought Ryo" I hope I will have the guts someday to ask her out. Before a guy comes and takes the chance. I can't bear to see that. For now let me treasure these fun times..."

He snapped out of his trance and chatted lightly with Myuu and occasionally the few that came up. Then the talk began; into making a plan.

So they started to make a plan as they walked to class...


Our two 'friends' were walking to Gym in comfertable silence, each in their own world. Haruhi was thinking about the chat with Myuu before Takumi and Ryo came, while Takumi was thinking about soccer and Haruhi, mostly Haruhi though. Haruhi quietly made her way to the change rooms, carefully avoiding her friend's fan club. Unfortunately for her Sakura was there, and was bragging to her group of 'friends' about how Takumi was totally into her but was just to shy to admit it. " I mean, who hangs out with her... She has, like totally no sense of style, what so EVER!" said Sakura. She then went on talking and talking about her and Takumi, while Haruhi quickly changed and headed out, putting her long hair in a ponytail.

There she met Takumi who was talking to a group of boys who looked like players from the soccer team. Takumi politely excused himself, to go talk to Haruhi, he knew the girls of his fan club were a bit violent at times, so he tried his best to be with his shy friend when Myuu wasn't around her. The two chatted for a while until the gym teacher came and blew her whistle.

"All right everyone, today we will be starting a new sport and it'll be dancing," shouted the teacher, so that everyone could hear her. Many people started to whisper, especially the girls on who gets to dance with Takumi."Oh and one more thing, to make this even more exciting, the boys will be asking the girls to be their partners, not the girls." Even though it was barley visible, the corners of Takumi's mouth turned up a bit in relief.

"It's a good thing the teacher said that, or else I would be dealing with a lot of girls asking to be my dance partner." thought Takumi

"The best pair will be competing for 10,000 yen ( roughly 1,000 U.S, I might be wrong though so please correct me ), and a trip for four to the new adventure park!" exclaimed the teacher."Boys, start asking the girls you have five minutes, so move those lazy bums of yours!"

People started to scurry around hoping for a yes from the girl they asked. Haruhi hated how there was so many people walking and running around, so she stayed in the corner of the gym until almost everyone had found a partner.

Now, Takumi was trying to find Haruhi so that he could ask her but with all the girls flirting at him it was pretty hard. "Where is she?" thought Takumi " Ugh, why are there so many girls here?" He finally spotted her and walked in long, fats strides so that he could reach her. Many people watched as they saw their beautiful prince walk slowly to the shy girl in the corner.

" Haruhi, do you want to be partners?" asked Takumi in his mono-tone voice. "O-okay," replied Haruhi as she followed Takumi. After that people started to quickly find partners knowing that their prince wouldn't be asking them. On the other side of the gym, a blonde was staring at Haruhi's back so hard that, if looks could kill she would've been dead, to hell and back to be exact. ( hey, that rhymed! )

"Ugh, that little brat! How dare you influence my poor Takumi into your arms! He belongs to me and only ME!" thought Sakura.

She was so mad that her face was red, steam was coming from her ears and there was an angry mark on her head.( Remember, dear readers, this is in anime...STYLE!)

''Maybe you should calm down, Sakura, you'll get premature wrinkles at that rate," said Yu her supposed to be best friend. Finally the blonde calmed down and found the third hottest male in the school to be her partner. Number one was with Haruhi, two, Ryo, was in Chem with Myuu...

"All right! Now that you have found your partners, the dance we will be doing is...

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