TITLE: Second chance for happiness and peace

AUTHOR: Alimoo1971




PAIRINGS: Jack & Sam

SUMMARY: Jack and Sam get a second chance at being together and saving the galaxy from the Goa'uld

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NOTES: I was thinking about this story, so I decided to write it. Thank you Janet for beta reading this story for me. I know it been a long time since i posted a new stargate story. I've been ill for a while and i've been going through a lot of personal prolems as well. Plus finding a beta reader is also hard to find. anyway. Here is a new story, so enjoy.



Thor showed up in Earth orbit where he saw Anubis' ships. They started firing on the Asgard new ship called the Daniel Jackson. Thor managed to beam up SG1 when he found them in an ice cavern. He could see that they were all wounded.

Thor moved the ship away from Earth while he attend to SG1. Daniel and Teal'c where hit in the shoulders or legs. Whereas Jack and Sam where hit in the chest. He put them both into medical pods to see if he could heal them while he removed the ancient knowledge from Jack.

Daniel walked over to Thor "How are they Thor?"

"I do not know Daniel Jackson; I will try to keep them alive. What happened?"

"One of the super soldiers shot Jack and the ZPM. Without the ZPM, Jack couldn't use the chair. We were too late"

"I will do the best I can to save them"

"I know. Can I talk to Jack?" Thor walked over to his command console and moved a couple of stones, then Jack's hologram appeared.

"Daniel, what happened?"

"One of the super soldiers shoot you and the ZPM. We are losing the war, Jack."


"Behind you." Jack turned around to see both Sam and himself in pods.

"How bad?"

"Not good." Jack lowered his head and shook it, then he turn to Daniel.

"Jack, what is it?"

"Just before you and Teal'c showed up... Sam told me that she loves me."

"Really? That's great... isn't it?"

"Yeah, I told her, before she left that night, that I love her too and that when this war is over I was going to retire and marry her."

"Oh, Jack, I'm sorry. If there was a way..." Jack turned to Thor.

"Thor, is there any chance for me to talk to Carter?"

"Yes, why do you need to talk to her?"

"I need to ask her something" Thor turned and moved some stones then Sam appeared.


"Carter, is there any way we can destroy Anubis?"

"Without the ZPM? Sorry."

"There's got to be another way"

Sam looked around then she walked over to the window.

"Maybe there is, but 'what'?"

"I'm sure you will think of something. Anubis has got to be stopped."

"But 'what' and 'how'?" Daniel asked.

Sam looked at the sun when she saw a solar flare. She looked at it then turned around to look at Jack and walked over to him, then she turn to Thor.

"Thor can you create a device where copies of all the knowledge from Jack can be downloaded?"

"Yes, I can. Why do you ask?"

"Sam, what are you thinking?" Daniel asked

"About sending ourselves back in time."

"What? What about that Pandora box?" Jack asked.

"Colonel... Jack, look at us" she pointed to the pods.

"We are barely alive. Think about it, this way, if my plan works, we save not just Earth, but the galaxy. as well."

"You want to change the time line."

"Well what choice do we have? With the replicators and Anubis let loose, we haven't got much of a chance of winning this war. With my idea, we can do that."

"Okay. So we send copies of our memories back in time. How do we get them?" Sam turned to Jack.

"Jack, can you design a mini device like the Ancient repository?"

Jack thought about it, then he turned to a screen where he started designing a device, when finished, he built the device. When the device was finished,

"There you go. Daniel pick it up and look into it. You will see flashing lights, when they stop, it's done." Daniel walked over and picked up the binoculars-type device, he then took his glasses off and looked into it.

"There are blue and green lights."

"No talking, Daniel."

While Daniel was looking into it, Jack made two more copies. They all waited for Daniel to put down the device.

"It's done" as he put his glasses back on.

"Thor, when you finish removing the crap from my head, open up Sam's and my pods so we can do the same."

"It is almost complete."

"Thanks... Sam what are you doing?" when he saw her looking at a screen.

"Finding out when the next flare will happen and I've got to time it exactly right."

"OK, how long?" they all looked at Sam.

"Eighteen minutes" she turned to them.

"Sam, how are we going to send these devices back in time?" Daniel asked

"When Jack's and my copy memories are downloaded, we will have to have Thor send a message to General Hammond and get him to write a note to himself."

"Like what he did back in 1969" Daniel said.

"Yes... a ship is approaching Thor... oh my god, its' Prometheus" they all turned to see the damaged Prometheus slowly heading towards them.

"Thor, I'm picking up 20 life signs, they are almost out of oxygen" then there was a bright light. When it was gone they saw the wounded had been transported to Thor's ship.

"General Hammond" Sam said as she crouched down

"Major Carter" he sat up and looked around before he stood up with Teal'c's help.

"What happened?" Jack asked.

