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Warnings: Aizen x Gin. Language. Violence.

Chapter Two: Flirting with the Snake

I haven't slept at all. My eyes have been closed for what seemed like hours but my mind has been awake the entire time. I already knew what the cause of my insomnia was, though, I should say who the cause of my insomnia was. Gin was still nestled up to me, head on my chest, legs twined with mine, and arms pressed between our bodies cutely. I sighed and shifted away from him until I was freed from him. It was comical, however, watching Gin seek me out with his hands only to give a disappointed whine and curl up into the sheets. I stood up and plucked my forgotten shirt from the floor and put in on, neatly tucking it in.

"Sir?" A soft voice called out to me from behind the door.


"Come in. But do be quiet about it." I replied and moved in front of Gin before he could open the door.

The pale Espada slowly opened the door, entered, and didn't bother to shut it. He knew he wouldn't be here long anyway. I watched him silently as he walked until he was standing in front of me, his green eyes meeting mine with confidence.

"Planning for the uniforms is going well but getting measurements from everyone is taking longer than expected." He told me with no emotion behind his voice.

"I see. I already know someone who can deal with the uniforms so don't worry yourself over it." I replied and sighed after a moment of thinking. "Is there any breakfast?"

"Yes Sir." Ulquiorra nodded. "We have replicated the items you told us about that are eaten in the Soul Society. Shall I go retrieve it?"

"No." My eyes wandered over to the bed, seeking out Gin's sleeping form. "It won't be needed right now but thank you my loyal one."

Ulquiorra's lips twitched slightly with the praise and with a sharp, "yes Sir", he was gone. I figured that I probably humored him with the praise and breakfast idea which didn't really surprise me. The pale man did have a sense of humor but drawing it out was a difficult challenge.

"Mnn..." The sound of Gin started to awaken broke my train of thought.

I walked over to the bed and sat down near him, watching. The sight of Gin waking up was always amusing for being his former captain, I witnessed it often. He started by making a muffled noise, then he stretched his lithe body until he was satisfied, then he cracked one eye open to look around before sitting up and yawning. I smirked as I watched the process and held back a rumble of laughter when his eyes settled on me and widened.

"Captain Aizen?! Waaaaah!" Gin shrieked and jumped back, falling from the bed.

"Oh Gin..." I chuckled and crawled across the bed and leaned over to look at him. "You poor boy."

Gin blinked and closed his eyes, a small scowl now present. "Ya scared me!"

"That really isn't my fault, Gin. You're the one who crawled in my bed, cuddled up to me, and tried to kill me with your death grip." I replied and watched with amusement as his eyes flew open sharply.

"We slept together?" Gin blinked and looked at the ground.

"Gin?" I climbed off the bed and kneeled beside him. "What's wrong?"

"What happened last night...?" Gin looked up at me with the expression of fear though he was trying so very hard to hide it with a small grin.

I sighed. "You accidently went into my room and fell asleep. Nothing happened."

"Oh. I see." Gin stood up and was silent, adding to the awkwardness of the moment.

I stood beside him and thought about what I should say. "You should probably go find your real room and check it out."

Gin nodded and stood with me. He remained silent and then he walked away. I couldn't resist sneaking a peek at him as he left, my eyes travelling down. When he was gone, I sighed and flopped back on the bed, my mind overcrowding with thoughts of what to do next. Should I introduce them to the Espadas and Arrancar? Should I begin preparations for the Hogyoku? Should I have start planning my attack strategies? I groaned, feeling the beginnings of a headache and sat up.

Is acheiving God status making you happy so far, Master Sousuke?

Kyouka Suigetsu.

I narrowed my eyes. Her tone was dripping with sarcasm and I knew that she was going to beat me up mentally.

"So far, it's been stressful. I have many things to accomplish yet." I replied simply and sat up.

I won't disagree. Attempting to become a God is a stressful job but I would like to think that I know you very well, Sousuke, and it's not your ambition making you stress out. I am a part of you, Sousuke, and I feel what you feel and we have a similar thought process but you already know that. Why are you trying to confuse yourself?

"I am not trying trying to confuse myself. You have it wrong." I snapped.

Oh? You're only digging your hole deeper by saying that I am wrong. You are attempting to confuse yourself, not willing to except that a mere boy could have such an effect on you.

I sighed. "He's no mere boy. Wait...damn you! You tricked me!"

