Frank could't help it. His parents obviously thought he could though. otherwise he wouldn't be here, Greenyard. He hated it here, He'd be at home if only they'd believed him. he couldn't even sometimes tell them apart from real people. That, was a problem. He never knew if it was a nurse handing him his medication or one of them trying to kill him. That's why he only took it when he was sure.

All he knew was he was 18 year old Frank Iero and he could see ghosts. Also he knew he was stuck at Greenyard mental institution. Everyone was scared of him; the nurses, the patients, his old friends, his parents, he was even scared of himself sometimes. He know how to fix it, just that they were there and only he could see them.

Frank never had any friends at Greenyard, unless of course you count Bob but he was more of an aquaintence, a crazy one at that. He didn't even talk that much but neither did Frank so that suit them fine.

Oh how he loathed group sessions. This time there was a new guy.

"Now everyone this is Gerard," Said Dr. Toro. "He has been transfered." Frank knew what was coming next. Every new person got asigned to a 'buddy', basically some poor dude who had to be the new persons friend. When Frank had came here nobody wanted to be his 'buddy' so that meant him and this Gerard would be the only ones with out 'buddies'.

He would have to be this 20 something year old guys buddy...

Frank tensed up as Dr. Toro looked straight at him, If he denied he would get a privlage revoked.

"Frank, I was wondering if you'd like to be Gerard's buddy?"

"Frank, Frank. Frank! HELP US! THEY ARE COMING! "

Not now. NOT NOW. Frank furiously shook his head. He didn't need them not, GO AWAY!

Frank watched as the words painted them selves onto the was in thick crimson blood,



He gulped.

"Frank?" Dr. Toro waved at him. Oh, right, the new dude. Frank nodded.

"That's okay with you right?" Toro asked.

He nodded again.

Group session ended in 10 minutes he could leave soon. He could sit in his room and think about the latest visit. This time he didn't see anyone. He just saw the blood and heard the voices.

"Frank? Is that your name?" It was that Gerard dude. He looked quite nice, really really nice. His hair was long and pitch black, also he had the prettiest hazel eyes Frank had ever saw. Even the guys clothes, black skinny jeans with a Smashing Pumkins top. At least he had good taste in music. Is it him? Could Frank talk to him? He didn't sound scared and they must have told him about Frank. Oh yeah, not only could Frank see ghosts, he is gay.

Instead of nodding like he would have done Frank said "Yeah, I'm Frank. Your Gerard." Everyone went silent, it was rare that he'd talk so of course people would stare. Why was Frank Iero making an effort at talking to the new kid? The reason, the poem. Frank wasn't sure it was him but it sounded like it was.