A/N: School has just started. For me, that means quite a lot of stress since I'm taking advanced classes that are rather difficult in their own right. I've decided, knowing that writing helps me to reduce stress, to start writing a lengthy Aizen x Gin story. I figure that by the time it is done, it will be at novella or novel length. Because the story is in Aizen's point of view, I'm hoping that it will capture Aizen's true thoughts on Gin. And since we can't necessarily read Gin's thoughts, I'm thinking of writing a companion story in Gin's point of view so that we may see what he's thinking as events progress.

Warnings: Aizen x Gin. Language. Violence.

Chapter One: The Defection and Emotion

I love the situations I get into. Maybe it was because of how I handled them, my smile angering my enemy and my gaze cold and calculating, yet warm; a form of mockery all its own. Or maybe it was knowing the fact that I could handle whatever happened since no one in the Soul Society was as manipulative and cold as myself. I smirked at the thought and slightly shifted my neck, feeling the cold blade press into my neck in a threatening manner.

"It's over, Aizen." Yoruchi shifted her gaze toward me, as if daring me to make a snide remark. I looked upward slightly so that my glasses would hide my eyes and smiled. I heard Soi Fon draw a breath in anticipation while she pressed her leg against my arm with more pressure to keep it there. I felt the gaze of every soul reaper that currently surrounded Kaname, Gin, and I.

Yoruichi looked at me as she narrowed her eyes slightly. "What's so funny, Aizen?"

"Yeah. Sorry, but...it's time." My answer was vague but it held the truth. Yoruichi's eyes went wide as she realized what I meant and she screamed to Soi Fon. Both of the women jumped back while the rift in the sky opened and the powerful beam of light known as Negacion fell upon me. The gasps of the soul reapers were music to my ears as they heard the Menos Grandes screech and tear the rift open even more. I listened to Omaeda as he commented on their shear numbers and to Hisagi, who noticed the light far in the rift.

The other two Necagion shot down from the rift and enveloped Kaname and Gin, forcing the two lieutenants who had caught them to retreat. I heard Gin talking to Rangiku and the word "sorry" before the rock beneath my feet started to crack and lift into the air. Iba started running towards me, ready to try a futile attack when the Head Captain ordered him to stop. I smirked in amusement and listened to the petty exchange of words and explanation of what a Necagion was. Just moments afer the Head Captain's explanation, Komamura started to shout at Kaname, asking where his sense of justice was. I decided not to listen to Kaname's spew about his path of justice and settled my gaze on Jushiro Ukitake, who was staring at me in disbelief.

"You've joined with the Menos. What are you trying to achieve?" Ukitake asked me.

"To go higher." I simply replied. It was the truth but I wasn't trying to achieve god status, I was going to.

He appeared to be surprised and shouted at me. "Have you fallen in the process, Aizen?!"

"You are arrogant with your self-righteous views." I stated and gazed upon all of the soul reapers. "No one stands on the top of the world. Not you, not me, not even the Gods do. However..."

Ukitake glared up at me, waiting for my next statement. The tension was mounting.

"But now the unbearable vacancy in the sky is over." I continued while I swept my hair back and pulled my glasses off my face. "From now on, I'll be the one standing at the top."

The glasses broke. My sharp eyes took in the view of the faces watching us. Even the Ryoka seemed to be in shock as I bid everyone farewell. Then I looked at the substitute Soul Reaper that I had cut down earlier. His eyebrows were drawn together and his eyes were narrow, a challenging gaze. It was a shame that I had to cut him down, but he had interefered with my retrieval of the Hogyoku. I knew we would cross swords sometime in the future.

"And goodbye to you, Ryoka boy. For a human you were very interesting." I smirked and faced the rift's opening.

It was time to leave this dreadful place. The Menos took all three of us in their hands and pulled us through the rift, permanently sealing us away from the Soul Society. It was about time. The Soul Society was a suffocating place and not where I wanted to die as a mere causality of war. I would be the very reason for war.

The betrayal that you can see is trivial. What's truly fearsome is the betrayal that you can't see.

Kaname said nothing and appeared unaffected as the Menos started to head toward Las Noches but Gin seemed to be nervous as he looked around. I decided to look around as well and saw nothing but white and I felt slightly disappointed.