Her laughter echoed in my head.

We both are masters of mind games but I remain more subtle than you. Just admit it, that boy that you've watched for a hundred years arouses you, interests you, and makes you crazy.

"Fine. He does all that you mentioned and more."

Oh? You finally admit something? The world must really be coming to an end as we know it. Sousuke I'm happy that you can admit something as...

"Humiliating." I interrupted her.

Oh, of course. It must truly humilate you to admit you like that boy and that you have fallen to that, oh, what do you call it? Human taint?

"Tch." I growled. "Love is unbecoming of me. But somehow, Gin is different. It's like he exists to make me love him when I have never understood such a useless emotion."

How poetic. I suggest that you learn how to deal with your human taint then, hm? Your confusion affects me and annoys me. Shinso is scared away from me when I try to visit him.

"Shinso? You mean you visit with him when I have never granted you such permission?"

Yes, I visit with him. You are always busy with your planning and never visit me. And don't you dare act as if you are higher than me, Sousuke, because you are not. I am a part of you and we are equal in strength. Don't forget your reliance upon my power. Anyway, Shinso won't talk to me and he's been acting nervous and you know as well as I do that zanpakuto are reflections of their masters.

I sighed. "You're right Kyouka Suigetsu. Forgive my moment of superiority-craving but what are you saying? Would you happen to be suggesting that I am making Gin nervous with my subtle acts of kindness?"

Forgiven you are. And yes, you are making the boy nervous because you never bothered with such things up until now. He's not used to it Sousuke and you saw how he acted when you touched him. Something obviously happened to him to make him like that. He knows you wouldn't hurt him.

"What can I do then? If something happened to him, what can I do? I can't just erase it from his memory and make him happy again." I clasped my hands together and hung my head. "It doesn't work like that. If what you say is true, it will stop me altogether with my plans of trying to be with him."

Just be kind to him and when he's at his most comfortable with you, talk to him. You are a master of observation so this should be no problem for you. And a fair warning to you before I leave you alone; lust isn't love. Don't make a sexual advance on that boy unless you are dead certain he wants it. You will scare him away forever if you try.

I nodded. "I may be a monster in some cases but rape is something I don't intend to happen to Gin."

Good. By the way, I suggest you think about doing something about Hueco Mundo's eternal night. It's rather dark in the desert, don't you think?

"It is." I agreed. "I will decide what to do about the sky later."

You know...Master Sousuke...a sky so very blue would look like his eyes.

"Indeed." I replied while fixing my shirt. "When do you propose that I do this?"

No response from my zanpakuto.

I laid back on the bed again. The headache that I thought would develop was apparent no more and for once I was relaxed and somewhat happy. Tonight is one of the few nights that the moon of Hueco Mundo would turn blood red against the velvet sky and illuminate every light surface with a ruby tone. I had chosen our arrival time carefully so that we wouldn't miss it.


His name echoed in my mind and I was reminded of my present for him. I sat up and went to the closet, a rather empty one except for a neatly folded kimono. Light blue in color to match the color of his eyes when they so rarely opened and with golden designs to match his brilliance; it was the perfect gift for him. I just hoped that he would think so as well.

I grabbed the kimono carefully so it wouldn't wrinkle and flashstepped out of my room to Gin's room, which was empty. I looked around for any sign of the silver haired man but he was nowhere to be seen. I went to his neatly made bed and placed the kimono in the center. My ears picked up the slightest noise of Gin chatting with Tousen further down the hall. My spiritual pressure dropped to nothing and I carefully made my way back to my room.

"I hope he likes it." I murmured to myself and straightened out my shirt again, deciding to go visit with Szayel. The scientist had told me about a new invention of his that he would love for me to see so right now was the perfect time.

Buying time, Sousuke. Buying time.

Consumable Fraccion. That is what my dearly beloved scientist wished to share with me. Of course, I didn't tell him that I would never need it because my own power far exceeded all of the Espadas put together. I didn't want to crush the man's spirit.

"See? If you're injured in battle with even a scratch, just take a bite out of one of them and it vanishes. Essentially, their power heals you right up." Szayel giddly told me before taking a bite out of one of his Fraccion as it squealed in terror, healing small knicks and bruises that he allowed me to give him from a friendly sparring match.

No injuries on me of course.

"Well done, Szayel. Your mind is far superior to that wretched scientist from Squad Twelve." I complimented him. "Please continue making such inventions for they are quite handy, don't you think?"

