E/O Challenge Word:

snap /snap/ adj. – Done unexpectedly.

Spoilers/Warnings: Vague spoilers for the Pilot, though this is reversed. You'll see...

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Word Count: Double drabble

A/N: I know FallenAngel218 requested humorous brotherly banter for her birthday, but my muse was not interested in fun and games today. So, here we go. Hope your birthday was/is still happy!

It's nearly been a year since he's been gone...and she knows she should move on. But she just can't let him go. No, she just can't let him go. ~ Joe Purdy

It had been a year since it had happened.

And yet it felt like it was just yesterday that everything had changed.

She could still smell the smoke; could still feel the cool metal of the Impala's hood beneath her.

She could still see the flashing lights and devouring flames; could still hear the firemen's yells over the hammering of her heart as she had held her children close.

She could still taste the bitter tang of sudden loss; could still feel the sting of shock like a snapped rubber band.

Sometimes when she looked at her hand, she could still see the splattered drops of his blood.

And almost every time she looked at a ceiling, she expected him to be staring down.

Mary sighed, glancing at her sleeping children beside her on the motel bed and knowing that she couldn't continue down this path; that she couldn't continue with this life; that she couldn't raise her boys as hunters while she crisscrossed the county in her dead husband's muscle car, hell-bent on revenge.

She just couldn't.

A year had been long enough.

She had to let this go.

John was gone.

The demon's trail was cold.

And she had to let this go.

But she couldn't.

Not yet.