Hueco Mundo was unbearable to look at but that can't be helped at the moment. I admit that I should have already made the changes I had in mind but sometimes I don't plan very well. I sighed and promised myself not to overthink about all of the small details. Anything that wasn't to my satisfication could be attended to in due time. Right now I was leading my boy and Tousen to Las Noches, our temporary safe haven. I knew it would take some getting used to but Las Noches was really something to behold. I had assigned my most trust Espadas to build it so it better live up to my expectations.

The Menos set us down a few hundred yards away from the beginning of Las Noches and wandered away. I frowned because I wanted them to take us closer but then again, the Menos weren't the smartest of the hollows. I took a deep breath to regain my composure and started walking toward the white buildings of Las Noches.

"Mah, this place sure is a whole lotta white." Gin said aloud. "Doesn't look like much fun."

"You'll change your mind once we reach the fortress." I told him in reply without even bothering to look at him. I knew he would change his mind because in the fortress I had Szayel, my favored technical espada, install two control rooms. One would be for Kaname and the other for Gin. Somehow I already knew that having the power to rearrange the halls would entertain Gin for quite some time, especially when the time came that intruders wandered the halls. I would be sure to remind him that messing with me, however, would be strictly forbidden.

"I'm sure I will. It would be an insult to Captain Aizen if I didn't." Gin replied.

My lips stretched into a small smile at what he said but niether Gin or Kaname saw it. The rest of the way was walked in silence until we reached the entrance of Las Noches. Gin gasped as he took in the large structure that was Las Noches, viewing the main building and several smaller buildings and pillars surrounding it. Like the rest of Hueco Mundo everything was white and plain. I wanted to keep Las Noches as simple looking as possible despite my secret hatred of the color white.

"Szayel is expecting us so no one will be bothering us when we enter. You aren't likely to see any of the Espadas right now but you may get a glimpse of a few Arrancar running around. Just ignore them for now." I told them both. "Follow me and I will explain everything about the fortress when we are sitting down and comfortable."

Kaname nodded obiediently like the well-trained dog I crafted him to be. Gin, on the other hand, kept his usual large smile and hummed his approval. I always liked Gin's vague way of obeying me as if he didn't care to but still did it anyway. Kaname and Gin were very different and I had to say I liked my boy better. He had that small amount of resilience that kept me wondering if he was truly loyal to me but deep down I knew that he was. My Gin had always been special to me though I don't know if I'll ever tell him. Rejection would devastate me.

I pushed the doors open that led into the entrance way of Las Noches. Szayel was true to his word. Not a single Espada or Arrancar came to see who was entering the fortress. I was pleased that my first order out of many more to come was obeyed and executed perfectly. I had a satisfied smile on my face as I led Gin and Kaname to the Espada Meeting Room. The floors were blue tiles while the rest was all white to keep the simplicity.

"So is this the meeting room you told us about? I have to admit it looks better than what I expected it to look like." Gin commented and sat down in one of the many chairs framing the elongated table.

I sat down in the larger chair while Kaname remained standing off to the side of it. What a hopeless fool. "I let Ulquiorra and Halibel construct a large majority of it because I knew that they wouldn't dare to make a mistake. I also had Starrk aide with the construction of the smaller buildings of Las Noches. Do you think they did a nice job, Gin?"

"Yes, you were wise in your decision to pick them." Gin's smile grew larger with his reply. "Care to tell us more about the rooms in this place?"

"Of course. There are two throne rooms for myself but I will allow others in them. However, there is the one with a balcony that I will only allow you and Kaname to enter with the exception of expected arrivals. Then there are two controls rooms for you both that contain the cameras monitoring Las Noches. There is also a control panel in each room that will allow you to move the hallways around." I explained to them both and watched Gin's face fill with amusement. "There are also your personal rooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. The Espada also have their rooms and I would advise you both to not disturb them. Some of them are not friendly."

"You are providing us with everything Lord Aizen." Kaname replied. "Thank you for such kindness."

I shrugged slightly. "What would this palace be if it had no comfort for it's inhabitants? We may be spiritual beings but we still have our needs."

"Well, I'm already starting to like this place." Gin chirped.

"I'm glad to know that you are. This concludes what I have to say for now but I will explain more later. You are both free to go and explore." I waved them off.

Kaname bowed silently beforing leaving the meeting room. Gin stood up slowly and stretched lazily before taking his first steps to leave the room. I admired his thin frame hidden beneath all of those clothes. My mind started to picture what Gin would look like if some of those clothes were gone. I gulped and I suddenly felt a change of heart and stood rapidly. Gin hadn't noticed and continued to walk until I was beside him, my hand resting firmly on his shoulder. He froze and turned his head to look at me.

