[a/n] Bring some tissues.

The Six Murderesses

"This is twisted. How did it end up like this?" Ahiru asked her fellow cellmates.

"You murdered someone, smart one." Rue said in a superior tone.

"But I didn't! I didn't! He sacrified himself to save me! Look, I'll show you-" Ahiru protested.

"Yeah, right." Pique interjected.

"For me, it was a murder but not a crime." Rue said smugly.

"He had it coming. I'm not sorry, that's all I'm going to say." Edel added.

"What a nice party! Now we can all be jailbirds together!" Lillie exclaimed happily.


"Shut up, Lillie." Pique said darkly.

"This is very undignified. When I died, I thought that would be it. But no! I became a ghost and thus part of Drosselmeyer's world. It turns out he's actually quite mortal, even though he already died. Did you know that?" Edel told them, her voice melancholy.

Rue returned sarcastically, "I wish someone had figured that out before he decided to write a tragedy."

"I didn't even know that this was a tragedy." Hermia said quietly.

"It's not a tragedy! It's a beautiful ending to a beautiful story!" Lillie smiled.


"I wouldn't be surprised if you were Drosselmeyer's grandchild." Edel muttered.

Rue announced, "All right, if we could all sum up our stories in one word, what would it be?"

"Tap." Hermia said, eyes narrowed at the memory.

"Six." Rue sighed.

"Flames." Edel said, eyes haunted.

"Uh-uh." Ahiru said, shaking her head. "Because I'm innocent."

Lilllie exclaimed, "Cheater!"

Pique thought before saying softly, "Blood."

"We've all been through a lot since the story ended." Hermia said thoughtfully. "I wonder...did Drosselmeyer plan it this way?"

"Since it involved his own death, probably not." Pique answered.

"Practically all the characters are dead by now! And since we're murderesses, we're probably going to die too!" Lillie said with joyful abandon.

"Don't mention it, you good-for-nothing sadist!" Ahiru snapped.

"It's all right." Rue said sympathetially. "We all know what you've been going through."

"No, you don't. You know what it's like to be accused of murder...but in fact, none of us knows the complete story of the others." Ahiru said hotly.

Well, we might as well tell our stories." Pique suggested. "I'm kind of curious to know how everyone got here."

"Why don't you start, Ahiru?" Rue asked. "Since you're the one who's so much better than the rest of us."

"I didn't murder anyone." Ahiru said, "But I might as well have. All right, I'll begin. Here's my story."