AN: I'm back with a writing challenge. I will be writing Wishing-Fire's 100 Theme Challenge, and it should take me about one hundred days, if everything works out. Expect daily updates, or, if something comes up, every other day. This challenge will be centered around Amaterasu. I give Wishing-Fire full credit for their challenge, and I own nothing but what I write.

Theme 1: Introduction

The first thing Amaterasu notices is the air, and the subtle shift in shadows and smells that dance through it; her return is heralded by nothing but a black, empty sky and the scent of decay. The very presence of Konohana makes her reintroduction to the world a bit better, though it's certainly not as she remembers leaving it.

With a soft, wolfish huff, she sets off down the path to the village, her paws making no sound on the crunchy grass underfoot. Even without her powers, it's her duty to save this changed world, even without the proper introductions.