I need to restrain myself.

"Something wrong Captain Aizen?" He asked me with that mocking voice of his. "You normally don't have physical contact with me."

I stepped closer to him. "I would appreciate it if you would come with me to the throne room with the balcony. I want to exchange some words with you in absolute privacy. Do you mind, Gin?"

"Not at all." Gin shook his head and grinned. "I know that I couldn't refuse if I wanted to."

I tightened my grip on his shoulder and smirked. "Smart boy. Let's go, Gin."

Gin's body was tense under my touch. Now that I think about it, I never hurt him in any way or touched him to make him stiffen like that. I came to the conclusion that because we were alone together he was afraid of what I would do. He should know better than that. But then I started to wonder if someone had touched him and made him afraid of being alone with another person. I needed to find out as soon as possible or it would interfere with the plans I had in mind.

We stepped into the throne room in a matter of minutes and even I was impressed. The balcony gave the viewer a spectacular view of Hueco Mundo and the moon that shone brightly in the dark sky. Gin walked over to the balcony instantly, as if drawn to it, and rested his hands on the edge of the marble rail. I did nothing but observe him. The moonlight was making his hair shine beautifully and bringing out the paleness of his skin. A pale beauty.

I began to think about Gin in ways that I tried to resist doing for nearly one hundred years. It was beyond difficult because of the way he simply stood and breathed. The way he even turned his head to look at me made me feel insane. Everything he does makes me want him. Underneath that disgusting soul reaper uniform was a lean and lithe body that I wanted to be mine and mine alone. Soft skin that only my fingers would touch. Underneath that mask was a beautiful person whose eyes I wanted to only look at me and whose lips would only touch mine. I wanted him for myself like the selfish beast I am. I knew this was on the borderline of lust but it was a lust that I've managed to control for over one hundred years.

"Captain Aizen, aren't you gonna join me? The moon is lovely tonight." He called out to me.

I approached him until I was standing directly behind him, my heart starting to pick up pace. "I couldn't agree with you more, Gin. The night of Hueco Mundo is eternal but beautiful nonetheless."

What is this I'm feeling? Is it because of you, Gin?

Gin merely nodded and leaned back against me almost in a casual manner. I wasn't completely sure why he was doing it but I didn't mind at all, not if it was Gin initiating physical contact with me first. I was actually happy that he seemed to be trusting me already. Despite having him under my wing for years upon years, I honestly never thought that Gin trusted me up until this very moment.

"I have a few things to tell you. They will take only a small fraction of your time." I told Gin and loosely wrapped my arms around him.

"Of course you do." He replied. "Time is in abundance for us."

"You're right, Gin." I praised him and he shifted in my arms. "The first thing I want to tell you is that your room is connected to mine if you need me. This would include any emergency that no one else can help you with or if you simply want to see me. The second thing I have to tell you is that there is a gift for you on your bed, courtesy of myself. I want you to accept my gift without any hesitation. The third thing is that I want you to question my true motives, what I'm trying to achieve, and figure out what is important to me."

Gin's breathing seemed to become light and shallow. I knew that he would start to figure out what my true intentions were and that he would be confused at first. Knowing this, I released him from my grasp reluctantly and stepped back. Gin leaned heavily on the balcony railing and took an odd number of deep breaths.

"Captain Aizen, what are you saying?" Gin asked and turned his body entirely to look at me.

"You'll figure it out in due time like the smart boy you are, Gin. You wouldn't be the same person I watched over for one hundred years if you couldn't." I replied in a smooth voice while finding my way over to a marble bench. "We have a lot to do in a few hours so you should go to your room and get settled. Each room has an engraving of ours names on the door so you should be able to find it."

Gin appeared to be debating on how to reply. I frowned. His body once again went rigid when I flashstepped beside him.

"Gin, I hope you don't intend to stand there." I told him sternly.

"Of course not, Captain Aizen. I'll leave now." He replied cautiously and turned to leave.

I sighed and sat back down on the bench, watching his retreating back until it disappeared into the hallway. Maybe I scared him too much? Maybe I should try to hold back from appearing scary in the subtle manner? I bit my lower lip in anxiety. If he was truly afraid of me but was still willing to play along nicely, it would really pose a problem to me. I wanted him to not fear me but understand me and love me. What was love though? I felt confused since I was never close to anyone and then it suddenly just hits me out of nowhere.