"Yes Lord Aizen!" Szayel bowed to me, his cheeks flushed from my praise.

Without another word, I flashstepped from his palace back to the main fortress. I noted that the moon had changed positons but barely and I was reminded of the earlier conversation with Kyouka Suigetsu, in which she advised me about the sky.

Maybe Gin would like a changing sky as opposed to this one? This sky would never change without my intervention and I knew Gin bored of unchanging things so easily. Perhaps he would even view it as a gift from me to him but from what Kyouka Suigetsu told me, such an act of kindness on my part may make him uneasy.

I mentally sighed and pushed the thought to the back of my mind. I noted that a few Arrancars that wandered the fortress but stopped and bowed immediately once they saw me and waited until I passed them to stand upright and continue whatever they were doing. A small smirk formed on my lips at the gesture but disappeared once I entered my bedroom and saw Gin sitting on my bed. Furthermore, he had the kimono that I left for him neatly folded on his lap.


He looked at me briefly before standing and holding the kimono nervously in his grasp. "I just want to know if you know what this is. I...already asked a few Arrancars that I saw if they knew but they didn't."

I wanted to say something back to him but I didn't. I waited in anxiety.

"I have a hunch that you know what this is, Captain Aizen." Gin continued and started walkly so slowly until he was right in front of me, looking me in the eye. "And I...I just can't accept such an extravagant..."

"Gift." I finished for him while forcing my frown away. "It's a simple gift for the upcoming change in the sky. I know that you bore of things so easily and I also know that you tend to get mischevious when you're bored so I decided to cure it before you do anything obnoxious."

Nice save Master.

"I see." Gin looked away, fidgeting with the kimono. "I guess that I can't refuse this. Especially since it came from you."

I reached out and touched his hand. "Perhaps you'd like to try it on here? I want to make sure it fits you."

He looked at me curiously for a moment but nodded. "Of course."

I held the kimono for him while he proceeded to undress. His shirt was the first thing to come off which revealed soft skin covering sleek muscle that I could have admired all day. Next were the pants which revealed his long, delicate legs. I swallowed dryly and carefully handed the kimono over to him during which, our hands touched again.

"Let me know if you need help with it." I told him and averted my gaze elsewhere.

The sound of rustling fabric lead me to conclude that he was already dressing.

I bet you really want to look at him right now.

I shushed my zanpakuto and looked at Gin once more. Stunning. A stunning creature he was. The kimono fit him snuggly and the blue color matched his eyes which were still closed at the moment. He looked back at me uncertainly.


"It suits you well as I thought it would." I replied with a small smile. "But please open your eyes."

Gin bit his lower lip as if in deep thought and after a few unbearable moments, he shook his head. "I can't."

"Why not, Gin?" My frown was in place already. "Why won't you show them to me? They are certainly most beautiful I assure you. Won't you let me gaze upon all of your beauty?"

So cheesy. Shall I bring out the crackers?

My silver-haired fox stared at me a moment more before slowly opening his eyes and I was truly stunned. The kimono's color made his eyes stand out even more and they shone so brightly in the dim-lighted room. I couldn't help but to stare into his eyes, captivated. But as I looked into his mysterious eyes even more, something became quite apparent to me.

There was a burning hatred behind those exquisite eyes.

Gin closed his eyes quickly and looked away. "I have shown you my emotions by doing that. A snake is a sly creature, seeking out prey with its tongue, swallowing the targets whole. It doesn't like to be discovered. It doesn't like to reveal that it has emotions."

I nodded numbly. "Is that...what you feel for me? Do you truly hate me, Gin?"

He swallowed, looked at his sword that was laying on his bed, and then looked at me. "I have a simple name to describe why I feel the hatred that I do: Rangiku."

With that name, Gin brought out memories of my days serving as the lieutenant of Squad Five. I remember taking most of her spirit energy and leaving her to die. I remember how Gin and Rangiku had a friendship as kids. I remember him apologizing to her right before we left that disgusting place.

"I see." My hand was already on Kyouka Suigetsu's hilt, wary. "I suppose you hate me enough to kill me, don't you?"

Gin was already beside the bed, holding Shinso lazily in his grasp. He looked at me once more, eyes open, showing their killing intent.

"I do."

My heart felt as if it stopped. The one person I wanted to love wanted to kill me. I felt numb.


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