"We just managed to get away. Earth has been hit hard."

"Can we contact the SGC?"

"Not at the moment. Why?"

"General, we going to need your help" Jack said.

"With what?"

"General... we going to return to Earth... when we do, can you write a note to yourself?"


"We are going to send these devices back in time" Sam said standing in front of the devices.

"What are they?"

"Copies of our memories. When you're younger, you would see them and the message, you would know what to do."

"Which is what, Major?"

"To tell yourself to take these devices to the Colonel, Daniel and myself. We can let you know where we were from 1968 to 1974. That would give your younger self time to find us."

"What about what happened in 1969? Would that change if this happens?"

"No we are going to let that happen. Otherwise, this was all for nothing."

"Alright, Colonel, Dr. Jackson you will have to tell me where you both were between those times."

"That's easy, General. I was in Chicago."

"I was in Egypt."

"I'll need addresses."

"Oh, I was on dig with my parents. We were staying in Cairo. I'm not sure of the address as I was little. We were there from 1968 to 1971 then we returned to the states. I can't remember where" Daniel said

"Alright. Colonel?"

"I lived at 537 Park Ave."

"When do you want to return to Earth?"

"Now, General. The timing is important" then they noticed Thor's ship returning to Earth orbit.

"O'Neill, the knowledge has been removed."

"Thanks Thor, can you open the pods?"

"You will die."

"Thor, trust us."

Thor moved some stones around, Jack and Sam's holograms disappeared, then the pods opened. Daniel and General Hammond walked over to them to see their eyes open.

"Daniel the devices" Sam said. Teal'c picked up the two devices and walked over to them.

"Thanks" Sam said as he passed one to Jack.

They looked into the binoculars for few minutes then they moved them away. Teal'c took them away from Jack and Sam.

Then they struggled to sit up. The others stepped over to help them up.

"O'Neill we are in Earth orbit."

"OK, Thor. When you are ready, beam us down to the control room" then Thor beamed everyone but General Hammond down.

"Thor, what's going on?" then the ship was taking hits from Anubis' ships.

"General Hammond, take these crystals, they are important information from O'Neill's two downloads. They should help the Asgard in the past" Thor passed him four crystals.

"I'll make sure that they are in a box or bag. Good luck, Thor."

"You too General Hammond" then he was beamed down to the control room.

When SG1 and other personnel appeared, people were going through the gate to the Alpha site.

"Teal'c, I need a box for these" Sam said. Teal'c turned and ran out of the room.

Jack sat down in one of the chairs.

"The rest of you go down to the gate room" Sam ordered.

"Major, what about you?"

"Just go" then they ran out of the control room and down to the gate room.

Then there was bright light and super soldiers appeared in the gate room. People ran up the ramp just as the super solider fired at them. When the last person was through the gate, Sam quickly closed the iris before she and Daniel ducked behind the computers.

When General Hammond appeared, Jack tackled him to the floor "Sorry sir, Anubis' soldiers are in the gate room!"

"Understood" then they heard the super soldiers.

"Upstairs, quickly" Jack said. They got up and quickly and quietly went upstairs.

Once there, Hammond went into his office and got out pen and paper. He started writing his message to himself. While he was doing that,

"Daniel, go and find Teal'c, let him know" Jack said. Daniel quickly left the room.

All Jack and Sam could do was wait till they returned. A couple of minutes later, Hammond walked out of his office, folding up the note.

"Where's Dr. Jackson?"

"Going to let Teal'c know where we are, just in case any more super soldiers show up." A few minutes later Daniel and Teal'c returned.

"We must hurry."

Teal'c opened a container which had cloths inside. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c picked up a cloth each and wrapped each of the devices in them. While they were doing that, Hammond got the rest out and wrapped up the crystals and then put them in the box with the devices on top.

Once done, it was closed and locked. General Hammond then put the note on top and cellophane taped it to the box. When they all saw that it had his name on top, they heard footsteps and knew it was the super soldiers. They went down to the control room where Sam checked to see where the super soldiers were.

When she saw their location, she then sealed the doors in all areas. Then she started dialing PYX345, knowing that it would send the box back in time. Then the gate started spinning so Sam stood up and picked up the box.

"Sam, I'm coming with you" Jack said.

"OK" they ran down to the gate room. When they arrived, there was a super soldier walking through from the other side, Teal'c saw it and ran down the steps and behind it.

He tackled it to the ground. When the worm hole was formed, they heard shots and saw the soldier roll Teal'c's body off it and it stood up.

"Go Sam, I love you."

Jack gave Sam a kiss before running towards the soldier, Sam watched as it shot Jack but he keep on going. So Sam ran up to the 'gate, and although she felt being hit, with the last of her strength, she threw the box into the event horizon. She collapsed and died just as the gate shut down.