"God damn it." I hissed. "Life truly is frustrating."

I propped my arm and rested my head on the flat surface of my fingers, thinking. I wanted Gin to be mine but there were several problems that stood in the way of that. The first problem was that he never truly opened up to anyone except that Matsumoto girl. It pissed me off that he cared for her so much but I never showed my anger or told him. It wouldn't be fair to him if I complained about someone he had known for a much longer time than myself. The second problem was that this new emotion called 'love' was making me confused. To love someone meant to make yourself vulnerable to that person but I didn't want to be seen with a weakness. However I was not entirely sure that Gin could ever become a weakness to me. He was far too intelligent to become too weak for me. I wanted a lover who was strong and understood me. Gin was my potential significant other. But how I can prove to him that I can love? No matter how loyal he was to me, he would still have his own opinions of me and I already knew that he thought I lacked certain emotions. Love is a new concept for me but I vowed to master it.

"Think Sosuke." I told myself. "How do you convince a sly and stubborn fox that you love him, without even knowing what the emotion is?"

My mind went blank. I considered calling on Kyouka Suigetsu to aide me in figuring this out but she would most likely taunt me as she always does and answer in riddles. I sighed in frustration and stood up to walk to the balcony. The moon was shining brightly and grey clouds were moving across the black sky. I wasn't even sure how much time had already passed since we arrived in Hueco Mundo. Maybe hours had passed? With no actual change in the sky, it would be difficult to know the time and that would be quite bothersome. I decided to ponder fixing that later but right now I had an urge to see Gin again. It was starting to become clear to me that I couldn't stand not seeing him for even a few minutes. Well, that is if only a few minutes had passed since I last saw him.

I walked out of the throne room and down a long hallway that I already knew very well. My room was at the very end of it and Gin's room very close to it. I pushed the large doors open and stepped into my room. It was large and well decorated to suit my personal tastes. There were several paintings hung on the walls that depicted beautiful scenery in contrast to the room's white walls and Hueco Mundo's bare landscape. A red rug of the western style began only a few more feet away from the doors and met up with the edge of the bed. I looked at the bed and admired it's large wooden frame, soft comforters, and satin pillows. Then I narrowed my eyes to make out a shape on the bed. The Espada knew this was my room and wouldn't dare to even enter and niether would the Arrancar. So that left only two people that could be on my bed.

"Gin." I whispered lowly to myself after seeking out his spiritual pressure.

Gin was curled up and clutching the comforter as if it were a warm body. His hair was now messy and the silver strands obscured a part of his face from view. His lips were slightly parted and light pants of breath slipped between them occasionally. I didn't have the heart to move him. Even when asleep, my boy was a beautiful thing to behold. I could sit and stare at him all day if I wanted to but then nothing would get done.

I sighed and reluctantly tore my eyes away from the welcoming sight to undress. The captain's coat was the first thing I shed and I folded it neatly before placing it in the dresser near the bed. Maybe I'd have a use for that thing later. I pulled on my shirt until it came untucked from the hakama and I let it drop to the floor. Gin seemed to stir at the sound but didn't wake up. I smiled tiredly and climbed on the bed quietly so I wouldn't disturb him.

The bed was warm, especially since I had a little leech that decided to cling to me the moment he felt my body near. I wondered if Gin was conscious of the fact that he was clinging to me in his sleep but I decided I didn't really care. A small smile started to form on his face as he nuzzled his head in my chest, seeking more warmth. I let my arm drape lazily over his lithe body and listened to the sound of his steady breathing. Then I heard him softly groan in his sleep, as if he were in pain. I wouldn't allow that.

"Gin...shh. You're okay." I whispered in my regular, soothing tone.

Gin made another noise, a sigh of content, as I stroked his hair. Such fine strands of hair that slipped through my fingers, leaving a tingling sensation afterward. I let my hand go farther down to his neck, caressing the soft skin. Gin "mnn'd" at me and turn away from me though he still kept his back pressed against my chest. I chuckled silently in my head and closed my eyes, fully aware that I wouldn't get the luxury of sleep tonight.

It's been awhile since I've written a story on here so I may not be at peak performance. On the bright side, Gin and Aizen will be getting flirty here real soon while Aizen is still sorting out his emotions. ;)